Part 100 (C) Mehrya My version

Part 100 (C) 22/10/2018
Early morning Shaurya and Mehak went for their usual jogging which always contains some humor, leg pulling and Mehak’s showing her cute antics. They returned to their chalet to freshen up and gets ready. Shaurya wore his business formal wear in dark grey paired with maroon tie. Mehak adjusted his tie. She was wearing dark blue long flowing dress type tunic top paired with a cigarette cut pants. She covered herself with a shawl as it’s kind of cold too. Both went to have breakfast and before he leaves Mehak wished him all the best as it’s the finale shooting. He kissed her forehead and asked her to enjoy well as night she will have to join him for the gala dinner. She continued reading her feedback received in her channels and time went by as she update her new post with the video taken around the trekking and waterfall. She posted only the nature related post omitting all with hers and Shaurya’s as she knows Shaurya don’t like to post all their personal photographs in social media. Then she was quietly staring at a photo taken where he was making a cheeky face near the falls yesterday.
Mr & Mrs Bhatt coming into the café and saw Mehak on another table they approached her she quickly gets up to greet them and asked them to sit down. They sat together and ordered some freshly made masala chai and had some pastries together chit chatting about the show coming to an end and today they will announce the Cooking star. As they were chit chatting Mr Bhatt’s mobile ringed and interrupted their conversation, it was from the crew member who went to Mangalore Airport to pick up the famous blogger for the finale, their car broke down on their way and driver was not able to fix it on time. Mr Bhatt perplexed and asked whtr he can get a lift from any vehicle passing by that area because in a short while the guest celebrity need to make their appearance to judge the food, or else their effort taken for the past 4 months will be wasted. Crew member said he will try but he don’t know what can be done, Mr Bhatt said he will arrange a rental car from the resort to their location in the meantime. He hung up the call but it was obvious that his face expression didn’t seems to be good. He is much tensed about the guest celebrity who were supposed to fly in a day earlier but due to circumstances he only can make it on the next day and now even with a rental car to fetch him from their location they cannot make it on time. Its only last 1 hour and he need to make a decision now. Mrs Bhatt were calming him and Mehak also said some calming words for him. She keep saying there must a way, and can be solved, she was wondering what will Shaurya and the fellow judges reaction knowing the last minute incident and how the show will end it good note too as its Shaurya’s wish for this contest. Mrs Bhatt exclaimed I have an idea, Mehak for this I have to ask you a favor please beta don’t say no, to me, Mehak was unclear as what Mrs Bhatt is saying and said what favor aunty please let me know, if I can do I will do them. Mrs Bhatt sit next to Mehak and slowly said, beta you also have participated in cooking competition and was the 1st runner up. Yes auntieji, you also manage restaurant’s at Delhi and also a renowned chef and now growing food blogger with your own channel in YouTube. You have recipe book as well. Besides that you are Mrs Shaurya Khanna, the famous celebrity chef’s wife. So you are the most suitable person now to become the celebrity judge now to judge their food she laid her point. Mehak was speechless hearing out Mrs Bhatt and now Mr Bhatt also sat next to her, yes beta she is right at this point only you can help us by saving the show’s name and fame. We are running out of time and please beta say yes to us. Both the elderly pleaded Mehak don’t know what to say she keep pacifying them not to say like that as she is not talented as Shaurya or others she is still learning and how if she made a wrong decision and what will happen etc. She is a vegetarian and she only knows well about desi meals all the western dishes she have no much knowledge even though Shaurya has coached her but she is only comfortable in her own territory. Mr Bhatt assured her all will be fine and they will be with her so nothing will go wrong. Then her thought went to Shaurya, she asked how about Shaurya, I am afraid what is his reaction will be. Mr Bhatt said he will be fine beta, we will talk to him later, and you don’t worry in fact he will be surprised in good way and he is going to love it, I assure you that. Mehak was still anxious about Shaurya, she was biting her nails and saying uncleji auntieji you both don’t know about Shaurya’s anger. If he gets mad that’s it, he will blow up. Shall we ask him first she said? Mrs Bhatt wrapped her hand around her shoulder and said, Shaurya won’t say anything he will be happy trust us, we don’t simply want to make this decision but its needed to be done now. Rest we assure you it will be fine and this will be a hit too.
