Udaan 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj telling about the love realization moment for him. Chakor looks at him puzzled. Music plays…….. they look at each other. Everyone clap. Director says wow, beautiful, we will take a small break now. Imli asks them to come for breakfast. Bhaiya ji asks Ranjana has run away seeing failure? Ranjana says no, I will not run, I was preparing to add fuel in fire. She shows some questions. He says its great and laughs. Ranjana says I just know to ignite fire. Suraj asks Chakor did you say truth or not. Chakor says it was truth, except the love story. He says coconut example was good, when did you see my soft heart. She says when you were with Imli. She asks about that moment. He reminds that Karwachauth moment. She says you liked me that day. He laughs and says no, I could not tell truth, that your nose, tooth and eyes are bad, and I got hand ache lifting you. Director looks on. Chakor stops shouting on Suraj.

Director says the husband and wife who share laugh spend life happily, sorry I came to take sweets. Chakor says sure, I will give it. She gives sweets to her. She goes. Ranjana goes to director and tells her to find spice and add it in the documentary. She gives the questions for help and says these questions will add spice. Director checks the questions. Ranjana smiles and asks her to ask this. Director says now next round will begin, it will be fun to open secrets, I have imp questions for you Chakor, come. Ranjana smiles.

Chakor and Suraj get shocked seeing their bedroom pic, where they are sleeping away. Vivaan and Imli also get shocked. Bhaiya ji smiles. Chakor asks how did you get this pic. Ranjana says we will see what Chakor answers now. Director asks why is loving couple sleeping away in bedroom, we want to know answer. Chakor worries. Suraj says as you know there is woman behind a man’s success, but in Chakor’s case, I m behind her success, she is very tired and I sometimes sleep on couch so that she gets her good sleep. Director says how romantic, you are so caring, this is called true love. Chakor, Vivaan and Imli smile.

Director asks Suraj about his affair with Imli, we heard Imli was pregnant with your child. They get shocked. Suraj says I will not answer these questions and leaves. Chakor goes and stops him. Chakor asks him not to run away but face this, Bhaiya ji wants our fight to come out infront of the world. Director goes to Suraj. Imli asks how did director get such cheap questions, we have to manage Chakor and Suraj, they can fight. Imli signs Chakor.

Chakor says Suraj, I know about your past and I don’t regret. She says I know everything, I did not like Suraj before, this was the reason, Suraj used to love Imli, they were together, but then they realized their ways are different, they got away, Imli got her true love Vivaan and I got Suraj. I accepted Suraj for goodness, I have seen how much Suraj respects Imli, I respect Suraj, I m lucky that Imli left Suraj, else how would I get Suraj, everyone has a past, past is not to remember, but to forget. Director says you know, I m glad to take your interview, else where do we find such husband and wife who give definition of love. Bhaiya ji gets angry and throws the stand. Chakor smiles.

Ragni covers up and keeps the lamp stand back. Director asks Suraj about his drinking habit. Vivaan says I think truth will come out, what will Chakor answer. Suraj says every man drinks, but my wife worries for me and stops me, I like drinking, I drink less. Chakor says you drink a lot. Suraj says see she started counting my bottles and glasses, if she stopped my drinking in room, I will go out and drink, she came here to stay, what will I do, any good man will be silent in such case. Bhaiya ji smiles and thinks they started fighting.

Chakor says good man is one who knows to respect wife and behave well infront of guests. He asks why is she staying with him. Chakor says you know why are we together…. Imli starts arguing with Vivaan to catch the director’s attention and show fights are normal between husband and wife. Vivaan asks Imli what is she saying. Imli says you always care for Chakor and have no time for me. Chakor, Suraj and everyone look on shocked.

Imli says I agree Chakor is famous and I m not famous, but it does not mean I have no importance. Vivaan asks what are you doing, its getting recorded in camera, what will people say. She says I don’t care, talk loudly if you have courage. He asks her to see camera. She gets gun and aims at the cameraman. They all get shocked.

She says its house matter, why do you want to show this to world, delete this recording. Chakor asks what are you doing, are you mad. Imli says don’t talk between us, I can’t bear this now. The cameraman deletes the recording. Bhaiya ji asks what is this drama. Imli says I m leaving, you ruined my life. Vivaan asks her to go, I can live without you. Imli leaves. Ranjana says leave Imli and Vivaan, focus on Chakor and Suraj, they are more imp.

