Naagarjun 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Astika prays Mahadev for help. Noorie shouts in pain. Astika asks him to control her emotions. Noorie disappears. Astika shouts at Maskini how much she will torture an innocent, if she is so courageous, she should fight with him.

Maskini brings Noorie to Arjun’s home. Yashoda sees Noorie senseless on bed and asks what happened to her. Pari/Maskini says she is unwell, having fever and vomited, they should go to temple, she will take care of Noorie. Yashoda says without Arjun and Noorie, this pooja cannot happen. Maskini looks at Noorie and hypnotizes her. Noorie wakes up. Yashoda takes Noorie and Arjun to temple. Arjun tells Tina how can Noorie get so unwell, he needs to talk to her. He asks Noorie what happened to her. Maskini speaks she is fine. Noorie repeats same. Arjun looks at her finger and asks how did her wound heal. Maskini says with aunt’s medicine. Noorie repeats same. Arjun dorns engagement on Noorie’s finger. Maskini fumes and says this is her ring. Noorie repeats same. Arjun says yes, it is her and will be always her ring. Maskini stops. Tina comes and informs Arjun and Noorie that aunt is calling for havan pooja. They both walk in. Tina asks Maskini/Pari to come in. Pari says she will pray from outside itself. Tina thinks must be having her menses and says she understands and walks in.

Arjun and Noorie sit for pooja. Panditji walk with holy ganga jal. Maskini gets tensed that if gangajal falls on Noorie,, her hypnotism will vanish. She tries to enter, but holy powers stop her. Panditji sprinkles ganga jal on Noorie and she gets back to her senses and asks how did she come here. She tells Arjun that girl… Just then, Maskini shouts Arjun..Arjun. Arjun tries to get up. Tina asks him to sit and goes herself. Maskini gives her a pill and asks to give it to Noorie. Tina gives pill to Arjun. Noorie tries to speak, but Arjun forces Noorie to take pill. Noorie gets aphasicw with pill and thinks how to tell Arjun that Pari is Maskini. Maskini laughs and reminisces becoming Noorie.

Panditji prays good to protect Arjun and Noorie from all evils. Holy powers emerge from havan and get into a dog standing in front of Maskini. Dog starts barking at Maskini. Noorie thinks if she touches ganga jal, she will get power. She sees everyone busy in prayers and dips her hand in gangajal. Dog runs behind Maskini. Noorie gets back to her senses. Pandit ssays they will perform aarti now. They all perform aarti one by one. After aarti, Noorie tells Arjun that he needs to talk to him something important. He says speak. She says not here, behind temple. He says okay, you leave I will come. Arjun goes behind temple. Noorie hugs him and tells Pari is Maskini and she took her to her world where she saw Astika. She sees glowing eyes and stops. Arjun turns into Maskini and shouts how dare she is to betray her. She hypnotizes her again, calls Kaal bhairav and sends her back to maskini log. Arjun comes calling Noori. Maskini turns back to Noorie. Arjun asks why did she call him here. She says she does not want to perform yagna again as it created so much problems Arjun says that is all, she is important to him than yagna. She hugs him and smirks.

Arjun’s mehandi ceremony starts. A lady comes and asks Arjun to get mehandi now. Tina says mehandi will not work on him as he is half snake and half human, snake’s skin is oily and mehandi will not work. Aunt says that means Noorie does not love him. Arjun asks what. Tina says as per ritual, he will be applied mehandi and then Noorie, depending ing on Noorie’s mehandi color, they will judge how much he loves Noorie. Maskini hears that and thinks even she is nagin, mehandi will not work on her, she has to do something. Arjun is applied mehandi. Yashoda looks at Arjun’s mehandi and says within 10 min, it will color up. Maskini as Noorie comes and tries to dip finger into mehandi. Tina stops her and says this is not her mehandi, she has separate mehandi. Ladi draws design on Maskini’s hand on Maskini’s hand. Maskini thinks if color does not brigthen in 10 min, she will be caught.

Precap: Astika sees Kaal bhairav dropping Noorie back in Maskini world and leaving earth’s door open. He prays Mahadev to help him get justice to Noorie. Arjun looks at Maskini/Noorie’s hand and says he wants to see how dark her mehandi color is. He gets angry.

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