The trio walked slowly inside the resort heading to the venue where the cooking competition is going on. Mehak’s tummy was having summersault as she have only been a cooking show participant not a judge and this is a huge responsibilities. They reached behind the stage. The crew members were panic as they also get the news the blogger couldn’t make it and the time will end in 45minutes for this round. Mr Bhatt signaled the makeup assistant to touch up some powder and fix Mehak’s hair Mrs Bhatt was telling Mehak beta all will be fine don’t worry we all are here, we will help you. Mehak stays calm and told herself you can do it Mehak stay focused. We have seen even worst situation, now this is small issue stay calm. The host for the event made announcement that the guest blogger for this finale will be a surprise to someone here. She has started her new cooking channel in YouTube, runs her own food truck and manages a high end restaurant and also the 1st runner up of India Super Cook held in Delhi, presenting Mrs Mehak Shaurya Khanna. Shaurya who was busy with other judges didn’t pay attention the host announcement earlier but till when he said 1st runner up of India Super Cook his mind caught and before he could react the host announced Mehak’s name and she was walking slowly making her entry into the stage. His lips sprouted his signature smile and he gets up and walks to her and welcomed her with a side hug as he kissed her temple. What a surprise Mrs Khanna he whispered between her hair she blushed as she heard clapping sound and some where whistling at them. He held her fingers gently bring her to the judge’s stand. Mrs Bhavna and Mr Venkatesh greeted Mehak. By then a message has been sent to both of them by the crew so they know why Mehak is here. Mrs Bhavna side hugged Mehak and slowly said don’t worry all will be fine we will help you. Looking at the contestants they were pretty shocked that Shaurya is married and Mehak was the girl they saw when he was jogging or he was spending time at the restaurant. Shaurya loudly announced an additional 5 minutes will be given in for now. Mr Venkatesh suggested that Mehak should go and visit each contestant counter and observe their method and their dishes as well. Shaurya agreed and all 4 judges move to the contestant’s counter. Mehak asked the first contestant for the name and asked about the dishes they are preparing what is the method used and ingredients etc. Then she made some notes as she move to others as well to get to know about their dishes, Later they proceeded back to the judge’s stand and sat there , Mehak sat next to Mrs Bhavna and Shaurya sent her a message don’t worry all will be okay , she replied with an finger crossed emoji and continued to chit chat with Mrs Bhavna and Mr Venkatesh to gather more knowledge about the contestants although she have watched all episodes of Bangalore Cooking Star and she pretty much knows about some of the contestant’s background but seeing in real facing them live like this was totally different experience. The additional 5 minutes time count down starts as they ask all to dish out and start to arrange the food in the serving plate.
Soon they press the buzzer to ask them to stop working to indicate time has ended. Contestants stopped working and they were called randomly to bring their meals to the judge’s stand. Mehak asked question to them on the dishes and whichever non vegetarian dishes she just used her smell sensory from there she comments and tell them the spices they added in the dish. Judges and fellow contestants equally amazed how she can knows all the ingredients maybe 90% of them added in the dish without being there. Shaurya was feeling sense of proud as his other half was there sharing the stage today. After each and every contestant leave from the stand they will note down the points individually in the score card. One or two participant’s dish were had burnt smell as they cook in high flame which cause the base ingredient to overcook, so Mehak told them you have to be careful with flame control while preparing dishes as when in hurry and high flame it can ruin the dish nevertheless is a good try. One of the participant dish had a uncooked as temperature were not set on the right level to cook the vegetable pilau rice dish the rice grains were only 70% percent cooked and the aroma of the spices didn’t absorb into the dish. All the score cards were recorded and passed to the host for result calculations. The host announced that’s all for now, the result will be announced during the gala dinner. The cameras were turned off and the crew immediately gets into work to clear the area.
