Episode 2


HAPPY Friendship day

After that kiss awkwardness comes between Kunj and twinkle.Twinkle running from kunj while it’s become tough for kunj to control on his feelings..still he.

Normal day..

Twinkle was getting ready kunj was sleeping shirtless just than kunj wake up blabbing twinkle Meri coffee twinkle see this and smile.he open his eyes and sit there rubbing his eyes. His eyes went towards dressing table see his wife getting ready her wet hairs making her more hot.Twinkle applied blood-red colour lipstick looking extremely hot.she wears many bangles.Kunj lost in her beauty.Twinkle see kunj stare her.She blushed butterflies fly in her tummy.She managed to not smile. Kunj chain of thought lost in twinkle beauty break by his phone he didn’t pick up the call which make Twinkle laughs. Kunj see his phone ringing. He received the call..

Kunj:in irritating voice.. yes kaun..

Naman:it’s me kamina wakes up from your wifey dreams..

Kunj: shut up the a*sh*le ?.in not sense twinkle get shocked to listen this type of words from kunj mouth. Kunj throw his phone on bed and went in washroom..

Twinkle:what happened to him when he started using this type of language don’t know about him. How he like with his friends. She takes out kunj clothes and went down to bring coffee for him.Twinkle come with coffee she places in side.Kunj come out of the washroom in towel again his phone ring.he makes faces he knows who he was.he put the phone on speaker twinkle give his clothes to him.
Kunj take wears his pant.while talking to naman..
Naman: don’t be late kunj ji..

Kunj: same too you bhai shab..

Naman:what about file..

Kunj:I complete everything..

Naman:impressive.Kunj closing his shirt buttons just than one button break down and falls down too.

Kunj:shit I’ll talk to you in office Naman now let me get ready please..

Naman:okay BC.. Kunj about to remove his shirt twinkle stop him..

Twinkle:wait don’t remove I’ll stretch the button.

Kunj:okay.. twinkle bring needle and went near to kunj who standing in position.. twinkle take needle and button place on shirt kunj and her face is very near.. she gets busy to stretching the button while Kunj just admiring her face.her hairs coming on her face which disturb twinkle. Kunj softly tuck her hairs behind her hairs twinkle just look at him for some second again busy in buttons while Kunj think something Naughty his hand went behind twinkle back waist he locks his hands around her.. twinkle didn’t say anything just quiet. She stretch the buttons used her teeth to break the leftover thread. Her lips touch kunj chest.. she did about to go can’t because she was cage of Kunj embrace.
she looks at Kunj looking who here there.
She tries to come out from his gripe but can’t.

Twinkle:chhodo mujhe..

Kunj:why you run from me haa.. he pulled her to himself she against his chest. Her hands resting on her chest. Kunj press her back due to this twinkle face went near kunj..Kunj go closer to her face rubbed his nose against her cheeks twinkle closed her eyes due to this. Bol na twinkle why you running didn’t you like my touch haa he rubbed his lips too on her cheeks twinkle clutch his shirt tightly..
Twinkle put less makeup layers on your face.twinkle open her eyes and see kunj giggling..

Twinkle:huhu leave me kunj.. your coffee get cold.she pushes him.Kunj laughing loudly.he gets ready. Come down I’ll make another coffee for you okay..

Kunj:hmm.They went downstairs everyone already come for breakfast they all sitting kunj went and joint them after so many days later.Twinkle went in kitchen make coffee for kunj soon she come with coffee and give to him usha look at her..

Usha:how’s your work going on kunj..

Kunj:good MAA..

Usha:I’m so happy so hope tujhe keshi ki nazar na lage she said while looking at twinkle.Twinkle served breakfast to kunj. He had his breakfast left for office after twinkle clear everything with the help of servant.

Usha:this twinkle just become bone of my neck.When I see my kunj he deserved good wife who take care of him. This twinkle didn’t deserve my kunj.I have to do something really for my kunj as soon as possible.