Chakor says not now, I can’t give interview now, I want to see Imli. Director says fine, we will come any other day. Suraj says wait Chakor, we have to get Vivaan and Imli back, we have small family and their happiness is imp. I will come along to clear misunderstanding, come. They leave while holding hands. Director says they both love each other, their past don’t matter, their present and future are good, I m glad. Media leaves. Bhaiya ji looks on.

Chakor asks Suraj to save a man. She goes and beats the goon with a stick. Suraj looks on and saves Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Glad to see imli’s presence of mind n sacrificing nature. I hope vimli patch up quickly…

    1. It was just a drama which they did man

  2. Suraj was really looking like a prince.

  3. I loved today’s episode ??. All of the Sukor scenes, and all of their cute moments. It was just… I couldn’t put into words how incredible and adorable this episode was.

  4. Vimli are acting to show they every marriage has some prob and also to grab there attention and yeah suraj presence of mind is good he saves himself and chakor

  5. Nice episode and sukor scenes.But one thing how ranjana clicked the pic


    Episode was going good…
    but i did not understand why imli did this all of sudden???
    Can anyone ans plz??

    1. Just to divert medias attention from Sukor fight and show that small fights are normal in a happy family

  7. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cyqYu2qzjj4

    Vidya balan helps chakor to find evidence against kn

  8. Amazing episode

  9. Pls someone tell me which song was played when chakor and suraj looked at eachother bcoz i haven’t seen at part just come to know about it through telly updates plz tell

  10. Guys go amd vote for veejay(suraj) and meera(chakor) as best actors, sukor for best jodi ,udaan for best show and kn for best neg actor plsssss voteeee guys if u love udaan and sukor for INDIAN TELLY AWARDS this is the link

  11. I successfully vote it for Sukor n Udaan….

  12. wowww!!!…full of sukor scenesss….. sukor all of ur scenes wr too good… ohhh…more than that watt 2 say…. aaahhhhh… u both juz killed ittt!!!… Hey guyzzz…In Fri epi also I don’t undrstnd 1 thng…watt’s that coconut example???…can any 1 explain ittt??? plzzz……

  13. Neema when reporter asked Suraj how their love began at first and he answers by “breaking the coconut”…..????

  14. Earlier in the interview, chakor describes suraj as a coconut, he acts strong and tough outside, but has a inner soft heart. :Coconut example

  15. Hey… chakor describes suraj as a coconuttt!!!…which epi is that???? I’m not remembrng…guyzzz…anyways thankuuu… siaaaaa…. nd subiiiii…u guyzzz nicely explaind ittt… luv…u…guyzzz….

  16. Luv u too neema

  17. Guys a shocking news to u all !!!!!!!!
    When I was searching in TC about udaan I saw a new article it says that KN IS GOING TO MAKE SURAJ AS HIS BANDUA
    I was totally shocked how can a father make his own son a bandua?????
    And all TC articles upto which I have read are almost true.

    Ok honestly I was expecting it for chakor but totally the game is totally changed.

  18. Colors’ Udann (Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada) is on the verge of getting to yet another major high point which will leave the audience in tears.

    The ongoing track indicates yet another evil motive harboured by Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal) wherein he has kept a special mohur (stamp) in a hideout which is to be used for a special purpose.

    While the audience believes that the mohur might be for Chakor (Meera Deosthale), we hear that there will be a twist in the tale right here…

    A credible source tell us, “The channel and production are working out a major turnaround in story. Kamal will be on path to take his biggest revenge, and that might be to make his own son Sooraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) a bandhua.”


    Are Kamal’s intentions to make Sooraj a bandhua? Or it is an eye wash for Chakor?

    We tried calling Sai Ballal but could not reach to him.

  19. Hey…siaaa…is that true? Kn going 2 make suraj a bandhua??? I can’t believe ittt!!!…really! watt a rude fathr he isss???…. ohhh…dear writers plzzz make kamal narayan as a good man… actually v r tired of his villain character……

  20. Ok gud sia u vote ?but i m still very afraid did others also vote? pls everyone plsss vote for sukor

  21. how to votw guys??? plz hlp me

  22. I tried…Angel…bt….. actually I’m usng my brothr’s email ID bt don’t knw da password…I tried som possible passwords bt its nt workd… nw bro is nt here…when he back sure I vll ask him nd sur I vll vote 4 sukor nd udaan.don’t b afraid… v vll mak them win…

    1. Neema firstly u have yo make a new account n in that there will be written sign in create a new account n u have fill up that page with ur e-mail id n some other things n the password will come automatically then u can put that password…..I did lyk that n voted for sukor…..

