Naagin Season 3 21st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikrant kills Naagrani Maa hidingly, Bela swears to kill Mahir

Naagin Season 3 21st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aghori Baba telling Bela that her mum is alive. Bela says she died infront of me and asks why didn’t you tell me that she is alive. Mahir suspects Yuvi and comes to his room to check. Aghori baba says I don’t have time to tell you all, you have to go and save your mum, her life is in trouble. Yuvi/Vikrant runs out of house and leaves. Mahir sees him going and thinks why did he go to jungle. Bela becomes Snake and goes to jungle. Yuvi takes out gun from his pocket and he becomes Vikrant. Mahir follows him in other car. Vikrant thinks how you will get saved sasumaa. Mahir stops his car and thinks where is Yuvi? Bela’s mum is walking in jungle and takes heavy breaths, thinks the place is near where I am going to meet Ruhi. She asks God to help her. She hears someone following

her. Vikrant comes to the place where Naagrani maa is going to meet Bela. He thinks I won’t let that old lady meet Ruhi. Naagrani Maa is still running in the jungle. Vikrant looks for her and finds her in the jungle. Naagrani Maa’s condition is weak. Vikrant takes out his poisonous snake tongue from his mouth. When he comes near the tree, he finds her gone. He finds her saree cloth and thinks she is leaving proofs to meet her death. Mahir comes to the place and sees Yuvi’s car. He thinks don’t tell me that he came to do party with his friends.

Vikrant sees naagrani maa running holding the stick. Bela crawls in the jungle as a snake. Mahir sees gun in Yuvi’s car and takes the gun in his hand. Naagrani Maa comes near Yuvi’s car and falls down. Mahir comes infront of her holding gun. Naagrani Maa tells him that she knows him and asks him to trust her. Mahir asks do you know me? Naagrani Maa says I know you and asks him not to shoot at her. Bela comes there and sees Mahir there. Mahir asks Naagrani to look back and the bullet is shot and hits her. Bela shouts Maa. Mahir is shocked. Naagrani maa falls down from the cliff. Bela shouts Maa. Mahir says what happened? Bela says you have killed my Maa infront of me. Mahir calls ambulance. Bela tries to go down from the cliff. Mahir calls out Bela. Bela sees her mum’s (snake) dead body and cries. Mahir is coming there calling her and thinks what happened with my hand. He is still holding the gun and sees Vikrant hiding. He comes near him and sees Yuvi standing. Bela comes to Mahir and asks why did you shoot my mum. She says you have killed my mum and asks why did you shoot her? she cries badly. Yuvi/Vikrant acts innocent. Bela falls unconscious. Yuvi asks whom you shot her? Mahir says Bela’s mum. Yuvi says I am taking Bela home and asks him to stay away from her and us. He walks off smiling. Mahir feels bad.

At home, Bela gains consciousness and thinks why didn’t you tell me maa that you are alive, she cries. Vikrant comes there and closes the door. Bela says Maa was distressed and wanted to tell me something, but I couldn’t understand what she wants to say. She wanted to say that my loved ones will break my trust. She says I lost her. Vikrant acts. Bela apologizes to him and says you always warned me and asked me not to trust humans, but I didn’t trust you, I was blinded in love and couldn’t see his real face. She says Mahir must have done something to wipe the sign on his hand. She says I cried enough as these humans will cry and die. She says nobody is good and untrustable. Vikrant says I am feeling pain seeing you in pain. Bela says God did this so that I can understand their real faces and to strengthen my mission. She says she will kill everyone now itself. Vikrant asks her to calm down. Bela says my anger will calm down seeing their dead bodies. Vikrant says will you give them an easy death and asks her to kill them slowly after giving them pain. He asks her to have patience and says we will kill them together. Bela says not Mahir. Vikrant is shocked. Bela says I will kill Mahir and nobody can come between us. Vikrant says ok and says if this is your happiness, then its ok. He asks her to kill Mahir on dussera. Bela says ok. She says she will kill Ravan of her life on Dussera night. She asks him to get ready to die. Vikrant smirks.

