Naagin Season 3 27th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vish’s soul comes to take revenge, steals Naagmani and kills Rinki

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Naagin Season 3 27th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumitra announcing herself as all Naagvansh’s Naagrani in the haveli. She says this is the same haveli from where she was kicked out and asks everyone to see. She asks Rohini and Alek to go and take out their wrath. They throw the pictures frames of the Naag and Naagin of Shesh Vansh. She tells that Nidok Vansh will rule on Shesh Vansh. Ragini song plays…….Sumitra applies black Tilak on her forehead and does her Abhishek and says Nidok Vansh is superior of all. She asks everyone to do their work. She takes out Naagrani Maa’s frame and throws it. Yuvi sees Vikrant and Bela crying and standing in front of Vish’s burning fire. He tells Sumitra that he will go and kill them. Sumitra says no. Yuvi asks if she got emotional for her son. Sumitra says she tried to kill Vikrant once and will not think before killing him again, and says she can kill him but not today, today we got Naagmani so will celebrate today, and says they have 364 days left to kill them. She says she has become Naagrani of both the Naagvansh and says this happens once in many years. Yuvi asks what we shall do now.

Sumitra comes home and pushes Andy and Kuhu out of the house. Andy asks what are you doing Sumi? Sumitra says she is the powerful woman and tells that she has Naagmani with her. Kuhu asks her to think about Ruhi. Rohini says they hate the name Ruhi. Mahir comes and asks about his toy. Yuvi asks him to take his bag and leave. Alek asks him to take the bowl and beg. Sumitra says you are so mean. Mahir says he is mean, this is my house, tell him and asks where will I go? Andy says Mahir. Mahir asks if Papa got angry on Mamma and says sorry. Sumitra gets angry on hearing Mamma and pushes him on floor. Mahir asks what happened? Bela comes and holds him. She says its ok and asks him not to care for them. She says you have many people with you, your dad and sister. Mahir says you? Bela says I will be always there for you. Vikrant helps Mahir get up and says I will get your toys. Mahir says I want same toys. Sumitra asks them to take their bags and leave. Bela says game is changed. Sumitra says I have looted Naagmani from you. Bela says do you really think? Sumitra reminds her what happened in the morning and tells about Vish’s death. Bela says do you think that you got the Naagmani powers also and says it is of no use for you. Sumitra says lets go and show the power of Naagmani to you. She takes her with her and asks her clan to take everyone there. Yuvi asks Mahir to take all his toys from room.

Sumitra takes Bela and others to Naagmani’s place, but she couldn’t find Naagmani. Vikrant asks what happened? Sumitra blames them for stealing the Naagmani. Bela says do you think we are a fool to come in front of you after stealing it. Sumitra gets angry and stamps on the floor. She becomes half snake and half human. She then becomes human and makes the snake as human. She asks the snake in human avatar to tell who has stolen it. Bela asks her to shout and says Naagmani stays at a place where it wants to and says Naagmani didn’t want to stay here. She asks the snake man. He says she was a woman. Sumitra asks if she was Bela? Snake says no and tells that she was flying in air. Sumitra thinks how this can happen and pushes him. Snake man becomes snake again. Mahir comes there and gets scared seeing snake and drops the photo album which he brought. Snake becomes human and points at Vish’s pic in the album. Sumitra says how can this be possible?

Bela comes to Mahir and asks him to sit on the bed. Mahir is scared thinking about the snake and says he is scared, everything happening wrong. Bela says I don’t know if I shall tell you. Mahir says where is Shivli? He asks her to call her. Bela says you need Shivli and says I will call her now itself. She pretends to call her and goes out. She takes shivli’s avatar and gets inside. Mahir tells Shivli that he will not talk to her. Shivli asks if he was missing her? Mahir tells that he was scared and tells that Mamma pushed him and snake had come in the haveli. Shivli says sorry. Shivli asks do you want me to stay with you? Mahir says that second girl and says don’t know where she went. He tells Shivli that his friend fought with Mamma for him. He asks her to call her. Shivli smiles and says ok, I have to go then. Shivli becomes Bela. Mahir gets happy seeing her and hugs her. He says I was praying to God to send you and says I told Shivli to go, but you don’t go anywhere leaving me. Bela cries and hugs him. Mahir says my friends tell that my company is good and my toys are nice. Vikrant comes and signs Bela. Bela asks Mahir to rest.

