Naagin Season 3 5th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela gets special powers to search stolen Naagmani

Naagin Season 3 5th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adi sees the woman and asks do you want me to stay quiet. He asks her to leave his neck and says I will do as you say, I will not tell anyone that Bela is a naagin.

Bela comes to the haveli. Naag Guru says Naagrani you have come. He says you might be thinking why did I call you urgently, and tells that intense trouble came on all Naag log, your step will decide our death or life. Bela asks him to tell clearly. Naag Guru shows her a video in which someone is stolen Naagmani. Bela says Naagmani is stolen by whom? Naag Guru says there are so many snakes protecting the Naag mani and tells that many ghosts and chudails are after it. Bela says she remembers that someone tried to steal the naagmani, but…a fb is shown, Bela remembers her mum coming to her and telling that someone tried to steal Naagmani, but she fought with them and got the naagmani back. She asks her to protect Naagmani as Shiv ji assigned them for its protection. Fb ends. Bela asks when did that theft happen? He says few days ago and tells that he was waiting for this today as tomorrow is special moon eclipse and tells that she has to search Naagmani and have to do some special work. Bela asks him to tell her. Naagguru says I will tell in night, till then you have to stay with humans, I will give you special powers to do some work. He does puja. Snakes surround Bela and circled around her.

Bela gets special powers. All snakes leave. Naag Guru says your powers have increased and says your health can deteriorate, and asks her to make sure that no humans can touch her, else they will die, and says only her real life partner will be spared and nothing will happen to him if he gets in touch with her. Bela says he is not in this world and recalls Vikrant’s death. She says my true love Vikrant is not alive. Naag Guru says he will meet her after 1 hour and asks her to take care of her.

Andy congrats RJ for the film after watching it. Daksh and others also like it. Sumitra asks where is bela? Mahir says she must have went to washroom. Poulomi says I was in washroom since 10 mins and says film was very scary. Kuhu says it is horror film. Sumitra says where is Bela then? Poulomi says Bela is a super woman and vanishes. Anu comes there and says bela went to Andheri clinic. She apologizes for her behavior. Mahir says you should have told us. Bela sees her mum’s pic in the haveli and reminisces her mum telling about her grand mum. A fb is shown, her mum asks her to protect Naag Vansh and protect Naag Mani. Bela says then my pic will also be hang here. Her mum says yes. Fb ends. She says I remember my promise Maa and says nobody will be embarrassed because of me. Naag guru comes to Bela/Ruhi’s mother and says she shall not know thather mum is alive. Bela tells Vish that she don’t think that she deserves to be Naag Rani and couldn’t understand their call. Vish tells her that your mum gave you this position and says she did right. Bela says she will protect Naagmani first and then will take revenge. Andy, Sumitra, Mahir and others come home. Sumitra asks why did she go to Doctor? Bela thinks what she was saying. Andy asks why did she take taxi and says it is really embarrassing. Anu comes and says I know you went to Dr. Sheetal. She asks if she attended you well. Bela thinks she wants to trap me and thinks to agree to her. She tells that Dr. Sheetal attended her well. Anu drops Dr. Sheetal’s visiting card and tells that my friend is a gynaec. Sumitra looks on.

Mahir comes to Bela. Bela thinks Aghori Baba will come and meet me. Mahir gives her water, but she refuses and says I am comfortable. Mahir says I will bring medicine and asks for prescription. Bela says she has to search and says she will cover herself with blanket. She says I will manage on my own and says she don’t want his concern. Mahir asks her to decide what she wants and says I will come when something big happens. He gives her AC remote and goes. Aghori Baba comes and says what did you do? Bela greets him. Aghori Baba says you are Naagrani, but married. He says you needs your husband’s support and he will only take you to Naagmani, you have to keep him happy, but don’t cross your limits, if you love him then….Bela says I hate him, there is no question of love. Aghori Baba asks him to share food with him and tells something.

ACP tells his superior and discuss about Sehfal family case. Officer asks about his partner. He says I am single.. Vish comes indisguise of a Police officer Ramona Roy. ACP says she is filmy and asks her to see the file. Senior officer asks them to work in the file. Anu comes to ACP and asks him to search Yuvi. Vish thinks it is good that she came here, and didn’t let real Ramona get the transfer file and came here. She thinks she will not let anyone come closer to truth.

