Waaris 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Waaris 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jagan telling Raavi that he has sold Mannu, now Mannu can never come back, the man will take Mannu far away, then Mannu will not exist. He laughs. Raj tries to wake up Mannu. Raj gets a water bottle in the truck and puts water on Mannu. Mannu wakes up and says Raj. Raj asks him to be quiet and frees him. Mannu asks how did I come here. Raj says I have seen some men putting you in truck. Mannu sees the men and says they are kidnapping us, we have to leave from this truck. Raj asks how. Mannu says there is a way. He tells the plan to Raj.

Amrit worries for Raj. Raman says he went with Mannu, he will come soon. Harjeet says he is useless, don’t know how is he born in my house. Swaroop scolds him and says one day, Raj will make your name shine. Harjeet says what do you care, I have just Rohan in this house, he went to city to study, else he would have been with me, I m fine alone and will show you all your place soon. Mannu and Raj throw the drum down the truck. Driver stops the truck hearing the sound. Mannu and Raj get down the truck. Raj’s walking stick gets stuck. The man catches them. Raj says save us….. help. Simran waits for Raman and says maybe Raj reached home, where is Mannu. Raman comes to meet her. She asks about Raj, I told you something is wrong, where did Mannu go. He says don’t worry, they will be in pind, we will find them. He sees Raj’s walking stick there and worries.

Mannu and Raj are tied. The men are happy to get two kids by paying for one boy. Bebe asks where is Mannu. Simran says don’t know where is Mannu, Sukhi said Mannu left. Bebe worries and asks her to call police. She goes to Jagan and beats him with a stick, asking where is Mannu, what did you do, tell me. Jagan asks her to stop it and say what happened. She says Sukhi took Mannu, I know you have done this, Mannu did not come home. Jagan says why will I do this. Bebe says you are that animal who will not even leave your own kid. She scolds him. Jagan says you could not manage your Shah, whats my mistake. She says if anything happens to Mannu, I will not leave you. He asks her to go and find her Shah. She sees Sukhi and asks where is Mannu. Sukhi says I don’t know, Mannu left. Bebe leaves. Jagan smiles and says Mannu will not come back, find him Bebe.

The lady tells Amba that Charan loved you a lot, any woman will find herself lucky to get such a loving husband, he was dedicated to you. Amba recalls the old lady’s words. Amba says I will make a call, I did not leave Mannu alone at home. She calls home. Simran is trying to call police. Amba gets line busy. Her friend asks her to call home later and have tea. Mannu and Raj wake up at some place, where many kids are kept. They see the dangerous place. They ask the kids to open their hands. The kid ask who are you. Mannu says I m Mannu, he is my friend Raj. The kid goes to help them. Raj asks why are we here. The kid says we are trapped by Dumroo dayan. Mannu and Raj get freed and look around.

Mannu says someone is fooling, my Mama said there is nothing like daayan. Kid says the tiger of dayan eats the kid who says there is no dayan. Mannu starts laughing and asks how can this pic eat anyone. The kid says we have seen this tiger swallowing kid. Mannu says no, I can’t believe this. Dayan comes there. All kids get scared. Mannu looks on. Raj gets Mannu away. Dayan sees Mannu and Raj, and laughs.

Dayan says I have rules in this house, you have to obey it. Mannu says if anyone does not obey your rules then…. She hurts Mannu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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