  23. MYTU i have left a link in my comment of indian telly awards go there and submit ur email id there and password and NEEMA u can create any password or new password or u can create ur own email id than u will be login and can vote for sukor

  24. Guys pls remeber the awards will held jn jan or feb so we only have nov and dec to vote soo plsss vote atleast make sukor in the nominations

  25. vivaan writes a letter to imli(don’t know when she learnt to read and write)


  26. hmmm I tried a lot Angel…it shows 9z1820 wrong captcha entered…vll u help me???plzzz…I want 2 vote…

  27. Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) turn as Kamal Narayan’s bandhua labour for saving Chakor (Meera Deosthale) in Udaan

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Kamal Narayan and Suraj in the daily soap.

    Suraj and Chakor finally find Kamal Narayan’s whereabouts post seeking Vidya Balan’s help, but the main twist is yet to come up.

    Kamal Narayan puts some condition so as to make Suraj a bandhua labour so that the entire village along with Chakor gets freedom.

    Now, Suraj willingly agrees to the condition put up by Bhaiyaji so that Chakor is set free with the villagers.

    Chakor’s heart cries for Suraj

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Suraj and Chakor in the ongoing serial.

    Suraj gets to stay with Kamal Narayan post turning a bandhua labourer for Bhaiyaji and this is what makes Chakor’s heart cry for Suraj’s sacrifice.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Chakor make efforts to retain Suraj from the traumatic custody of Kamal Narayan?

  28. Exactly neema I tried alot but it it’s not accepting and shows its wrong captcha.Angel help me out yaar

  29. Neema are u sure u are creating a valid acc bcox if not than it will show error u can create acc like ( [email protected] )and password like( Abcd2031 )anything u want when u r writing it there is a option of forgot password u can click there and than it will ask u for new password u can create new password j hope this time u get succeed

  30. Angel I tried it again and this time it asked otp number for verification and I was about to type and suddenly website closed so once again I opened and started creating the account and I sign in it but It says that my mobile number is already registered and not taking my number???

    What to do now?????

  31. TOI spoilers

    21 nov
    Chakor and suraj go in search of Imli.They are stunned when they see Vivaan and Imli together.Sooraj gets furious and decides to kill KN.

    22 nov
    Vivaan manages to stop Imli from going to meet Yogesh with Chakor and Suraj.Later,Chakor asks Sooraj why he did not want Imli to meet Yogesh.

    23 nov
    Yogesh’s men kidnap Chakor and Sooraj.Meanwhile,Ranjana and Bhaiyaji laugh at Tejaswini after they see her washing clothes.Sooraj stops Yogesh from getting married to Chakor.

    24 nov
    Yogesh asks Sooraj and Chakor to kiss each other.Vivaan eats food and happily praises Imli for her cooking skills.Meanwhile, Yogesh’s sister asks her men to catch Chakor and Sooraj.

    25 nov
    Sooraj tells Chakor that he lost his father because of her.Meanwhile, when Vivaan leaves the haveli,Ranjana locks Imli in her room.Chakor and Sooraj try to secretly enter the house.

  32. Sia first whatever email and number u r submitting should be syncing bcoz if ur acc is not syncing than that otp no cant be reached to ur email id and remember they sent otp no on ur contact also which u submit and than they sent u msg of otp and u will be refistered by that otp no only i got registered in my first attempt hope u will too get register bcoz there are other actors also who are in the race to win

  33. Sia ,varshu and neema again i tried to vote with my sis id and no from her phone and easily able to nominate i register her id and her contact and than they sent me otp no on her contact and i submit it and just got login u also try .,guys awards will be held on 15 dec so plz vote we only have nov to vote plss all of u pls vote last time swasan win best jodi so why dnt we make sukor win this time atleast they can win fresh faces of year

  34. Thank you angel now I will try again

  35. rytt Angel I also want them 2 win… bt watt to do??? really guyzzz… I’m tired of this voting procedureeeee…angel do u hav any othr way to vot???if u hav plzzz tell me Okk… nd sia watt about ur vote dear….if it successful plzzz tell me da way…okk…

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