Bela comes to Mahir holding food tray and tells that she brought lunch for him. Mahir refuses to have food and asks her to note down her mood swings time. He says I am a human and not a toy. Bela says this is not easy for me. Mahir asks why are you punishing me and asks him to give one food reason. Bela asks him to have food. Mahir asks why you are caring me so much and why? Sumitra and Andy come to Mahir and Bela, and says Dr. Sheetal called her. Anu also comes. Sumitra tells Mahir that they are going to be parents. Mahir is shocked. Anu says I am so happy for both of you. Sumitra says no badhai without Mithai. She is about to hug Bela, but she makes an excuse that she is sweating due to cooking. Sumitra and Andy hugs Mahir. Bela thinks Anu wants to proof that I am not a human. Anu thinks just wait and watch, what I am going to do.

ACP is trying to tap Yuvi’s phone and asks Ramona/Vish to play the equipment, but she couldn’t. He says it is written in your file that you are well trained in all techniques. Vish says I have read your file and you get over involved and then get transfer. She asks whose phone they are tapping? ACP says Yuvi is under surveillance. She says he is in Newzealand. ACP says it is active and shows the audio message in which Yuvi tells that he is getting massage and missing the girls.

Mahir is in shock and tells Bela that he knows that this baby is of Yuvi, and that’s why she don’t want to marry him. He says I can’t face you and will bring Yuvi back. Bela tells him that she is not pregnant and tells that she is not lying. Mahir is shocked. Sumitra comes and tells her that she called Doctor. Anu asks Dr. Sheetal to tell them that bela is not pregnant and is a snake. Bela thinks how will I complete Aghori Baba’s task, just 15 mins left. Doctor comes inside to check Bela. Bela thinks of Naag guru/Aghori baba’s words that no human shall touch her else he/she will die. Mahir calls Yuvi and leaves a voice message scolding him saying Bela is pregnant . ACP and Vish hear him. Vish is shocked. ACP is also shocked. Mahir tells that the baby is yours and not mine and asks him to return back and not to run from his responsibility. ACP laughs and says now I understood why Yuvi ran away and tells that Bela might have forced him for marriage. He says let’s wait for Yuvi’s call and if he don’t call then Anu’s statement might be true that Bela had killed Yuvi and buried him. Vish thinks Bela is pregnant. Bela tells Doctor that she will do it and stops her from touching her. Anu calls her and asks if she found anything. Doctor says let me check her.

Bela stops her and asks what test are you doing? Doctor asks why are you hesitating to get test done. Doctor asks her to open her eyes and puts the torch light. Anu calls Doctor again and asks her to check her using sound. Bela gets disturbed with the sound. Doctor gets Anu’s message asking her to take Bela’s pic when she appears in snake form. Bela asks Shiv ji to help her. Her poisonous tongue comes out and her skin gets scaly with yellow eyes. Doctor waits to click her pic.

ACP tells Vish that they shall either find Yuvi alive else Bela must have bitten him. They find Yuvi’s body. Mahir tells Bela that he called Yuvi and don’t want to do the mistake which he did. Bela asks him to hold her. Mahir hugs her. Bela says sorry. Mahir holds his neck and collapsed on floor. She then calls someone and tells that she has killed Mahir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Bela will realize Mahir’s innocence next weekend I guess. Where is Shalaka? Is she the hoodie woman? It can be Suhani or Poulomi too.

  2. Guys why are you taking so long to update today.. however you are doing a great job, come here sharp at 9pm to get updates!! Keep doing!

  3. Thanks for the update h hasan…this anu is irritating like hell…In some spoilers there is a news that the hoodie woman is none other than shalaka, yamini’s daughter
    Seriously Bela is hurting maahir like anything
    He is right she should give a chance and even that naagguru said that maahir will take her to naagmani
    I think shalaka theft naagmani
    I don’t want vish to go against Bela for maahir
    BeHir are damn adorable ????
    Maahir is thinking that the baby is of yuvi’s oh God just anyone tell him that it is anu’s dirty plan
    In the precap after hugging Bela maahir will loose consciousness and Bela says that she killed maahir seriously I was hell shocked and later realized that she’ll get to know that he is her true love and nothing happens to him
    I hope this will be in next episode
    Can’t wait up-to next week
    Many questions to be answered
    BeHir reminds me of rivanya frankly maahir is like rithik too caring and protective
    I hate rocky for not being like rithik and maahir
    I think S1 history repeats and maahir will be the one like rithik and a normal human
    Let’s wait and watch… Can’t handle these mysteries