After sometimes later kunj get free today he completed his all office work, so he takes half-day Leave Twinkle who was busy in kitchen making lunch niki just come and give her Oder to make this and that twinkle didn’t say her anything because she always creates drama and put all blame on her and Usha just scold her she become good in whole frame Soon kunj come from office he brings red rose flower twinkle. He hides it behind his bag and went in his room and keep on bed and come downstairs sit with everyone..

Bebe: today you come so soon why..

Kunj:aeshe hi I finished all work soon.. kunj eyes were searching his wife.. twinkle who was not there where this siyappa queen went for her I come early to spend some time with her..jeweler come there mahi and Anita along with all ladies of house seeing jewelries for them kunj busy in his phone..

Mahi:this one is so pretty..

Anita: good take this for you.twinkle come there she sees them about to going from there Bebe stop her call her to see some for her twinkle didn’t interest still for Bebe’s sake she gets ready and see jewelry..
Kunj come there see twinkle. She too see him get surprised to see him at home at this time.Twinkle see one neck piece it was really pretty along with two hands bangles too there.

Bebe: nice try.. twinkle put in her hands it’s looking extremely beautiful in her hands kunj too like it this..

Jeweler:take this piece it’s unique just 3 lakhs for this.. twinkle didn’t shock because she had so many jewelries this much expressive which given by her mother Leela now she didn’t have that much money that she can’t afford 3 lakhs necklace set for her..

Twinkle: no I don’t wanted I didn’t wear this all.. I just see that Bebe insist me.

Bebe:why twinkle puttar.

Twinkle:no Bebe I have so many I didn’t wear that MAA give me In My wedding time they just keeping in wardrobe no used of this all things.Kunj can see that happiness in her face when she sees that jewelry that disappears now.. he knows just for money she didn’t want this jewelry. She went from there goes in kitchen back get busy again in work she makes roti dough her hairs coming on her hairs which irritated twinkle lot kunj come there and see her little bit flour applied on twinkle forehead itself by tucking her hairs Kunj see and giggles she look cute. He went towards her from back and give her back hugged twinkle get shocked due to this..

Twinkle: haaa..

Kunj:don’t worry I’m here who will touch you like this expect than me.

Twinkle: what are you doing her haa go if anyone sees you here us like this what they’ll think about us please go kunj..

Kunj:let them think whatever they wanted I m not with any neighbor but with my wife.

Twinkle:how you come early haa. How you get free today didn’t your boss scold you kunj know she just saying this all in taunts.

Kunj:no he didn’t tell me anything you don’t worry.Why do you have any problem If I come early home..

Twinkle:why I have any problem it’s your house you can anytime when you wanted.
Kunj kissed on her cheeks twinkle get shocked. Kunjjjjj.

Kunj:shhhhh.. twinkle.. he tucked her hairs and bite her earlobe., just than there niki and Mahi along with Bebe come they see twinkle and Kunj Bebe cough to gain their Attention twinkle see them and shocked. While Kunj didn’t care just playing with her hairs she pushed him still he didn’t leave her Mahi giggles..


Kunj: why Bebe voice coming.

Bebe: because I’m here.Kunj raise his eyes and look them get shocked he immediately leaves twinkle while Situation become awkward for them twinkle don’t know how she main eyes to Bebe kunj who looking here and there..

Bebe:kunj tujhe Tere room kam padgya ta kya so you romance in kitchen.They both drenched in shame kunj went out of the kitchen while Bebe tease twinkle she just blushed.she makes all lunch everyone come for lunch Twinkle served them.Smell coming really delicious.