Mahir is in shock and feels guilty. I was trying to tell you, don’t know how the bullet is shot. He cries and throws the gun. Just then he looks at the gun and finds all 6 bullets inside. He takes the gun and thinks I didn’t kill Bela’s mum. Vikrant comes to meet his mum and asks where are you? His mum comes in snake form. Vikrant says same thing happened as planned, and tells that he saw Mahir following him and that’s why kept the gun with my phone. He says I know Mahir will call me first after reaching jungle. I searched Naagrani Maa and found her. Later when Mahir called me, he heard the phone ringing in car and took the gun in his hand thinking Yuvi will do wrong. He says mahir did what I wanted and I enjoyed to make him katputli. His mum comes in human form. Vikrant says when Mahir took gun in his hand, I hid behind the trees and shot her when the time is right after Ruhi reaches there. He says old woman thought that Mahir will kill her, but I killed her. He says bela thinks Mahir is a murderer, but truth is that I have killed her. He says I know you don’t want me to call you Maa in open, but today I am very happy. His mum asks him not to call her Maa. He says once we get the Naagmani then will tell her that I did everything to get Naagmani. He says Ruhi will be proud of me and then I will make her naagrani. His mum suffocates him with her tail. Vikrant says I love Ruhi a lot and don’t want to lose her. He promises her that she won’t have any problems because of his love. She leaves him. Vikrant coughs and promises that he will do as she says. He asks her to accept that he loves Ruhi and can’t lose her. He says if Naagrani Ruhi kills Mahir on the occasion of Dussera then….He says Mahir will die as Naagrani will never break her promise.

Sumitra, Adi, Kuhu, RJ and Andy get ready to go to temple. Vikrant becomes Yuvi and comes there. He says he is in fabulous mood and asks them to ask anything. Sumitra asks why is he happy? Yuvi says today he will die. Andy asks whom? Yuvi says Ravan and says evil will win from good. Andy corrects him. Vikrant asks Andy to go and change. He asks RJ to make Kuhu wear bangles. Sumitra says she is happy in kids’ happiness. Adi says even Poulomi Maa says that dad is happy with her more. Sumitra’s smile vanishes. Mahir comes home. Sumitra asks him to go and change. Andy asks Mahir to sign on the papers. Mahir asks him to give him sometime. Andy says my business shall not suffer because of you. He makes Mahir sign all the papers and goes to side. He turns out to be Vikrant and he looks at the divorce papers. Kuhu and RJ come there. Andy comes down the stairs and asks why Mahir is looking tensed. RJ says don’t know. Bela gets ready for the dussera festival and thinks of her mum’s death. Vikrant comes to her room and says you are looking as devi. He says today no rakshas will be saved and says they are going to temple, you will get many chances to kill Mahir. He assures that he will be with her as a friend and holds her hand. Bela holds his hand. Vikrant asks her to take her time and get ready. Bela says Ravan won’t be saved today.

Mahir is standing outside his room and is about to knock on the door, when Bela comes out and looks angrily at him. Mahir asks can we talk? Yuvi comes out and says baby your phone was inside. Mahir says please. Bela looks at him angrily. Sumitra calls Mahir, bela, Yuvi to come downstairs. Bela walks off angrily. Sumitra tells Andy that they will come back home after puja and ravan dahan and will make Mahir, bela and Yuvi sit and talk to them.

Yuvi asks Mahir not to traumatize Bela coming infront of her. Mahir says you are Bela’s life biggest trauma and says you left her in mandap and came back again in our life and troubling and hurting her. Yuvi asks who has killed her mum, its you so you are biggest trauma of her life, not me, keep that in mind. He walks off. Mahir looks on helpless.

Everyone reach the temple. Yuvi looks at Bela. Pandit ji asks them to come forward. Sumitra asks Andy to do aarti. Adi says shall I call Poulo. Andy says no need, I will do aarti with Sumi. Mahir takes the aarti. Bela is about to go. Yuvi asks her not to kill him now. Sumitra asks Bela to hold his hand and do aarti. Vikrant thinks today I am very happy to see hatred for Mahir, he has betrayed you, so he needs to be burnt.

Mahir is about to shoot arrow to hit Raavan. Bela tells Vikrant/Yuvi that she will kill him. Mahir shoots fire arrow at Raavan. Bela looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i swear this was one of the most stupid episode. scenes after scenes were stupid. the one where Mahir ‘shot’ naagrani ma. Who the hell holds gun like that? Bela’s mother threw down the stick and was continuously telling Mahir drop down the gun, dont shoot me. But Mahir was just standing stupidly still pointing the gun at her. He didnt say anything reassuring like i wont shoot you, relax. No, he kept pointing the gun at her despite seeing how scared she was. Then Vikrant shot from behind and Mahir didnt even realise that he hasnt pressed the trigger…. Then he called ambulance but what happened to the ambulance was not shown. They obviously wouldnt find a body, but did they find the dead snake? or had bela hidden the body? The writers didnt show this… but later when Mahir came back and wanted to talk to Bela, to waste time, they showed Bela walking in slow motion away from Mahir, then Vikrant smirks and walks away from Mahir, again in slow motion. If they wanted to drag and show ravan dahan till next epi, they could have shown what happened to naagrani ma’s body instead of slow-mo walks…. The only way this can be made okay if next epi it is shown Naagrani ma somehow got save, told Bela everything (skipped to misguide the viewers) and now Bela is acting to be angry at Mahir but she wants to kill Vikrant instead. also, Mahir came back but didnt mention to anyone that Bela’s mom just died and they should talk about it instead of going to puja… the daughter-in-laws mother is killed, and Mahir doesnt think its weird that Bela is just ready for another occasion? Seriously, If Bela is serious about killing Mahir, then this whole show cannot be saved. How stupid Bela can be, not even trying to find out what happened to Vish suddenly. And Mahir should learn to speak instead of staring and giving pained expressions!
    on another note, i feel today some hint was given that Sumitra is Vikrant’s mother. When Vikrant got happy, he let it slip infront of the family that someone will get killed today. Then he went to Sumitra and –
    vikrant: Mom, please dont get upset today
    sumitra: when am i upset with you?
    vikrant: yeah, yeah, of course…
    it will also explain why Sumitra is always pushing Bela and Mahir to be together. Because she doesnt want Bela to end up with Vikrant. But i dont understand how sumitra can be still be naagin while bearing a human’s child?
    Also, Vikrant said that when Mahir dies the protections around naagmani will weaken and they will be able to steal it. Makes me think it was their plan all along to get Mahir killed by Bela. but what connection does Mahir have with naagmani’s protections??? Maybe they will finally give some solid backstory to Mahir.