Andy appreciates Chintu for completing one more chapter. Kuhu tells Boltu about Sumitra. Boltu asks her to calm down. Chintu tells that Andy taught him all the chapter. Andy says he understood it. Chintu tells about the event of Narendra Modi on 29th January at 11 am, and tells that Narendra Modi will discuss about students’ education. Andy says he will discuss about exam related problems in Delhi and Calcutta stadium. Kuhu says she heard. Chintu tells that even graduates and undergraduates students can come and tells that they can directly question PM. Boltu tells that he will also go there.

Vikrant and Bela come to Naag guru. Naag guru tells that he heard about Vish. Bela says we didn’t get even a chance to cry for her death. Vikrant tells that Naagmani is stolen. Naag guru tells that it was with Sumitra. Bela tells that the Sumitra’s man who was taking care of Naagmani told that Vish had stolen it, but how can it be possible as Vish is no more. Naag guru says Vish is here. Vikrant asks if she is alive and asks him to take him there. Naag guru says Icchadhari Naag or Naagin don’t die easily and says if it dies then also her soul remains on the earth. He asks if there is any incomplete wish of hers which is not letting her go to other world. Bela says she used to love Vikrant, but don’t know if he loved her or not. Vikrant cries and recalls her words. He says she wanted my love and wanted to hear that I love her. Naag guru says that’s why she is here. Bela asks why did she steal Naagmani. Naag guru says she will take revenge from everyone who had troubled and killed her, and may be even the person who didn’t love her.

Yuvi hears them and tells himself that there can’t be any soul. He thinks to inform Sumitra. He sees a woman walking towards him and asks her not to come near him. He runs and falls down, shouting asking her not to come near him. He finds the door locked and shouts. Sumitra comes there. Yuvi hugs her and says Mom Mom…Sumitra asks why he is acting like Mahir and asks who is here? Yuvi says she will kill me. Sumitra says there is nobody here. She tells everyone that this is Nidok Vansh would be Naag raj. They laugh. Rohini comments on Vultures. Amita says I am here. Yuvi tells about Vish’s soul is wandering here and we all are at her aim. Sumitra says I have no time to waste rather than searching Naagmani. She tells that Bela has stolen it. Yuvi says he is not hallucinating and asks them to believe. He says she went seeing you, she was soul. Mahir asks where was the soul? Sumitra asks Yuvi to take him. Yuvi asks Mahir to come else he will call soul here. Mahir says I am feeling scared and asks him to sleep with him. Yuvi says I am telling you lovingly and sends him to room. Mahir thinks where is my friend Bela and misses her.

Bela looks at Vish’s pic and says I couldn’t protect you being your friend and naag rani, and says I have lost you. Rinki sees her talking and smiles. Mahir calls her. Bela goes. Rinki comes inside and talks to Vish’s pic, telling her that it was she who pushed her in the water. She says she really enjoyed seeing her suffocating under water and asks how was the feeling? She sees Vish’s soul standing and gets shocked. She tries to run. Vish is shown. Rinki runs out. Vish follows her. Rinki runs and shouts for help. Amita and her son hear Rinki’s voice and run out. Vish follows Rinki. Yuvi and Sumitra also hear her Rinki gets locked and shouts. Vish appears there and looks at her. Rinki comes to the place where she killed and drowned Vish in the water box. She sees Bela patr and thinks it can save me. Everyone gather near there and think Rinki’s voice came from there.

