IB & IN Shots-Blinkless Seconds-Shot 10

Shot 10




Everyone is shocked to know Anjali outside the house.

Mom: Innaikku yen seekiram vanthutta?? Ave mattuma vanthirukka?? (Why she is early today?? Is she alone??)

Arjun: Illei. Anthe ACP Bhavya’vum koode irukkangge!! (Nope. ACP Bhavya has come with her.)

Annika: Bhavya is here too!!?? (Arjun nods) Oh, no!! What we are going to do now??

Arjun: It’s ok. I will take you and Krithika using the back door.

Krithika: How about Shivaay sir??

Shivaay: It’s ok. I will manage.

Shalu: How are you going to manage, catman?? You can’t even walk properly.

Krithika: Exactly. Arjun, you take Shivaay sir upstairs. We both will manage to go from here.

Arjun: Ok. Be careful. (Arjun places Shivaay’s arm on his shoulder and about to take him.)

Shalu: Maama, ippadi kootitu ponena, naalaikuthaan poi seruve. (Uncle, if you are taking him like this, you will reach tomorrow only.)

Arjun: Appurom eppadi kootitu porathu?? (Then, how should I take him??)

Shalu: Annaikki eppadi kootitu vanthe, athe mathiri kootitu po. (You should take him like how you have brought him here that day.) (Arjun nods and lifts Shivaay on his shoulder making ShivIka shocked.)

Shivaay: What are you doing, Arjun?? (Looks at Annika who is chuckling covering her mouth) Put me down!! Put me down, Arjun!! (Struggling to get down.)

Arjun: (tightens his grip on him) I’m not going to rape you, ok?? Just keep quiet. (Towards his parents) Ma, paa, Anjali ye samalingge. (Mom, dad, you both handle Anjali.) (Towards Shalu) Shalu, ivungge rendu pereyum pinnadi valiya anuppi vechiru. (Shalu, send both of them using backdoor.) (The door bell rings again.)

Dad: (looks at Arjun) Athe naangge parthukurom, nee po mothale!!! (We will handle this. You go first!!!)




Bhavya: What happened??

Anjali: I don’t know. They are not opening. (She rings the bell again.) Maa!!!


Inside the house


Mom: Haan!!! Varen!! 5 nimisham. (Yes!! I’m coming!! 5 minutes.) (Towards Arjun) Seekiram po!! (Faster go!!)




Bhavya: Maybe she is busy with some work inside.

Anjali: It’s ok if she is busy but why my dad or Shalu didn’t open the door.

Bhavya: (shocked) What?? Your daughter?? No way, Anjali. I’m willing to wait for one hour here but I don’t want your daughter to open the door. Already, she doesn’t like me and now I’m wearing police uniform some more. I can’t bear her anger anymore.

Anjali: Bhavya, I can’t believe that you are afraid of a little girl.

Bhavya: Little girl?? She is just another version of you and more dangerous too. (Anjali just shakes her head.)





Arjun leaves to upstairs with Shivaay on his shoulders. Annika laughs watching the scene.

Annika: Usually, he is the one will lift me like this. Now, he is being lifted. That’s why I can’t control my laugh. (Laughs again.)

Shalu: Annika, are you going to keep on laughing like this?? (Annika stops laughing and looks at Shalu.) My mother is waiting outside. If the door doesn’t get opened in another five minutes, she will break the door and enter. Do you want that to happen??

Annika: Oh!! I forgot about that. What I have to do now??

Shalu: (pulls AniKri hands) Come with me. (Takes them to behind. She opens the back door.) You both leave using this way. The entrance is on that side. Be careful. (They are about to leave.) One minute. (She pulls Annika’s hand making her to bend towards her. Shalu takes her duppata and places it on Annika’s head.) Hide your face and go. (Looks at Krithika.) Neenggalum thaan. (You too.) (Krithika nods and covers her head with her duppata.)

Annika: Thank you, Shalu. (Kisses her forehead.) Please take care of your catman.

Shalu: You don’t worry. I will take care of him. (Looks at Krithika.) Seekiram kootitu pongge!! (Krithika nods and holds Annika’s hand leaving from there. Shalu closes the door and looks at her grandparents.) Paati, kathave thire!! (Grandma, open the door!!) (Anjali’s mother nods and opens the door.)

Anjali: Yen ma ivvalavo neram?? Appa, neengalavathu kathave thiranthirukkalamle. (Mom, why did you take this long?? Dad, you should have come and open the door at least??)

