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Coming to the story:
Scene 1:
At Maheshwari Mansion:
Ragini’s POV: In one week I have recovered. But all these days Laksh didn’t speak to me properly.. I think he is again getting closer to Swara.. I should do something before I lose him.
Ragini- Laksh..
Laksh (wearing his watch)- Yes tell me..
Ragini- Why aren’t you speaking nice to me..
Laksh- Nice in sense?
Ragini- Like you used to speak to me when we were friends..
Laksh- I’m the same Ragini..But it seems like you are expecting more from me..
Ragini- Yes..I did that mistake before but wouldn’t be doing such mistake now..Please let’s be friends like before..
Laksh (smiles)- Okay!!
Ragini too smiles…

Scene 2:
At Maheshwari’s office:
Sanskar calls someone and says- Kavya..Come to my cabin!!
Kavya knocks on the door and says- May I come in Sir?
Kavya enters the room but Sanskar keeps thinking something seriously and keeps rolling the paper weight on the table..Noticing this Kavya interrupts after a little time.
Kavya- Sir you called me but?
Sanskar- I know I have called you Ms.Kavya Mehra..But seems like you don’t have patience.. (in a very serious tone)
Kavya- Sorry sir…
Sanskar- It’s ok…Tell me what work is Laksh Maheshwari handling right now?
Kavya- Sir he is handling Gupta’s project..
Sanskar- Okay..Give the presentation work of that project to Swara Bose..
Kavya- But Swara is a fresher..
Sanskar- Don’t you dare to question me..Do as I Say (serious tone)
Kavya gets scared and leaves from there…

Scene 3:
Laksh comes to his cabin and searches for some file but doesn’t find it.
He picks up the speaker of the landline and dials some number..
Laksh- Hello Kavya..Bring that quotation file!
Kavya- Ms.Swara is handling that file Sir…
Laksh(angrily)- Who gave her that project..She works for other project right!!
Kavya- Sanskar Sir has told me to give Gupta’s project work to Ms.Swara..I just followed his order sir..
Laksh (determined expression)- Okay!
He leaves the cabin.

Scene 4:
Laksh without knocking angrily enters Sanskar’s cabin..
Laksh-Sanskar..(angry tone)
Sanskar- Ha Laksh..
Laksh- Why are you interfering in my work?
Sanskar- I’m supervising all the work here..So I’ll do what is the best need for the company…
Laksh- Don’t lie..You are wantedly assigning Swara in my project so that I’ll suffer seeing her..
Sanskar(serious tone)- Mr.Laksh Maheshwari if you can’t behave professionally then leave this firm..Don’t mix your personal life with company’s work and benefits…
Laksh- I’ll prove to you that her existence doesn’t matter to me..
Saying so he leaves the place and Sanskar smiles mischievously.

Laksh pushes the door and a voice comes out- Ouchh!!
Laksh comes behind the door and witness Swara in pain…
Laksh- What are you doing here?
Swara- My pen fell down..
Laksh- What? (angrily)
Swara- I said my pen fell down and I’m searching it..
Laksh- Are you crazy? Your are not a small kid who cries for their pencil or pen..
Swara- Laksh your not understanding..Wo mera lucky pen hai…
Laksh (laughs)- But how did it fell down here?
Swara- I placed that quotation file on table and was moving out..My pen fell down and rolled to the back of the door..(makes a cute innocent face)
Laksh smiles..
During this conversation someone again pushes the door and Laksh gets pressed on to Swara in standing position..
They share a lovely eyelock..
The person who opened the door was Kavya but on not finding anyone on the chair right in front of the door, she thought Laksh isn’t in his room and left..
Laksh tries to move but again Kavya pushes the door to put some file on the table even though Laksh is absent.
This time Laksh head leans over Swara’s and his lips touch hers..This way a accidental kiss occurs between SwaLak..
Laksh imagination plays a song here:
Teri baahon mein mili
Aisi rahat si mujhe
Ho gayi jaane jahan
Teri aadat si mujhe
Dekhu mein jab tujh ko to
Tab mera din ye dhale

Deewana kar raha hai
Tera roop sunehra
Musalsal khal raha hai
Mujhko ab yeh sehra
Bata ab jaaye toh jaaye kahan

Kavya notices this after entering the room and Laksh’s trance is broken by her voice.
Kavya- Sir aap yaha?
Laksh(stumbles in words) – Swara was here..I didn’t notice her and you didn’t notice us..Door open close..Woo..
Kavya- Ok sir..I understood.. Ram sir told me to give this to you..I thought of placing it on the table but since you are here take it..
She passes the file to Laksh and leaves and Swara also leaves from there embarrassed.

No precap..Since I didn’t think anything further..

Credits: To all those loving this ff 😀

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