Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu coming home in bedroom and he keeps the bag under the bed. Anita comes with bag and says what are you doing? Vibhu says nothing its wheat on there. Anita says oh yeah? And in this bag there is money. Vibhu says so you know. Anita says of course. Anita says how can you keep black money in the house and you are doing a crime. Vibhu says its happu singhs and tiwaris black money. Anita says what? Vibhu says its just business and prem can exchange this money and I will get some profit from it. anita says no way and you cant keep any money at home that too black and I don’t want any black money here. Vibhu says I am tired of my joblessness and I cant stay poor and I want money so I will do it. anita says please don’t do this and once a man falls into this situation he cant come out. Vibhu says I don’t care and do me a favor and don’t do a favor. Vibhu takes the bags and goes.
At home Tiwari says finally black money is out of my house and I will get all white money in return. Anguri says yes. Tiwari says at least I will get 35 lakhs in return of 50 lakhs. Anguri says vibhu will obviously take his fees. Tiwari says leave that. Saxena is in window and says I don’t like it. Tiwari shouts him and saxena goes.
There at night chacha ji comes and vibhu sees. He says you came and you should have called. Uncle says actually I know you are eyeing on my property so I decided to give you my property of india. Vibhu is happy and says yes. Uncle says so I will give you in cash and take this money. Uncle gives 15000rs in 100rs notes. Vibhu gets angry and says uncle you know for so many years I was behind you like a puppy and I asked for juts a small part of your property but no you are as bent as a needle and now when these notes have been banned you are giving me this? And you are selfish. Uncle tells auto to go fast and he goes as vibhu is angry.
At bank outside next morning, everyone is queue waiting for bank to open. Tika searches malkhan who is sleeping. He wakes him up and says I got the aadhar card and pan card. The bank opens. Tika and malkhan come as its their number. Manager comes and says so people come now. He sees tika and malkhan. Tika and malkhan give their pan card and aadhar card. Manager says is this your permanent address? Tika says no we don’t stay there now. Manager says why are you annoying me again? And go and bring the card of the address where you actually live otherwise take a letter from your old landlord that you used to live here. He sends tika and malkhan. They go.
There vibhu is talking with prem on phone. He tells him that the party is ready. Prem says okay nice and I will bring my money and lets meet in an hour. Vibhu goes to kitchen and tells anguri the notes will be exchanged today and its possible because of you. Anguri says oh its okay. Vibhu gives her vegetables and tells its for you as you don’t have change. Anguri says thanks. Vibhu goes.
At home vibhu is on phone and says yes I am buying 2 television sets, 2 AC’s and a fridge. He says yes bring it today I will give cash. Anita comes and says nothing will come at home that is bought from black money. Vibhu says please don’t do this and let me do my work and what bad will happen anyway? Tiwari comes and sits and says is the party here? Vibhu says it will be. Tiwari says hello anita. vibhu says shut up she is already angry. Happu comes too and says so it’s a good day today. He says can I get water or tea? Anita says nothing for criminals in my house. Happu sits. Anita goes in. happu says she is angry. Prem comes. He says is the party here? Vibhu says yes he is coming. Suddenly commissioner says I am here and he brings income tax officer. He is with saxena. Commissioner says saxena told me about your deal today and I will catch you all. Everyone is scared. Saxena says I like it. anguri comes and says did you get the notes exchange? Commissioner says no they are in trouble but I got the notes and see this. Anguri sees the new 2000rs note and says its beautiful. Commissioner sends constable and income tax officer in bedroom to take the black money bags. They bring the bags out and anita comes too. Commissioner says se how much money it is. Happu says oh man we are dead. Vibhu is scared and Tiwari too. There is no money and only clothes come out. Anita says actually there was going to be a deal but before that I surrendered the money in the bank. Commissioner says okay good move and that was nice. He says okay then I will go and come one. They go. Vibhu and Tiwari slap saxena. Saxena says I like it and goes. Anita says see what could have happened? Anita says take your money from the bathroom and I never submitted it in the bank and you will do it. go and surrender it in bank. Tiwari and happu say they have realized their mistake and they will do the correct thing now. Vibhu hugs anita. anita smiles. Prem goes.

Precap: Tika and malkhan come finally at bank at night and say we have all the documents now. Manager sees them and says you have all of it but the cash is over. Tika and malkhan see each other for some minutes and start crying.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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