Dad: Naan mele irunthen, Anjali. (I was at upstairs, Anjali.) (Shalu runs towards them.)

Anjali: Nee ethukku ippadi odi vare?? (Why are you running like this??)

Shalu: Vilayadikittu irunthen. Athan odi vanthen. (I was playing. That’s why I ran and come here.)

Anjali: (looks at behind) Pinnadi lernthu vare. Angge enna vilayadikittu irunthe?? (You are coming from behind. What were you playing there??)

Shalu: Naanum thaathavum hide and seek vilayadikittu irunthom. Naan olinjikittena, thaatha ennei thedi kittu irunthaaru. (I and grandpa were playing hide and seek. I was hiding and grandpa was finding me.)

Dad: (agrees) Aama aama. Ive mele olinjirukkanu naan mele thedikittu irunthen. Hey, vaalu!! Nee keelethaan irunthiya?? (Yes yes. I thought she was hiding upstairs. You naughty girl!! You were hiding downstairs!!??)

Anjali: Enna pa?? Chinna pulle mathiri. (What, dad?? You are behaving like a kid.)

Mom: Athe vidu. Innaikku enna seekiram vanthutte?? (Leave that. Why are you early today??)

Anjali: Nalle velei nyabagam paduthune. Arjun engge?? Veliye poyirukkana?? (Luckily, you reminded me. Where is Arjun?? Has he gone out??)

Dad: Illei, mele avan room’le irukkan. (Nope. He is at upstairs in his room.)

Anjali: Sari, naan avane parthuttu vanthudren. (Ok. I will go and see him.) (About to go.)

The trio: (shouts) Vendam!!! (Don’t!!)

Anjali: Yen?? (Why??)

Mom: Illei, nee ippothane vanthe. (You just came.)

Dad: Tired ah vere iruppe. (You must be tired.)

Mom: Ethukku mele poikittu?? (Why do you have to go upstairs??)

Shalu: Nee mothale ukkaru. (You sit down first.)

Mom: Naan unakku coffee eduthuttu varen. (I will bring coffee for you.) (Anjali feels suspicious with their behaviour.)

Anjali: Enna aachu ungge moonu perukkum?? Vanthathulenthu oru mathiriyave irukkingge. (What happened to three of you?? You are behaving weirdly since I came.)

Trio: Onnum illeye, onnum illeye, onnume illei!! (Nothing, nothing, nothing at all!!)

Anjali: Illei. Etho onnu irukku. Naan appurom vanthu pesikkiren. Ippo naan Arjun’e parthuttu vanthudren. (Nope. Something is there. I will talk to you later. I want to meet Arjun first.) (Climbs the stairs making three of them worried.)


Arjun’s Room


Arjun places Shivaay on the bed. Shivaay slaps his head.

Shivaay: Why did you carry me like this?? That too in front of Annika??

Arjun: (smirks) Why?? Do you feel embarrassed??

Shivaay: Of course, yaar. No one has lift me like this before.

Arjun: Shivaay, when I found you unconscious at the beach that day, I brought you here by carrying you like that only. (Shivaay looks at him shockingly.) Why are you looking like this?? Then, how do you think that I brought you here?? (They hear sound at downstairs.)

Shivaay: What is happening??

Arjun: Wait. (He opens the door and peeks out from the door to see what is happening. He is shocked to see Anjali climbing the stairs. He closes the door.)

Shivaay: What??

Arjun: Anjali is coming up.

Shivaay: (shocked) What?? (Gets up from his place and limps towards Arjun. Arjun opens the door a little.) We are going to get caught by her, I think.





Anjali’s parents and Shalu look each other in tension. They are thinking how to stop Anjali from going upstairs. Shalu gets an idea.

Shalu: Aiyo, paati, unakku enna aachu?? (Oh, no!! What happened to you, grandma??) (Her grandmother looks at her confusingly.) Enna?? Mayakkam varutha?? (What?? Do you feel dizzy??) (Winks at her. Her grandmother understands Shalu.)

Mom: Aama, mayakkam varuthu!! Thalaiyellam suthuthu. Anjali!!! (Yes, I’m feeling dizzy. My head is spinning. Anjali!!) (Anjali worries seeing her mother.)

Anjali: Amma!! Enna aachu!!?? (Mom!! What happened??)

Mom: Mayakkama irukke!! (I’m feeling dizzy.) (Holding her head.)

Anjali: Naan Arjun’eh kootitu varen. (I will go and bring Arjun.) (Turns to go again.)

