Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani decides to meet Trilok

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The Episode starts with Kalyani sitting near Moksh’s pram and says do you know that only two people understands me in this world. One is you and the other is Aai. She says although my Aai is acting to be away from me, but she understands me and knows that this relation is not good for Godaveri, he can’t keep her happy. She tells that she is angry that nobody believes that he is alive, but she believes that he is alive and she will search him soon. She tells that it is very difficult for me to stay in the house with you. She says sometimes she feels like crying and thinks if she shall leave from here, but I can’t leave Aai as she is very innocent. She asks Moksh not to get afraid as she will search him very soon. Anupriya hears her and gets teary eyes. Kalyani comes to her and asks if I shall go. Anupriya says I will be happy if you go away from me. Kalyani says what about the pain which I will get after go far away from you. She sees Anupriya keeping her foot on the nail and keeps her hand under her foot. She takes out the nail from under her hand and asks how you will live without me, and asks her why is she not wearing the slippers.

She comes to Office. Vikram comes there and says good morning Saali Sahiba. She tells that his mother sent modak for her, which she got from the sweets shop. He says sorry for whatever happened. Kalyani asks him to leave as he can’t come without appointment. Vikram says you will benefit and tells that if she gives him tender then will get 10 percent profit. Kalyani asks him to get up and opens the door, asking him to leave before she gets him arrested for offering bribe to a govt officer. Vikram says you might be forgetting that Godaveri will come to my house after marriage. Kalyani tells that she has started opening his and his mother’s files, to know about his illegal works. She says then we will talk about alliance. She tells that though she likes modak, but this modak is more sweet than my taste. She throws the modak on his face.

Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that Guru ji called and said that if you do good work daily then you will not be auspicious anymore as your kundali dosh will be gone. Anupriya tells that she will do and asks her to tell. Aao Saheb tells that Guru ji asked you to make the cow food for 200 cows in the near by shed. Anupriya says I can do anything for Kalyani’s life and says I will not enter the house until I do the work. Aao Saheb smiles. Pallavi asks Aao Saheb if she really talked to Guru ji. Aao Saheb tells that the dosh is not in her kundali, she lies to her to keep her in control, so that she don’t take our names infront of Police.

A patient is seen looking at Kalyani’s pic. The peon tells that he will talk to DM again, but it is not possible to talk to her. Officer tells Kalyani that someone is calling from Aurangabad Municipal Hospital and insisting to talk to her. Kalyani asks him to connect the call. The peon talks to Kalyani and asks if she is Kalyani Rane. Kalyani says she is Kalyani Deshmukh. The peon tells that a patient is in their hospital who is in critical stage and insisting to meet her since he saw her photo in the newspaper. He asks her to come and meet him. Kalyani gets shocked and thinks if Trilok wants to tell her about Moksh.

Anupriya tries to make the cow feed while the song Maula mere plays….Pallavi comes out and tells that Aao Saheb asked her to buy anything whatever she wants for her sakarpura. She says even I will buy a good saree. Godaveri tells that she don’t want to marry. Pallavi tells that Damini and Vikram agree to marriage after whatever happened, we shall be thankful.

Vikram meets with someone in DM’s office and the officer tells that your work will be done. Malhar comes there and goes to Kalyani’s cabin. Vikram asks what is he doing here? The officer tells that he was in DM Madam security and is now suspended. Kalyani comes out and tells Malhar that it is good that you are here. She holds his hand and takes him to her cabin. Vikram looks on. Kalyani tells Malhar that Trilok is alive. Malhar is shocked.

Vikram tells that today he is insulted badly. She threw modak on his face. He tells that he will come and talk to her. Avni comes there to talk to Kalyani. Vikram looks at her and asks who is she? Officer tells that he is Malhar’s wife. Vikram asks can I get some water. Officer goes to get it. Avni asks Vikram if Kalyani is busy and tells that she is her friend. Vikram tells that Kalyani is with her lover. Avni is shocked. Kalyani tells Malhar that she feels that they will get hint from Trilok about Billu. She says she is very much sure that Billu was not there. Malhar tells that he had taken out two dead bodies from the car. Kalyani tells that my Billu is alive. Avni asks what nonsense? Vikram tells that Kalyani broke engagement with me as she is having an affair with Sub-Inspector Malhar Rane. Avni is shocked. He gets a call and tells that he came to know why Kalyani broke engagement with me. He looks at Avni and tells that he will talk later. Malhar tells Kalyani that Trilok might be making some plan to take revenge from us. Kalyani tells that she is sure that Billu is alive and she will search him.

Avni keeps hand on her tummy and walks towards the cabin door. Kalyani is about to pull the door, when she hears Pawar calling Avni and stops. Malhar says Avni. Avni tells that she came to talk to Kalyani and someone said that Malhar is also here. Malhar says she was unwell, then why did she come here. Kalyani says if she sees us together then she will question us and we can’t answer. Pawar tells that Malhar haven’t come here and tells that many people are jealous of DM. Avni says I will check myself and walks towards the cabin. Malhar tells that he is ready to answer Avni. Kalyani says if you don’t have any problem to tell your wife then why didn’t you tell her all the truth on Ganesh Chaturthi day. Avni is about to open the door.

Precap will be added later after the episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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