Is there love in my life?? Episode – 12 (The wedding)

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 She was helplessly sitting In front of the mirror with no expressions…She never thought that the girl who was smart and independent will have to see this day! Angry on the god she was asking questions to him why he has done this to her first he snatched her mother and then when she wanted to make her own identity he brought this day to her she was quite but angry at the same time….not ready to step in the new life of marriage but destiny has planned something else

One girl who was helped anika for dressing up puts  veil on her face and dreams. both were covered with it
They make anika stand.

“Omg! My princess is looking beautiful now let go to the venue”deepak said with fak

They sat in car and left for venue

On other hand
Am I even ready for this marriage I don’t know will I be able to fulfil her expectations or not. I don’t know will I be able to complete her every wish of her not…….

“Bhaiya, can we leave now how much you will get ready….. lets leave now” rudra shouted from downstairs

“Bhabhi will like you shivay, don’t apply makeup in excitement.”om said giggling

He comes down they also left for the venue.

shivay gets out of the gets mesmerized seeing the arrangement done by the roys at the venue

“welcome! welcome!”Deepak welcomes them

” hello mr deepak! Where is Mahesh Roy?”jhanvi said

“He is not well a actually” he said

“So he’ll not come even in her daughter’s wedding”pinky said shockingly

“He wanted…… but doctor strictly prohibited to go anywhere out, only bed rest!”deepak said with nervous laughter

“come i’ll take you to the room till the wedding starts”he said as he take them to the room where anika was sitting

“Omg! Anika Is looking beautiful but why did she took a veil”pinky exclaimed

“Our family pandit have told us to do so”deepak said

“Oh… But atleast I can see her face”pinky convince

“Arrey what’s the need, after marriage she’ll be all your bahu then see  how much you wanted to”deepak said wierdly

pinky makes a wierd face and replied

“Not daughter in law
, she’ll be my daughter”

shivay sits in mandap anika too comes there

Shivay sees his bride

“Why did she took such long veil now i’ll again be not be able to see her till the wedding gets over”he whispered but he didn’t know his bride is crying vigoursly  inside the veil

All family members gather around

Shivay and Anika sits in the mandap

Mangalam bhagwan vishnu Mangalam karnukdwjha mangalm kundli kashyap manglaye tanno hari×2

Shivika stands and exchange garlands they sit again
Panditji chants mantra
Shivay in between tries to search that is Anika
His pov
All I want to thank her once again

They stands for saath pheras hold their hands pinky done there gathbhandhan they take the pheras Mangalam continues to play

Shivay then fills her hair line with vermilion and ties mangal sutra around her neck
Anika wipes her tears.

Bidaai time
Anika hugs deepak
Deepak fake cries

Deepak’s POV and his plan
What do Anika think that I don’t know that she and shivay have always rift between then I know that very well!  Shivay will never accept her as his wife and then after they’ll get divorced Anika will have to suffer my main plan of making anika suffer will get completed!
POV ends
“Bye dear… Take care”he said

Anika arrives at OM
She gets a shock!! 440 watt ka jhatka !! as she understood looking at OM that she is married to shivay ,her eyes  were wide open she immideitly saw shivay who was standing next to her though she was not able to his face properly because of the veil but she uderstood that she is married to none other than his boss mr. shivay singh oberoi and didn’t know what’s gonna happen next but was pretty sure he too is gonna get shocked she didnt know the person who hates her and very and arrogant to her is gonna live with her forever what will he do after knowimg the truth!!

Anika was not wiilling to enter there but controlled her tears closed her eyes and entered

The family do Anikas griha pravesh

“Beta, you come and sit here….”dadi said lovingly

Anika sits on sofa jhanvi comes  and was going to pick Anika’ veil

Wait!! A was gains her attention

“Wait… Jebthaniji don’t see the bride ‘s face deepakji said that it will be a bad omen I don’t want to take the risk” pinky said

“What nonsense pinky the whole wedding was done hiding anika’ s face and now also we can’t see her face”jhanvi oppose

“No, I don’t want to take a chance…”pinky said

“Huh… Okk…”jhanvi said with a sigh

“Pinky, jhanvi you take the bride to her new room”dadi commands

Anika stands and they both take her

Shivay too follows them
when omru held him

“you are very eager bhaiyaa…..”rudra teased

“Oh god don’t start again!.. You guys”shivay said with a sigh

“I know shivay you are very tired but all your tiredness will vanish you’ll go up in the room”om teased

Omru did a hifi

Shivay makes an impossible look

The room the was decorated beautifully with flowers and candles anika silently stands there

shivay was about to enter his room when om and rudra arrived

“so what if priyanka was not present at your wedding we are here we’ll trouble you”omru laughed

“yaa, chalo now give us gifts otherwise we won’t let you go inside the room!”om said

“ohh yaa…..khanna bring their gifts ” shivay ordered khanna

khanna brings the gifts and gave them

“so bhaiya best of luck and enjoy!”rudra said

shivay gives an impossible look and went inside the room

omru too left giggling and laughing

shivay enters the room and saw his bride standing backfacing him

precap : revelations! lots of dhamka

what willl be shivay’s reaction when he’ll know anika roy and and anika trivedi are same?

next part i will post  soon DO NOT MISS IT!and thank you much guys for liking my story keep supporting it belated happy republic day to you all do comment and please hit the like and guys please do not miss the next part because from their the real story starts!

Loads of love

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