Mom: (shocked) Anjali!!! (Pretends to be fainting.)

Anjali: Amma!! (Runs towards her and holds her. She makes her to lie on the sofa.)

Dad: Aiyo!! Enna aachu nu teriyaleye. Kalai lernthu mayangi mayangi vilura. (Don’t know what happened to her. She was fainting since morning.) (Pretends as well)

Anjali: Kalai lerntha?? Yen sollave ille?? Shalu, poi maamave kootitu vaa. (Since morning!?? Why you didn’t tell me earlier?? Shalu, go and bring Arjun.) (Shalu agrees and runs upstairs.)



ArShiv who are watching secretly from the room smile in relief and have a high five.

Shivaay: Thank God!!

Arjun: Nope. It’s thank Shalu. Only she is the one can think like this.

Shivaay: Yeah, right.

Arjun: You stay here. I will go down first. At least I need to pretend to threat my mother. (Shivaay nods and Arjun leaves from there. He sees Shalu and goes down with her.)





Bhavya is on call with someone. AniKri hide themselves after seeing Bhavya at the entrance. They are thinking how to escape from her eyes. Bhavya turns another side while speaking on her mobile. They see she is involved with her mobile conversation and run from there before she turns. However, Annika hits the gate and Bhavya turns hearing the sound. She looks at there confusingly when her shoulder is touched by someone.

Anjali: Why are you staying outside?? What are you looking at??

Bhavya: No, I heard some sound there.

Anjali: (looks at the gate) Maybe some cats or dogs. Come inside.

Bhavya: (mutters to herself) Why I felt like I saw Annika here??

Anjali: What??

Bhavya: Nothing. Let’s go inside. (Anjali nods while Bhavya thinks to herself.) Maybe it’s my hallucination. Why Annika going to come here?? (She goes inside with Anjali and sees Arjun checking his mother.)

Anjali: Enna aachu?? Yen mayanggittangge?? (What happened?? Why did she faint??)

Arjun: Satharana mayakkam thaan. Konjom neram paduthu rest edutha sari aayidum. (Nothing serious. She will be fine if she takes rest for some time.)

Bhavya: Is aunty fine??

Arjun: Yes, she is fine. (Bhavya smiles while Shalu stares at her. Bhavya turns her face from Shalu.)

Dad: (towards Anjali) Arjun’ ai paakanumnu sonne?? Athan vanthuttanle. (You said that you want to meet Arjun.)

Arjun: Enna vishayam, Anjali?? (What’s the matter, Anjali??)

Anjali: Arjun, enakku unnode help vendum. (Arjun, I need your help.) (Shows a picture in her mobile.) Inthe photole irukkire aale nee follow pannanum. (You need to follow this person in this picture.) (Arjun looks at the picture and become shocked. He recalls how he copied all the pictures from Shivaay’s mobile to his mobile without her knowing.)

Arjun: Anjali, ithu…..?? (Anjali, this…..??)

Anjali: Naan handle panre case’le inthe aalu oru rombe mukkiyamana oruthar. Yaare follow panne solrathunu theriyale. Athan unnai solluren. Unakku enthe problem illeye?? (This person is very important in the case that I’m handling now. I don’t know whom to ask to follow this person. That’s why I’m asking you. You don’t have any problem, right??)

Arjun: (thinks) Nee sonnalum sollatiyum, inthe aale naan follow pannethaan poren. Thiruttu thanama pannanum nenechen, paravale ippo naan thairiyamave pannuven. (I am going to follow this person even if you don’t ask me. I thought to do it secretly without your knowing but now I will do it daringly.)

Anjali: Ennada yosikkire?? (What are you thinking??)

Arjun: Onnum illei. Enakku enthe problem illei. Naan follow pannuren. (Nothing. I don’t have any problem. I will follow this person.) (Anjali signals at Bhavya. Bhavya nods and hands over a mobile to him.) Mobile!!??

Anjali: Inthe mobile use pannikko. Personal number use pannathe. Naangge unakku inthe numberle contact pannuvom. (Use this mobile. Don’t use your personal number. We will contact you through this number only.)

Bhavya: We have installed tracker in this mobile. Our officers will be tracking this number all the time.

Arjun: Why they will track me??

Anjali: For your safety, Arjun. How if you have been kidnapped??

Arjun: I can fight, Anjali.

Anjali: (sarcastically) Oh!! How many people you will fight with?? How if there are more than 20 people?? Can you fight them all alone?? Is this a movie?? (Shalu laughs. Arjun takes the mobile from Bhavya.)



