Is there love in my life?? Episode – 11 (shivika saves each other)

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Anika comes down where shivay was already standing all people chose there partners for couple dance the lights were dim and suddenly the light comes on them So shivika comes in center they had no other option other than dancing together shivay slightly puts his hand on Anika’s waist and Anika too puts her hand on shivay’ shoulder they both lock each other hands and so did their eyes got lock they were lost in each other

Shivay and Anika Complete thier dance they danced on raabta

“Where were you both “om asked

“I was upstairs just seeing OM” Anika replied with a nervous smile

“And I had some work… “shivay said not makings a eye contact with Om and rudra

“Ohhh….. Work” rudra teases

After sometime the party got over and Anika was standing out waiting for an auto.

“Should I drop you?!”shivay said

” No… I’ll go….. ” Anika said
Anika’s pov
If I will take him with me to my home he’ll know that I am Anika Roy…..

“No Anika I will drop you it’s okk…”shivay said as he holds anika’s eyes

“Okkk…”anika said as she looked down in shock

Shivay leaves her hand

They both sit in car Anika had some problem in fixing her seat belt so Shivay helped her they were so close to each other there was pin drop silence and finally Anika broke the silence

“It’s done sir”anika said

“What?” Shivay asked

“My seatbelt…. “Anika replied

“Oh! Yah… Shivay get back to his position “

Anika pov
Should I tell him that I am Anika Roy I don’t whether I’ll get a chance in future…..I don’t know ever I will get to see him or not…. Otherwise I’ll be on guilt forever not telling him the truth

Shivay I need to say something

“What…. Say…”shivay said

“Actually…. I am Anika r…. “Anika was about to say


Some goons shoots on car
They immediately got out of it

“Anika! Run I am sure veer sisodiya has sent them”shivay said

“Who’s he??”anika asked in tension

“I’ll explain you that later  now run!!” Shivay declared

Shivika turns back to run

“You’ll not be able to escape
Chalo bhailog pakdo inhe aur aajj kal badi chammakchallo k saath ghoomrha hai re tu shivay….. “

Some goons walk around anika checking her out
Anika give a death glare

“Shut up you idiot! Leave anika let her go!!”

“Aise kese bhai abhi toh mili bhi nhi hai…..”he said

Anika slaps the goon

“Areee.. How dare she?! Catch her”another goon said

Anika holds the collar of two goons together and start beating them.

One goon attacked with a stick on his head anika holds that stick and breaks it.

Shivay gets shocked seeing that avtar of anika

Another goon attacks on anika shivay saved anika from him and beaten him harshly
“No one can touch anika!!”Shivay shouted on top of his voice

Just then one goon pointed gun toward shivay
Anika comes running
“Shivayyy…..” She Shouted
And stands in front of him
shivay hugs and covers anika in order to save her also

Suddenly police jeep comes there
All goons immediately left the spot

“I hope you both are fine… We were just passing by and saw you in trouble”inspector said

“Thank god inspector you are here” Shivay replied

“Sir don’t worry we’ll drop you home safely”he offered him

“No it’s okk I’ll go by my own but please drop anika to her house” Shivay replied smilingly

“Okk sir”inspector replies

“Thank you soo much anika for saving from that goons”shivay said

“Thanks to you also you too saved me from those goons”anika replied

Anika starts leaving with inspector when shivay called her name

“Anika… Do come in my wedding” he said sadly

Anika smiled in reply a tear escaped from her eyes but she didn’t know why it happened

Anika gets back to her home
And to her shock his dad was trapped by deepak roy

“Anika… I don’t believe in you and your dad after tomorrow  your is there till your wedding is not done he’ll never In my watch”deepak said

“No… I will not marry without my dad’s presence” She said

“Don’t act like a small girl I’ll do your kanyadan dear… After all you are like daughter” He said

Anika runs to her room in anger

At late night anika was sitting with no expression on her face…
And remembering old conversation with his dad
When she was just ten.
“Dad.. Why girls have to leave their home after wedding”

“Because it’s rule and we do kanyadan so the girls responsibility is of his husband now”

“No… Dad in marriage you’ll not do my kanyadan because I am not a table or chair that you can donate me….”

“Its not like that beta you are taking it wrong”

“No.. Dad I don’t want to hear anything do as I say “

“Okk… You make your own identity” He laughed
And anika smiled
Flashback ends

A tear escaped from anika eyes she immediately wiped it.
“No.. I can’t marry a stranger I have not even met him once how can i marry that person
I won’t so that…. I don’t even  know which house am I going to”

Shivay in his room.
“I wish I wasn’t forced to do this  marriage from bade papa I  didn’t even met her once how will we adjust I am gonna marry a stranger can’t believe”

Next morning
Oberoi mansion
“Tomorrow is the wedding and still many things are left… quick you people!!”pinoy ordered all servants

“Shivay which sherwani you will wear this or this one pinky said as she puts some sherwani on shivay
Shivay was least Interested and was busy in his phone…”

On other hands many lenghas and Jewelries were kept in front of anika but she was not interested choosing any thing from there.

Will shivay and anika get to know about their wedding?
Will this wedding happen??

Precap – The wedding!

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