Papa By Chance 20th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Genie frames Amrit

Papa By Chance 20th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhoni missing his mum. He says Yuvaan can make us talk to them. Gungun says but just Yuvaan can call them. Ullu says I have an idea, by which you can talk to mumma. Yuvaan and Genie are at jewelry store. She asks Yuvaan to buy something for himself. He says this isn’t my style. She says I will pay for your choice, its a gift from my side. Dhoni writes the letter on kite and flies off the kite to send message for his mum. Gungun and Ullu smile seeing him. Dhoni wants the kite to reach his mum. Amrit thinks of meeting Yuvaan.

Genie asks Yuvaan to try the white gold watch. She goes to answer call. Yuvaan tries the watch. Amrit comes to the jeweler’s store. Yuvaan gets a ring for Genie. Amrit holds him. Yuvaan holds her hand and makes her wear the ring, without seeing

her face. He then sees her. He tries to get the stuck ring out. The man teases them, and says this means the ring is for this girl. Yuvaan asks him to stop nonsense. Amrit asks will you cut my finger for a ring. Yuvaan says get the ring out soon. He worries for Amrit.

Genie comes and sees them. Genie and Amrit argue. Yuvaan says I m trying to get the ring out. Genie says it won’t come out with love. She pulls the ring and hurts Amrit. Genie wears the ring. She sees Yuvaan’s watch there. She thinks to trap Amrit. She puts the watch in Amrit’s purse.

Genie says this girl has a problem with us. Amrit asks her to stop it. Genie says Amrit is my childhood, she used to dislike me a lot. Yuvaan says Amrit is not such. Amrit asks him to listen to her. Genie says drop me to classes. Yuvaan asks for his watch. Genie asks manager to find the watch. Dhoni tries to fly the kite. He meets the saint and gets guidance. The saint says I will talk to your Lord, I have to enter your house. Dhoni takes him home. Saint asks for water. Dhoni goes. Saint sees the big house. Genie suspects Amrit. Yuvaan says she can never do this. Genie gets her bad checked. Yuvaan gets his watch. Amrit gets shocked. Amrit and Genie argue. Yuvaan says relax, you both started fighting, I have joked and put the watch in her bag. Genie thinks Yuvaan is ruining my plan.

He sends Genie and scolds Amrit for falling so low to blame Genia. Amrit defends herself. He says you don’t like Genie as she likes me, she helped the kids as well, you also need to chill in life. He leaves with Genie. Amrit worries.

Saint fools Dhoni. She steals things and ties Dhoni. Dhoni runs upstairs to his siblings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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