While the contestants anxiously gathered around the judges to thank them and to take selfie with them. Most of them crowded around Mehak to ask questions about she and Shaurya how they started to fall in love, is it Shaurya who proposed first, they were so eager to know about their love story. Mehak only able to blush hearing it and smile at them it between looking at Shaurya who was busy giving instruction to the crew for the evening dinner. He gives his signature grin which only she understand the meaning. His each facial expression, his behavior, his smirks, his gesture will be clueless to others but it’s a sign to her and she very well know how to decipher them. Later Mr & Mrs Bhatt also join them and excused all the contestants to have their meals and rest well as tonight is going to be a big night. Mrs Bhatt side hugged Mehak and thanked her as because of her the show ended well. Mehak said you are elder than me don’t thank me, but it’s an opportunity for me too. From being only a participant now I am promoted for being a judge. Mrs Bhavna and Mr Venkatesh joined them and said yes and we need to celebrate them tonight. Let’s go for lunch now and rest well later. Shaurya walked towards them and joined their conversation. Mr & Mrs Bhatt told Shaurya, hope you don’t mind we have to involve Mehak in this Shaurya, the blogger couldn’t make it on time as his car was faulty on the way and we need to find a solution and we were with Mehak in the cafe when receive the call from crew so it was Mrs Bhatt idea for making Mehak into the guest judge for this round. Shaurya shakes his head off and said absolutely I am fine with this. I have no problem for Mehak being the guest judge. It was very right to do then. They all moved from the venue for the private area for lunch while Mehak walking with Mrs Bhavna she gets a call and excused Mehak asked her to carry on and she will go first, but a hand suddenly pulled her behind a pillar and caged her closely her eyes grows wide with the sudden move, her heart raced against his proximity as he looked intently at her. She looked at him and raised her eyebrows asking what, he only smiled combing her hair as the wind blows them. She pouted at him and slowly asked are you going to talk or stare at me all day long, or else let me go I am hungry now she said and pushing him. But he came even closer to her and said, well today your surprise entry in my show as a guest judge is going to be a hit trust me Mrs Khanna. You were doing a fabulous job there, I was totally amazed, my Paranthe Wale Gali biwi who runs away when sees camera and not used to be with strangers crowd today managed all well I am very proud husband today. Mehak blushed hearing his praise and naughtily said well my boyfriend helped me to overcome all my fear so I am not scared of anyone now, are you sure he asked in his husky voice you are not scared of anyone. Mehak felt the dominance in his voice as his lips were coming to hers, his eyes closed coming closer to capture hers, she tactfully tricked him and pushed away and runs from him. She shows her tongue out and said you won’t get it easily boyfriend he looked at her antics and smiled widely and walks behind her to join the others at lunch.
During the lunch both sat down with all and Mrs Bhatt while eating telling them how they have to convince Mehak to be the guest judge all laughed and Mrs Bhatt said to Shaurya but I have to tell you she was saying must ask you first whtr you are okay or not or else your mood will be off. Shaurya’s eyes went to meet Mehak she lowered her gaze. Mrs Bhatt your idea was fabulous I am very happy with your surprise entry by Mehak in the show he replied her. They continued their lunch and Shaurya asked Mehak to go back to chalet as he will have some discussion on the gala dinner will see her there, he kissed her cheek and she went back to chalet, she lie down on the bed thinking how was her experience being a judge she wanted to tell someone and she immediately takes her mobile to call PD. PD greeted her and asked how is Shaurya, Mehak asked wellbeing of all at home. Mehak told her about being the guest celebrity judge at the final episode and she was thrilled, scared, PD’s mobile was in speaker and the entire Sharma’s was hearing her conversation. One by one asking her questions about her experience and she was patiently answering them. Later all wished her for the dinner event and hang up, Kanta chachi said beta send us pictures okay and Mehak said will send in short while. After she hang up she rested on the bed and closed her eyes and smiled thinking about her experience. She remembered something and started to type them in her IPad immediately. Shaurya returned back to chalet and sees her being busy. He whistled at her to gain her attention she only replied hi boyfriend. He took off his coat and leave it on the couch and went to see her what is keeping her busy. He rested on the bed next to her seeing her busy replying her comments received there. He naughtily are these replying comments are more important than me he asked, she just said wait baba one more and I am done. He grew impatient and grab the IPad from her hand started to see what she have posted. Her post all are seems like very professional ones no one will believe she just started this few days back. She upload many videos including the surrounding of Chikmagalur and each and every places she sees during her trip. Seems like every day she have been posting from their outing, hers with Mrs Bhatt and to their mini trekking adventure and also surrounding of the resort with their special spice and herbs gardens. He reads them and ask her questions and she showed him more pictures as well, they were chit chatting with teasing each other time passed just like that till Shaurya checks his watch is times up for him to get ready for the dinner. He gets up from the bed to get showered. In the meantime Mehak made his coffee and started to prepare his clothes for dinner. He opted for black velvet type suit with crisp white shirt donned with bow. She prepared all and he came out from the shower, she pass his coffee to him and took the towel to wipe his hair gently. He like it when he was being pampered by her. He looked at her and ask her to get ready as well. She kissed his cheek and said she will joined him at the resort and ask him to go ahead first as he needs to overlook in the preparations. He said okay and gets ready for the dinner. Mehak was still in shower when he leave the chalet.