Anant:smells coming yummy twinkle.
They all started having food all praise twinkle lot kunj too. No chair didn’t leave just beside Yuvi twinkle don’t know how to sit there Bebe force her twinkle sits there Yuvi didn’t look at her still Kunj see her beside Yuvi didn’t like it at all his face expression changed immediately after twinkle sits beside Yuvi.twinkle look at Kunj face who looking at her only his eyes color change.
it.. she knows he didn’t like it at all. After lunch they sit together just chit chatting with each other’s. Mahi come to wear that necklace which she buys today only. She shows Yuvi he Praised her lot. Kunj feel bad that smile didn’t on twinkle face.Twinkle went in her room see flowers and get surprised she takes the bouquet in her hands and smells the flowers and smile brightly she sees the name who keep it this here twinkle read name by kunj she gets so happy cuddles the flowers’ bouquet ?
Kunj come there and see her he went near and sit beside her on bed..

Kunj:this flower is so lucky at least you cuddle them no values of someone..

Twinkle:thanks for this.. Kunj take out one red rose and give to twinkle she happily took it..

Kunj:jhalli ??..what’s the need of to sit beside Yuvi..

Twinkle:she knew this question will come..

Kunj:hmm don’t think he changed it..

Twinkle: I think he did kunj he just love mahi now don’t you think of it..

Kunj: I don’t care whether he loves her or not.When she didn’t care about us just blind in Yuvi love.. now I don’t care he cupped twinkle face.. but you’ll not go around them that’s sure.. Mahi hurt you a lot. Now no more..

Twinkle:why I’ll go around them. You become so possessive in this small things I see your face at lunch time make so scared faces..

Kunj:acha ji what you wanted I’ll
Happy to see my wife with anyone..

Twinkle: because of you today I bear so much in kitchen what Bebe think about me.

Kunj:what I’ll tell to Bebe that when I started romance with my wife she didn’t let me do it.. so twinkle get up about to go kunj held her hand pulled her towards him and she sits on his lap.bol na twinkle after that kiss why you run..

Twinkle:Kunj leave what you talk about it.

Kunj: okay I’ll leave just one kiss.

Twinkle: kunjjj.. she run in balcony.. Kunj ruffles his hairs..

Kunj:because of this.this girl make me crazy behind her.when that day come In our life when we both make love.. ?.. I have to do something for her.. Kunj went Out while twinkle playing with ishaan.. day went night come

Kunj went to that jeweler shop to buy that necklace which twinkle like it he pay the bills and come and hide that. After dinner twinkle and Kunj in their rooms.Twinkle combing her hair while Kunj come out from washroom to take shower.. he throws the towel on bed twinkle see this..

Twinkle: what is this kunj you always put the wet towel on bed why I told you so many time..

Kunj:so what.twinkle come and take the towel and keep In side.Twinkle lay down on bed in sitting position Kunj come with one gift box.He sits beside twinkle and forward to her.

Twinkle: what is this kunj she sits..

Kunj: open and see first.. twinkle take and started opening the gift box she sees one box.. she looks at him confusedly she open the box and see and get shocked cam surprised. She looks at Kunj back..

Twinkle: what is this kunj..

Kunj: don’t you like it twinkle.

Twinkle: I mean yes but this was the same which I see today..

Kunj: yes..

Twinkle: how this come here.

Kunj: why how I didn’t do chori. I buy this for you..

Twinkle: what you buy for me..

Kunj:can’t I buy this for you twinkle..

Twinkle: no kunj not like this but this so expensive why you buy for me what’s the need of this..

Kunj:I know you like this necklace due to price you deny twinkle I can see. It’s looking really pretty in your neck and hands when you wear this..

Twinkle:still kunj 3lakhs isn’t small amount I can’t take this.. why you spend your money..

Kunj:you don’t care about money.Twinkle I earning money for whom for us na. I didn’t give what life you live till now given by MAA at least I can try what in my hands. Don’t worry now I earn enough money for us. This is first thing which I buy for you from my money. This I can afford twinkle. She admires kunj and happy so much inside.

Twinkle:if mummy ji..

Kunj:why will MAA tell you something haa.

Twinkle see the necklace and give smile.. Kunj see her smile.. Teri iss smile ko dekhne ke liye Twinkle I can do anything.Twinkle wear the necklace and show kunj.

Twinkle: see..