Yuvi sees Vikrant hugging Vish’s pic and is sad. Sumitra asks him to come. They all run towards there. Rinki falls in the water where they have kept Vish tied on the chair. Vish walks towards her. Rinki looks at the Bel patr and tries to get it, keeping stool there. Vish makes her fall down in the water box, the same way Rinki made her fall. Water starts pouring in the box. Yuvi says Rinki’s voice is not coming. Vish flies in air. Rohini asks Sumitra to come fast.

Mahir keeps hand on his ears and says he don’t want to hear ghost story. Bela says it is not scary. Bela tells him about a girl whose Nani had told her if there is dark and someone calls you from back then don’t turn. Bela says she then thought of her mum’s words that in such situation, she shall not panic and think who can call her at that time. Mahir says she is dead. Bela says she was a smart girl, she saw two eyes, her face and her tail. She says she saw the puppy who got lost in jungle. She asks if he liked it. Mahir says yes, but I like you more.

Vish vanishes from there. Amita, her son, Sumitra, Yuvi and others come there and see Rinki drown in the water box. Bela tells Mahir that whoever is good and whose heart is pure, and truthful like him, and says nothing can happen to such people and no ghost or anybody can harm him, she says God protects such persons. Mahir says you are with me, nothing can happen to me. Bela says you are always safe. Mahir lies down on her lap.

Mahir tells Bela that he likes to spend time with her, and likes to share bread and bed with her. Vikrant calls Vish and says you have my permission and asks her not to leave the ones who had troubled her, made her cry and killed her. Sumitra is locked in haveli. Bela is walking somewhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Super thanks

  2. Today’s episode is good as we saw Behir together in some scenes and it is very nice to see yuvi getting scared of vish and it is very nice that vish killed rinki. It is now sure that sumitra and her partners will get killed by Bela and vish. But we are waiting to see Mahir becoming a normal person and more than that we are waiting to see Behir’s love. So Please at least in the coming episodes, make Mahir regain his memory and show Behir together.

  3. Today’s episode is somewhat better,
    *Vish walking style is really amazing her attitude, facial expressions show’s her like a leading role like Bela…….,
    *Rajat and anitha pair is good ,
    but our behir is adorable and no words for their pair ??????
    *Mahir acting is good but old mahir is best…
    Surbhi,pearl, Rajat,anitha,give life to the season even though no story
    *I think only it’s have high trp due to behir❤️
    It’s clearly shown that when ever behir scenes are less that week trp is huge dip that toooo
    Occurs in absence of Bela ?
    *If makers give more romantic and emotional scenes b/w Bela and mahir then no doubt, that week it will be on trp 1 position…..
    Even though no storyline that’s the magic of behir in this season. …
    *The success of this story is only due to such a great actress Bela, mahir,Vish and Vikrant
    *When compared to season 1,in s1 good story,few enemies, great acters like Sudha chandran,mouni and arjun…..
    Due to good story it is in top of all seasons
    But when come to season no story…only dragging, new entries,more enemies, confusing story line,no logic……….but apart from this all.the best of this season is behir love
    * Behir love and caring>>>>>>rivanya
    But here mahir is shown as a side character and week hero that’s that main minus….
    Of mahir is shown as strong then no pair can beat BEHIR ❤️
    *Ok friends this just my opinion
    Good night

  4. Lokesh

    Highest level of boringness, Bela is disgusting , only vish and Rinki part was gud , trp badhegi as finally some kind of revenge saga begun.

    1. Behir crazy fan

      U stupid bela is cute

  5. Bela Mahir se to kuch hota nhi to ab vish ka ghost hi sahi 🙁

  6. bela naagmani lene gyi maahir ko bachane ke liye. Maahir pe sumitra ke zahar ka vaise bhi koi asar nhi hua to kya point tha naagmani laane ka. Aur bela ko is baat pe koi aascharya bhi nahi hai

  7. Hey guys ! I have heard that in coming eps Vish is going to make the eneimes weak and then Bela is going to kill them. By the way sorry to upload little late and I will be seen in every updates so grand welcome of mine thanks and bye for now

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