Mehak came out from the bathroom and check in the wardrobe what to wear, she have a long anarkali dress in black and pink works. As she was checking her wardrobe her eyes caught something, it was the saree that Shaurya gifted her for Valentine’s day which she refuse to open she bring them all the way from Delhi to Bangalore and here to Chikmagalur. She opened the gift back it was elegant black net and gold work type saree with gold blouse. She check the saree on herself in front of the mirror and she decided to wear this and surprise Shaurya at the gala dinner, she was singing to herself as she gets ready, She set her long hair into wavy at the end. Wearing only minimal makeup and her eyes accentuated with the winged eye liner with a light pink base lipstick. She paired it up with a large chandbali earring which shined and moved left and right when Mehak moves. She checks herself in front of the mirror. She was thinking will Shaurya like it. Come let’s go and surprise him she told herself and leave from the chalet with her mobile in hand.
She reached the resort and the dinner ballroom. She was welcomed by Mr & Mrs Bhatt and others. She was looking for Shaurya at the ballroom there but he was not seen anywhere. Later the contestants came to her and starts to talk to her. After a while Shaurya came into the ballroom after briefing the crew he was wondering whtr Mehak came to there or not, he greeted the VIP’s and sponsors who presented during the dinner. As he move from one to one his gaze fell on something familiar. He can only see the back facing him, the clear smooth skin of the back he knows it’s his Mehak. He walk towards her with naughty smile. His mind and heart said in unison that should be your Mehak and her vibes pulls him towards her and he can’t make be wrong. As he reach them one of the contestant smiled and said Shaurya sir is here also, Mehak turned to face him and see his eyes was just right on her. He looked at her she look stunning in that saree, then he remembered he got her that for Valentine’s Day but that year Valentine’s Day was very unfortunate due to Mehak’s accident. He brush off his thoughts and side hugged and kissed her hair gently whispering she looks absolutely stunning like Goddess. The contestant’s aww at them. Later the host thanked all the participants for being there ,some of their family members also were there for giving moral support, sponsors for Bangalore Cooking Star , VIPs and the judges especially Shaurya Khanna who being away from his hometown Delhi and based in Bangalore for 4 months to make this show a successful one. He also mentioned Mehak Shaurya Khanna for being the celebrity guest for today episode and thanked her for her time. The host announced is time to celebrate and few bottles of champagne was brought in and all started to pull out the cork of the bottle as they tilt the bottle and let the fizz of the champagne pour out, Mehak was standing beside Shaurya as he opens one and all the VIP pour them champagne into the champagne coupe which were arranged into tower form, it started to bubble out and fill down to all the glasses till the bottom ones. Later the waiters started to serve all the guests with the champagne. The host announced, it’s time for speech from our very favorite judge, Mr Shaurya Khanna and his wife also the celebrity guest judge for the final week. Mehak looked at him as he walks towards her , he pass his champagne glass to the waiter and he forwarded his palm to her asking for her hand she looked at him with a smile and gently place her palm into his and he wrapped them with his warm fingers heading to the stage. At the stage, Shaurya thanked the Mr Bhatt and his team for inviting him to be judge in this show and continuous support from Mr Venkatesh and Mrs Bhavna and the rest of the team for being very supportive throughout the 4 months to making them feel home in new city. One of the media present asked Mr Khanna were you aware that your wife will be the celebrity judge in the final week? He replied confidently, no I didn’t know in fact none of us even my wife also didn’t know that she will be the judge for this final week. It was last minute arrangement by Mr & Mrs Bhatt. Another reporter asked, Mrs Khanna how do you feel to be in the position of being a celebrity judge, besides you did not have any much experience and you are new in this field. Mehak replied them she felt honored to be selected as the judge here and have the opportunity to share the same stage with her husband. She was thinking on how to continue her sentence Shaurya looked at her and asked may I? She looked at him and nodded, he replied them, and Mehak is 1st runner up of India Super Cook held in Delhi. Mehak is a self-taught person, she have the cooking genes inherited from her mother the late Mrs Meera Sharma. We have published a recipe book named From Meera to Mehak as well. Besides that even before marrying me, Meera was running her own food truck business, she is very creative and always think out of box to be successful and now she is managing my 5 star restaurant at New Delhi White Chilies. Dishes made there are all Mehak’s own recipes. She always busy creating new dishes and how to improvise current menu. Currently she is busy being food cum travel blogger too, do check out her channel in YouTube. I am very proud that she is my life support and my pillar of strength