Kunj:beautiful.twinkle kept the necklace in her wardrobe.They take the position for sleep. Kunj closed his eyes twinkle look at him she slowly went near him and kissed on his cheeks Kunj open his eyes and see.
What are you trying to do with me haa.
Taking advantage of my sleep..

Twinkle:what nahi.. Kunj roll down her she beneath him.

Kunj: bol.

Twinkle:you wanted kiss na so I give what you give me.

Kunj:acha ji good idea. Return gift but this not acceptable..

Twinkle: why what you wanted I’ll buy something for you..

Kunj:I didn’t want anything. You can give me now only..

Twinkle: how.

Kunj:wait I’ll tell you.He rubbed his thumb on twinkle lips.I wanted kiss but not here.


Kunj:yeh bhi batana padega naughtily.
Twinkle understand what he mean it.

Twinkle:I give you kiss. Not equal.

Kunj: no equal.. he keeps his finger on twinkle lips and pat on her lips.. Wanted this sealed with my lips.. twinkle get surprised to see kunj new side nowadays.
he about to grab her lips before he can twinkle put her hand on his lips..

Twinkle: no.. Kunj remove her hand..

Kunj: what no.. last night you to give same response twinkle she blushed so hard.. now don’t blushed it this much it’s become hard for me to control on myself don’t blame me after something happened between us twinkle..

Twinkle: acha don’t worry go and sleep office nahi hai kya..

Kunj:pure romance ki band bajadeti hai.

Twinkle:thanks for this.. side please..

Kunj: no.. Kunj went Near her nestle his face in her neck twinkle moving her neck she tries to push Kunj but he didn’t.. they both laughing loudly..

Twinkle:kunjjjj chodo na..

Kunj: 5min..

Twinkle:no way I have to wake up early.
She pushes him and went to her side of bed kunj give angry look while she smiles goodnight. He too lay down.. pagal twinkle murmured..

Kunj: same to you.. they both sleep while smiling..

Another morning come in their life as usual kunj get ready just leaving for his office he sees usha scolding twinkle he went towards them Usha put all blames on twinkle..

Twinkle:mummy ji I didn’t do anything..

Usha: see kunj your she argues with me haa.

Kunj: now please you both stop in all
Small things you both started this drama.

Twinkle: Kunj I didn’t do anything..

Kunj: please twinkle.. when MAA say something just listen what’s the need of to give her back usha smile kunj left for office in anger leave twinkle sad..

At evening some of neighbor ladies come to Sarna Mansion Twinkle served them juice. They all look at twinkle she look beautiful in her dress.

Lady: how’s you twinkle..

Twinkle: good. She went in kitchen to bring snacks for them. Just than they started gossiping..Bebe and all’s there too.

Lady: Arey usha ji your Kunj wedding happened on same day with verma ji son.

Usha: yes..

Bebe: so.

Lady: you know her daughter-in-law expecting.

Bebe: that’s so good news..

Lady: I’m confused..


Lady: I mean verma ji son always went out of the town but your kunj is here still twinkle didn’t give good news why.. another lady..

Lady: yes usha ji. Why.. twinkle come there and give them snacks she asked twinkle directly about this to twinkle.Arey Twinkle when are you going to give us good news make usha ji grand mother Leela ji too. She doesn’t know what to say just smile.

Lady: yes twinkle don’t you wanted baby..

Twinkle: baby.. Confused totally.. Usha see twinkle face expression nothing is like between her and Kunj..

Usha: Arey I become dadi didn’t have any hope from her..

Lady: why usha ji.

Usha: how she’ll give us good news for this pati patini ke beach me kuch hona bhi chahiye na..

Bebe: usha..

Lady: why you say matlab twinkle and Kunj ke beach me pati patni jesha kuch nahi hai haa..

Usha: yes verma ji son have husband
Wife relationship with his wife.. Here nothing is like ab bach upar se toh nahi aayega na.. Tears started coming from twinkle eyes all get shocked what usha
Saying it some of them enjoying it too..

Lady: hoo what type of wife she is didn’t let touch his husband to her..