    1. Mahir is very good at heart and innocent.. so if naagrani kills any innocent person ,she will lose the powers and also naagamani..

      They are trying to make Bela kill mahir to get naagamani

    2. Mahir is innocent and killing an innocent is not allowed to a naagrani..
      also when there will be no nagrani cause she killed an innocent then the protection around nagmani will be weaken..that’s what he said to vish…but they Change plot every week..
      for an example when Anu was killed we saw a girl wearing a shirt and a geans in Shadows killed her…but Saturday it was shown to be Vikrants mom who was wearing a Sari….
      on the day when anu was killed vikrant said he has no idea who killed her… he asked that blue naag and that naag or naagin refused too..but all of a sudden the changed the plot and said vikrants mom killed her..with him..
      and yeah vikrants mom does want behir to get separated.. other wise she would have never killed anu

      1. Lokesh

        Correct points marked by u, u r a gud observer, sometimes I feel ,if he asked to her mother , whether u killed Anu , then must be someone else from Vikrant family was wid him to kill Anu, and that must be kuhu a Naagin, and they must adopted mahir ,and Andy must not be knowing it. They will give a story of maahir too, and where is poulomi, no humour without her.

  2. Btw where has poulomi, her son and daughter in law vanished? Poulomi used to come to all of the functions in this family… also i wonder since when Adi has sided with Vikrant/Vikrant’s mother? Because it was Adi originally who shot at Vikrant and it makes me think if that was part of the plan too. It would be too coincidental that the same family where Sumitra stays found Vikrant and Ruhi that night and then fake murdered Vikrant which started the whole thing.
    Is Vish really dead? Ajitabh is also dead. And no one in the family is going to inquire about Anu’s murder investigation. How is no one in the police concerned that the Acp investigating all these unusual things has suddenly vanished? This show has so much potential if the writers would stop concentrating on just making Bela and Mahir fight. Once this Bela’s mom murder misunderstanding ends, Vikrant will show to Bela that Mahir has signed divorce papers creating further problems. uff!

    1. Hi Dhara, Pavithra the one who is playing Poulomi is having some personal problems so she is not shooting and also the girl who is playing as daughter in law got a role to play in kasuati 2 as Prerna sister,,, Adhvik who played as Ajitabh left the show as he got movie chances…
      All 3 might come back but might take some time…

      1. hey Sathya, thank you for telling me all this. The actors are leaving the show for various reasons, but the story of naagin is suffering. I really loved Ajitabh’s character, but the actor left for a movie role then what can i say 🙁

      2. Lokesh

        Puolomi’ s son Pratham just blessed with a baby in real, so he is at his home town wid real family.

  3. I know it’s worst episode amongest we have ever seen, let’s hope for the best, like bela knew about vikrant’s real face, and she promised that she will kill ravan of her life but didn’t say mahir, please no more misunderstandings betn behir

  4. So much misunderstanding. Not liking the episodes.

  5. i think bela already knew vikrant the culprit.she always pretending n be nice to her enemy like she willing to marry shaan but actually trap him n kill him herself.thats why Bela says I will kill Mahir and nobody can come between us.she doesnt want vikrant interfere because she want to save the precap she looks at yuvi with hate n anger. n i think Mahir also suspect yuvi truth.juz my opinion…but cant wait for next episode…excited..

  6. How innocent maahir was?…..itzz soo bad seeing mahir like This….a doubt hai mujhe….y should not he told that Bela’s mom killed ….cozz he gives more importance to family relations although

  7. Why is no one especially mahir surprised that bela has mother all of a sudden? And why is bela always so helpless although being naagrani? The story of Naagin 3 is degrading with every episode.

    1. Trj

      Hi. I’m new here😅😅

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