and also my first and last love. His declaration cause the entire ballroom echoed with hand clapping and some hooted hearing it. Mehak’s heart raced and automatically her cheek’s color rose. Once the clapping sound subsided the host came with the result envelopes and he invited all the other judges, Mr & Mrs Bhatt and sponsors to come on the stage. Host said tonight Mrs Mehak Khanna will announce the winners along with me. Mehak looked at Shaurya and he smiled giving his concern. She stands next to the host. Okay Mrs Khanna any words to the winners and the contestants for tonight. Mehak hold the microphone from the host and greeted all and said there was once a person very dear to me told me that grip on to your life’s steering and drive them in your direction and make your own decision in your life, I came from a small family and this word is the one which motivated for me to go further till this stage. It was none other than Shaurya who was my well-wisher at that time told me this courageous words and he the one who supported me she said as she looked at him. His eyes danced in excitement hearing her. Tonight whtr you win or lose it doesn’t matter, what matter most is you have come a very long way till this and continue to prove yourself for being yourself and unique. Maybe in this contest you didn’t win but I believe there is a big opportunity awaits you, so learn what mistake you made and continue to be innovative and be successful this is what I do, I sincerely hope that helps all the contestants she ends her speech. Shaurya was amazed at her as he sees her and joined others clapping hearing her inspirational words to all contestants. She is surely a surprise package all together tonight, her glowing beauty and now this inspiring words also her being truly humble herself. His face beamed with admiration to seeing her new found courage. He cherished this moment in their life. She started to peel the seal on the envelope as the host held the microphone for her, along with the host and the music at the background played, she asked any guesses who the 2nd runner is up. Mehak announced the 2nd runner up is MS Priyanka. The contestant walked to the stage she shakes hand with everyone as she receive her prize. The 1st runner up is Mr Dharmesh Rao. Mr Dharmesh came to the stage and received his prize too. Then the announcement for the winner of the Bangalore Cooking Star the drum roll out sound played while the rest of the contestants closed their eyes and silently prayed. Mehak announced the winner for Bangalore Cooking star is Mrs Anupama Bhatia. She was shocked and she slowly moved to the stage where they presented her with the mock cheque and her prizes along, host announced what was the point taken during the point calculations and how Mrs Anupama dish was selected as the winner. He also invited the rest of the contestants to the stage to receive their consolation gifts. Mehak move slowly to the center of stage where Shaurya was standing. He sees her and they along with the other judges presented the consolation prize to others. They thanked all for the participation. Confetti popped and decorated the stage with roaring clap sound. Host announced all to enjoy the dinner and all moved around the buffet to enjoy the array of delicious food, Mehak was busy talking to all guest who came to exchange greetings and wants to take selfie with her, they complimented her beauty and her simplicity although being a famous celebrity’s wife she is very humble self. She smiled and answers them patiently and it was all overwhelming for her too as being in such huge lime light after her own involvement in ISC. While she was busy with them her mobile beeped with a message, she looked at it and its from Shaurya who was standing quiet a distance away with others eating and message her, today you are rocking girlfriend, first this saree is making me crazy for you, then your inspiring speech has made me to fall over you again, I am impressed girlfriend. Mehak smiled at the message and lifted her eyes to see him he smiled at her and continued his conversation with others. She replied him well you should take the course from my naughty boyfriend who have guided me and this saree was his gift too. She winked at him and continued to talk to others. Then come another message which reads as s*x is like cooking, everyone can do it but only some people make it delicious, she almost choked seeing his message her face turned red, some asked if she okay she wiped her mouth with a napkin and looked at his direction. He was grinning sheepishly looking at her state, she didn’t reply him but she looked at other direction avoiding eye contact with him. But she looks at him through her eye corner and control herself not to blush. Mr & Mrs Bhatt announced its dance time and they asked all to join in. Some went to the dance floor, Mehak was still at her place sipping some water to cool off her redden face. A familiar cologne scent reached her nostril and before she could think of anything she turns and collided into Shaurya’s chest and he held by her waist. She panic at his scent and sudden warmth. He was bringing her slowly to the dance floor, she used her eyes to say NO but he is Shaurya the most adamant one, as the music played both danced as if no one watching them. They stared at each other lovingly as they sway. Mehak melted in his gaze, this gaze