    1. Agree with you behir reminds Rivanya and maahir reminds rithik

  4. Srry for not comment here I m bzy

    1)Congratulations to all naagin team and fans this week naagin trp is 4.8 highest trp of naagin 3??????????????? cake and icecream meri taraf se

    2)Behir scene was good like always maahir care bela and get upset and then bela try to apologise how cute they are ?

    3)Anu think he trap bela but she is fail again

    4)That person who stop adi may be suhani ?

    5)vish and Acp seen is good vish look good with him ❤?

    6)precap bela hug maahir and says srry her eyes was filled with tears it proof how much she love maahir ❤?

  5. Kasam is ended naagin team shifts to kasam sets I think kasauti now shoot on naagin sets

  6. Can’t wait for next saturday
    Naag guru bela se kya keh rahe the
    In precap when bela say to mahir for hug his ? eyes were full of tears
    While hug bela say sorry to mahir
    Who is hoodie woman
    Pouloumi ,sumitra,suhani or another else .
    Awesome episode
    And the highest trip of naagin 3 is this week 4.8
    I think bela realizes mahir is innocent and her love for mahir.
    And of course anu’s plan fail again.
    Can’t wait for saturday.

  7. Congratulations to naagin team.. Highest trp this week …
    When Bela asks him to hug…her eyes were filled with tears and she says sorry
    Wowww Bela will realize her true love and there kick starts this epic love story.. Waiting for Saturday’s episode

  8. Hoodie woman is sumitra. Hey guys do u remember tht bela’s mother was different in starting episode Whn she was talking wit karishma

  9. Hi frns. M new here to comment. It was nice episode

    1. Welcome to this family…yaa Bela’s mother was some what different
      The hoodie woman maybe Sumitra or poloumi or shalaka…they keep on entertaining us with this twists
      Let’s wait and watch..

  10. Bela is really treating Mahir as some untouchable….I pity this guy…..leave alone love or romance,she doesn’t have basic respect for him….She keeps insulting him and he keeps running behind her …loving someone doesn’t mean losing his dignity and self -respect ….I don’t like the way this relationship is being portrayed….Bela is proving to be a self centered woman….the moment nag guru insists on Mahir’s importance to reach the Naagmani,she changes her colours and pretends to be concerned for him…..May be she is right in behaving so as she considers this marriage as fake….but still it hurts to see Mahir at the receiving end of this revenge game ….as of now I am not liking theirs scenes together because Bela always behaves high handed and treating this guy as a doormat…

  11. Damn sure! the mask woman is paulomi
    The evidence is her nail
    When se holds the neck of adi in her hand her nail is visible

  12. Unlike Shivanya, who was reluctant yet respectful to Ritik when they got married, Bela is downright rude. And how she thinks that Mahir killed Vikrant when he wasn’t even there at first place?
    I think the hooded woman is either Sumatra or Paulomi. Cause both women are suspicious. Sumitra is over sweet while Paulomi is over dumb

  13. Agree with you Pari,both the wives of Andy don’t look natural…one of them is definitely pretending to cover up her real colours…Anyone of them can be the masked figure……Adi knows the truth about both Bela and the masked figure…Will he ever be allowed to meet his family …

  14. Ardeep die hard fan

    Hey when the woman held adi her nail polish was silver and palaomi had silver nail polish too you can see it when she was talking with bela her nail polish was silver.. maybe palomi is the masked woman sumitra can be the same but paloumi must be

  15. I dont like bela’s behavior towards mahir he is too cute and innocent
    Luv u mahir(pearl)

  16. I dont like bela’s behavior towards mahir he is too cute and innocent especially his eyes i have seen him from the serial ‘badtameez dil’ in tat he was showcased like full of attitude bt dis tym #lovely truely mindblowing
    Luv u mahir(pearl)

  17. Why the episode are not uploaded from 6th august

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