Usha:yeh kya mere kunj ko apne aap ko chune nahi degi my son kunj Itself he didn’t went near what she had good.. my kunj didn’t like to touch her..

Twinkle:what you talk mummy ji.

Usha: did I said anything wrong Twinkle. I’m right kunj and you have husband and wife relationship between you both haa did he touch you ever.

Twinkle:chii kya bol rahi ho aap..

they all started talking rubbing about twinkle intimate life their words tearing up twinkle lot she can’t hold this tears anymore just run in her their words hurt her very much never thought her mother-in-law insult her like this much.
Whole day twinkle cry lot till now she didn’t feel bad this much about anything today really deeply.she didn’t come out of her room whole day just crying swollen her eyes and face.. at night kunj come from his office he about to go in his room usha come there and tell him wrong story twinkle did this and that.. kunj didn’t said anything just angry on twinkle. Usha give him food and feed him too. Later Kunj went in his room and see twinkle lay down on bed her back facing to ceiling. Her face hides. He sees her, but he didn’t said her anything just changed his clothes and lay down on the couch.. twinkle see him and all those words said by usha that laddies echoed in twinkle ears.,

Twinkle: think did I’m this much bad kunj didn’t interested in me. Babaji while crying she sleep.. next day to went twinkle make her health worse didn’t have anything. Looking so simple and dull leave . Everything no makeup didn’t smile as well.

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Twinkle talking with chinki on phone..

Twinkle:chinki you said na. Did I’m looking this much bad chinki..

Chinki: pagal hai Kya you look so hot your one look is enough to make any boy crazy for you..

Twinkle:no chinki I always get ready so nicely Kunj never look at me and give me compliments.raj her fiancé he always praises you but kunj. Mummy ji right.. she cried so loudly. Today is Manohar and Usha wedding anniversary, so they all celebrating in good level.Kunj come in room find twinkle didn’t get ready.He takes his clothes and get ready they both didn’t communicate nowadays.. Kunj went out of the room. He thought she’ll come..

Twinkle:why I’ll go in her good and special day she finds me unlucky I don’t want to spoil her happiness kunj didn’t asked me once he just take me wrong.Twinkle didn’t went in party some of the asking about twinkle.They all enjoying very much.Soon party get end. Kunj eyes finding twinkle in party..he thought she must be with her friend.. Kunj entered in room as soon as he entered in room find twinkle who faulting clothes he got shocked to see her than understood she didn’t went in party.
He gets angry.Usha tell him she apologizes to twinkle still he removed his shirt and blazer throw on floor with jerk.. twinkle get up about to go to keep their clothes in wardrobe Kunj held her hand pinned her against wall.

Kunj:why you didn’t come in party.

Twinkle:leave my hand..

Kunj: kesh baat ka itna gurur hai twinkle tujhe don’t think about yourself you have something really good..

Twinkle: leave my hand kunj..

Kunj:hehhe don’t worry no one dying to touch you his words break down and really badly he even does’t know what he speaks today. His words same words what usha said her unknowingly Kunj to same increase her pain more she didn’t expect this from kunj.. Kunj leave her with jerk.
He left twinkle to cry unbearably..
She gulps Kunj all words get hell angry with him.they sleep in anger whole night twinkle sobbing slightly..

2 days has been passed like this.Kunj see twinkle face she stays so quiet and dull lost her charm.. twinkle working in kitchen while niki boiling water. Niki come with hot water she bumped with twinkle all hot water falls on twinkle back and hands she winched so badly all come there.

Niki:sorry Twinkle I didn’t do purposely..

Bebe:Twinkle puttar.. Crying in pain.can’t you see niki look at her what you have done.

Twinkle:I’m fine she just managed to speak..

Bebe:come with me.Bebe take her in room.Tell her to change her clothes she went in washroom put some cream on her body her back burned become all red..
She rest in her room her whole body burning so badly.Twinkle sobbing in her room. Her hands become red.water ulcers come on twinkle body where she burned it.

