Naagarjun 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naagarjun 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini strangulates Yashoda’s neck and warns Arjun to apply sindhoor on her forehead, else she will kill his mother. Astika comes there and attacks Maskini. She falls down. Arjun runs and holds Yashoda. Astika holds Maskini with his super powers and asks Arjun to marry soon as Maskini wants to stop his marriage. Arjun sits in mantap with Noorie. Maskini provokes him to fight with her as she killed Amroli’s children. Arjun tries to get up, but Astika asks him to continue marriage. Yashoda also asks him to sit. Pandit ji starts chanting mantras. Maskini tries to walk towards Arjun. Astika stops her again and asks to continue marriage. Pandit asks Arjun and Noorie to perform pheras and asks Arjun to apply sindhoor on Noorie’s forehead. Arjun does same. Maskini warns Arjun that he made her enemy by not marrying her, she will take revenge from whole Amroli people. She dissappears. Panditji says mariage is complete nnow and they can take elder’s blessings. They both take Yashoda and Maheshwar’s blessings and then Astika’s. Astika tells Noorie that he told her truth will always win. Arjun reminisces insulting Astika, calls him pitaji/father and apologizes. Astika says I saw you always as Nagarjun and naglok’s heir, but forgot that he has human heart, so his reaction was obvious, he can stay here with his loving family, I will go take Shankchurn and Mohini back to naglok. Yashoda thanks him and Noorie asks him to stay here for some time. Astika says his family is not yet safe, so he has to go. He leaves. Arjun’s family relaxes.

Maskini wanders in Amroli and fumes seeing people peacefully sleeping and some playing. She creates a tornado. Astika on the other side searches Shankchurn and Mohini in jungle and thinks where did they go. He finds Maskini’s magical bangle on ground and realizes she took them.

Arjun enters his room and sees Noorie sitting on bed with veil on her head like a typical bride. He walks towards her and says she is shying like a bride and if he can remvove her veil. He senses someone near window and closes it. He then walks back and removes Noorie’s veil. Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai…song…plays in the background…Noorie holds his face and asks to look at her, she is only hers. He looks at her hand wounds ands says he wounds depict howmuch she struggled to reach here, he kisses her hand. Their romance starts.

In the morning, Arjun wakes up andd does not find Noorie next to her, searches her in washroom and then whole house, goes to kitchen and finds tap open. He closes it, then sees stove on. He calls Yashoda, aunt, etc., and don’t find anyone, thinks where everyone musst have gone. He goes to city next and findsd whole city empty, thinks if Maskini kidnapped them all.

Precap: Arjun finds Tina in her lab and opens door. Tina gets hanged. Arjun enters and looks shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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