AniKri get inside an auto and leave.

Krithika: Should I ask him to drop you at your house first??

Annika: It’s ok. You are getting late for your shoot. Ask him to drop you at your destination first.

Krithika: (smiles) Bhaiya, go to Sunshine apartment first.

Driver: Ok, mam. (Continues his driving.)

Annika: I know my Shivaay can be saved from this case now. (Krithika smiles at her.) Actually, I felt a positive vibration when I saw Anjali for the first time when she came to Oberoi Mansion that day. I could feel she is the one will save Shivaay from this case. But I didn’t expect that her whole family will be involved to save him. (Smiles.)

Krithika: This is called as destiny, Annika. And your husband can be saved for sure. God likes to give a lot of trouble for good people but he won’t let them down. He won’t let you down too. (Annika smiles holding her hands.)

Driver: Mam, we have reached.

Krithika: Ok. (Towards Annika.) See you. (About to get down from auto.)

Annika: When?? (Krithika looks at her confusingly.) You said “see you”. That’s what I’m asking when. (Annika says biting her lips.)

Krithika: (smiles) How about tomorrow??

Annika: (grins) Really??

Krithika: Really!! (She takes a pen and a notepad. She writes something on it and tears the paper and gives it to Annika.) I have written the hotel’s name which I’m staying now including my room number. You can come to the hotel tomorrow and we will go to Arjun’s house from there. (Annika nods happily.) And these are mine, Arjun, and Arjun’s dad’s numbers. If you feel to talk with your husband, just call anyone of them. (Annika smiles happily looking at the paper and hugs her.)

Annika: Thank you!!! Thank you so much!!

Krithika: (breaks the hug) You are welcome. But don’t call from your number or your family’s. All of your numbers are being tapped by police.

Annika: Ok. So what time I need to come to your hotel?? 7 a.m?? Is that ok??

Krithika: (shocked) 7 a.m?? (Annika nods.) Why so late?? How about 5 a.m?? Or 4 a.m?? (Annika realised she is teasing her and mentally slaps herself. Krithika chuckles seeing Annika.) My dear, Annika. I can understand your love for your husband. But please have some patience. (Annika nods like a kid.) You come at 9 a.m. Ok?? (Annika agrees.) Good. I need to go now. Take care. (Krithika gets down from the auto and enters inside the apartment. The auto about to leave when Annika feels something.)

Annika: Bhaiya, one minute!! (She gets down and look at somewhere.) Why I felt like….?? (Brushes off her thought.) No…. No…. I’m thinking a lot. (Gets inside the auto.) Let’s go, bhaiya. (The driver agrees and drives leaving from there.)





Annika walks inside the mansion while smiling to herself. Gauri is confused seeing her smiling because Annika has stopped smiling after Nancy’s death where Shivaay has been accused as the murderer. She goes to Annika.

Gauri: Di!!

Annika: Gauri, do you want anything??

Gauri: Yes. I want to know the reason for this khidkitodh smile of yours. And why are you so late??

Annika: Woh!! I went to temple to pray for Shivaay. There…. (Recalls her meeting with ArKri and Shivaay.)

Gauri: What happened there??

Annika: Nothing. I met a Baba there and he said everything will be fine soon and Shivaay will be back to us.

Gauri: This is what I was telling since that day. But you didn’t trust me.

Annika: (hugs Gauri’s shoulder) My heart feels light after meeting him. I’m having confidence that Shivaay will be back soon.

Gauri: He definitely will be back. Don’t lose this confidence. (Annika smiles and leaves from there.)



Krithika has finished her shooting and waiting for the elevator. She has sent back her crew members saying that she wanted to go out for a while. She is about to get inside the elevator when a girl collides with her and almost falls but Krithika manage to hold her.

Krithika: Be careful!! Why are you rushing like this?? How if you have fell down?? (The girl looks here and there without answering Krithika. Krithika sees her face is having a lot of injuries and her messed hair.) Are you ok??

Girl: Please help me. (She asks with trembling voice. Krithika looks at her face properly and something strikes her.)

Krithika: Nancy!!?? (The girl looks at her shockingly. Krithika recalls seeing the pictures Arjun has sent her just now.) You are Nancy, right?? You are alive??

Girl: I will tell you everything but please take me from here or…. (Stops looking at somewhere.)

Krithika: Or what?? (She is about to turn following her gaze but her head has been hit by something hard and she falls unconscious.)



To be continued…..


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