which sent her havoc in her system, her throat dried up as his fingers squeezed her waist discreetly. She lowered her gaze. The music ends and the host announced the dance floor is open and they continued the lavish affair with glorious food and endless supply of wine. Some contestants wants Shaurya’s autograph and he was busy signing his autograph for them. Mehak quietly wish the others good night and stealthily moved away from there to their chalet. She quickly unlock the door and lock it and held her chest to catch her breath and smiled caressing her cheek which is still warm with all antics of Shaurya’s at the function. She was mumbling to herself I am sure he will be caught with his fans giving autograph and taking selfie by then I can sleep, let him enjoy there, she went to the dressing table to unpin the saree. She heard a sudden noise and turned to see her chalet door knob being unlocked and it was opened and Shaurya entered in. She peeped from the dressing table and closed her eyes tightly and thought he is back so fast. He leave his coat on the couch and walks inside. Mehak didn’t move from the dressing table he was looking at her behind and saw her reflection on the mirror, she can sense his presence there but she ignored , he walked slowly to her , she quickly mock as if removing her big earring, he stand so close behind her back and his breath touched her skin, he helped her to remove the earrings as he bite her earlobe gently and she flinched as he worked his cheek at the softness of her neck slowly rubbing his lip from her shoulder to her hand removing the large bangle and the ring piece gently. Her saree pallu fell off from shoulder. Her eyes was still closed as he bring both her arms with his wrapped in front of her, he inhaled her scent deeply. In low tone he said, Mehak you are driving me insane, when I was buying this saree for you I was imagining many things but certain things happen and you didn’t even see them. Today when I see you with this saree and today you are being a role model for the other contestants your speech and all about you today has driven me enough crazy. Today I felt my Mehak has grown into a strong character and I love you more than anything he said with full of love and care. She slowly turn to see him she cupped his face she smilingly leaned in and placed trail of butterfly kisses on his cheeks as her electrifying breath hits against his lips he didn’t wait but fervently take over her lips and start to devour her she closed her eyes as she melted in his warm lips take over her whole body, her body pressed against his as he pulled her to him. One of his hand was on her bare waist and the other one behind her neck. She was clutching to his shirt. He let go her lips and joined his forehead with hers looking at her smiling her eyes was still closed as her chest heaved against his. She slowly opens her eyes to meet his, she slowly let go of clutch on his shirt and slowly proceeding to the bow she undo them and glide her hand slowly working on his shirt button, Shaurya was admiring her blush hued face. His other hand on her waist pull off the remaining 6yards material from her body leaving her only with her blouse and petticoat. He scooped her in his arms gently putting her there he undone his trousers and the chalet’s electricity went off leaving them in dark, Shaurya she uttered his name in fear he said wait and found some candles placed in the drawer he lights them up and keep them on the bedside table pulling the mosquito net down covering the bed as he climb on to the bed. The candle light’s illumination enhanced Mehak’s beauty, he could see her red hue visible on her cheeks as her eyes blinked two to three times as he held her hand and bring it to his lips kissing each and every fingers gently, causing goose bumps erupted in her. The chilled weather outside and the candle light set the room into a different mood and temperature. He placed her hand on his shoulder and move a bit closer to her laying her on the pillow and nuzzled her. Mehak’s body writhing when Shaurya nibbled her everywhere, their fingers inter twined he pull off the remaining clothes off her and she gasped as their bare skin collided. She moaned his name and dug her nails on his body as he hungrily kissed her as he entered and easing himself further deep in her. He was no more gentle on her the pleasure made her gasping and she was too distracted as his hands worked on her hardened peaks, he sucked them hungrily as he moved swiftly inside her. Tidal wave of sensation took over both as the made love all night and share moments as the Silver Star studded sky witness their lovemaking and sounds from the creaking trees and crackling leaves together with the night bird owl sound and cricket chirped in the night forest.

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  6. Nice yrr.. Hamesha ki tarh…. Try to upload aabmdk i miss that story so much… But but you made my day’s with your ff… I love mehrya my version… This is amazing story… I want you come on tv with your story 😃😅

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sapna thankyou dear for the feedback glad you like my update, aaww thank you for your wishes coming on tv all is such a big thing dear , Even big writers story dont come on tv as competition I am just mosquito here anyway tq so much

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