All family members having dinner kunj come there sit with them while Bebe tell servant to take Twinkle dinner in her room.

Bebe:go and give food to twinkle..

Kunj:think can’t she come.. after food kunj sitting living room watching cricket match Bebe come there and see him she went near to him..

Bebe: kunjj..

Kunj: yes Bebe..

Bebe: you should with twinkle now..

Kunj:why something happened to her..
don’t give her this much importance Bebe.

Bebe: kunj you don’t know what happened to her today..

Kunj: what..

Bebe: she burned it..

Kunj: what?.. he gets up.. what do you mean.

Bebe:because of niki all boil water falls down on twinkle body Kunj..

Kunj: when this happened..

Bebe: at evening.. go and see her.. what happened to her she stays so quiet nowadays didn’t eat anything just stay in her room just come for work..

Kunj: Twinkle did all work..

Bebe:yes who will come and do this all work this two Mahi and Niki didn’t do anything.. Usha tell kunj twinkle didn’t do anything nowadays she has to do all work Alone.

Kunj: okay.. MAA didn’t tell me about this.

Bebe: usha ki baath chod tu kunj she cross her all limits that day..

Kunj: acha what Twinkle did she didn’t come in MAA and Papa Anniversary party.

Bebe: she did right.. after what usha did with her..she tells her so much in front of outsiders Kunj,,

Kunj: what MAA told her.Bebe told her each and everything what happened that day what usha tell twinkle.Kunj closed his fist after Listen his mother words.., he feels so guilty what he had done with her she behaves so badly with her and neglected her too.

Bebe: you should asked her Kunj before do any fight with her Kunj go and see her..

Kunj: hmm I’m so guilty I’ll see MAA later. It’s our personal life..

Twinkle wear lose kurta didn’t touch her wounds. She was standing near dressing table applying cream on her back but she can’t she feel so much pain.Kunj come in room see twinkle feel so bad.. she looks down. Kunj went near her.

Kunj:m I..

Twinkle: no. Kunj forcefully snatch cream from twinkle hand and make her sit..

Kunj:I’ll apply cream okay.she didn’t said anything. Twinkle show kunj her hands Kunj see her hands it’s all burned and red. His eyes filled with tears to see her in this condition and pain.. he applied cream slowly didn’t hurt her than on her foot.

Twinkle: back.. she turned and show him her back.. Kunj up her kurti and see her back get shocked really. He wiped his tears Kunj take ointment cream in his finger slowly he applied and blow too.. twinkle feels pain her face drenched in tear kunj touch her wound.. haaaa..

Kunj :sorry. He done it twinkle turned and Kunj look at her face.. twinkle tears didn’t take name to stop.. he understood she is pain..he wiped her face. Don’t cry.. let’s go to doctor why you didn’t went till now..

Twinkle:I’m fine..

Kunj:I can see.. still Kunj take her to hospital doctor see twinkle and give her some medicine..they come back soon kunj make Twinkle favourite noddles and feed her. And give her medicines.. twinkle didn’t look at him.. what MAA said to you I’m sorry after hear this twinkle crying loudly.. Kunj get shocked.. she cuddles pillow Kunj rest his hand on her cheeks she jerk his hands.. Kunj knows he deserved it..
episode end on there
Precap- kunj asked usha why she said this all to his wife.. in stern voice..
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    Beautiful episode dear. 🙂

  19. Aamna_2690

    Fantastic Episode Shaheen ??
    Ek Dum Dhamakedaar ??
    Kunj’s surprise for twinkle at start was beautiful ??
    This Usha ?? God I hate her so much ??
    I mean Do she even deserve to be called a woman ?
    Like who the hell insults a woman that to her own son’s wife ?
    Who gave her right to speak such rubbish or interrupt in their married life ?
    This b*t*h ?? I wish to kill her ?? Kamini ??
    And this niki ? iski toh ?
    Hope kunj will teach them a good lesson ?
    Poor twinkle ?
    Lots of Love Kiya ?

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