Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 6th September 2013 Written Update

Megha walks into the room and finds Mohan dressed up as his former self. Megha is surprised. Megha imagines Mohan in the clothes he wore when he fell off. Megha has FB of her moments with Mohan. Mohan asks Megha if he used to dress up like this always. Mohan folds his sleeves and asks Megha if it looks ok. Megha pulls the sleeves and buttons his shirt up. Megha makes Mohan wear his spectacles.

Megha looks at Mohan and says Vasu. Mohan says “Mohan”. Mohan asks what if he doesn’t remember anything ever and what he always remains this way. Bala and Ruku come and are shocked to see Mohan all dressed up. Bala asks Mohan if he has seen his “Bhai”. Bala tells Mohan that he looks really good. Ruku tells Mohan that someone

has come to meet him. Bala says their son has come. Mohan asks Megha why she didn’t tell him that they have a son as well. Megha says he is not worth being called a son. Megha says this is his(Addu) opportunity to make amends for his deeds. Megha says she will take Addu to a warehouse as it wouldn’t be right for Mohan and Addu to come face to face at home.
Megha goes outside to meet Addu and asks him how he is. Bala says at their place sons always touch their mother’s feet. Addu says in our place we don’t interrupt. Addu shouts at Bala. Megha looks mad at Addu. Bala tells Megha it is alright and walks away. Addu asks Megha if she called him here for all this. Addu says he doesn’t have time to waste on searching for RJ’s mother as it is not his headache. Addu asks Megha to keep him away from everything. Megha goes to him and holds his face. Megha asks him how he is. Addu asks what work she had. Megha says she wanted him to meet someone. Addu asks who.

Megha takes Addu to the warehouse. Addu asks her why she has got him here. Megha says “he” wants to meet you. Addu asks who is “he”. Megha asks him to go see for himself. Mohan is standing with his back to Addu. Addu walks up to Mohan and asks him who he is. Mohan turns around and Addu is shocked out of his wits Addu has FB of asking Mohan to get out of his mother’s life and letting go of his hand on the cliff. Addu wonders how it is possible. Addu runs out.

Addu goes out and splashes water on his face. Megha goes after him and asks him if he is alright. Addu asks Megha how it is possible and asks her who he is. Megha says it is Mohan. Addu says how it is possible as Mohan. Megha completes the sentence by saying “died because of you”. Megha says he died for everyone. Megha says Mohan is back because of true love. Megha says she could never make him understand the value of true love. Megha says it is because of love that she got Mohan back. Addu has FB of Mohan saying that no can separate him and Megha. Megha says it was love and fate that got her to Mumbai and to Mohan. Megha says she met Mohan again as he deserves it. Megha says Mohan did so much for her even to the extent of giving up his life and yet he hates him. Addu has various FB of Mohan helping him.

Addu tells Megha that Mohan told him that nothing can separate them. Addu says he thought he had defeated him and his love but he actually didn’t. Addu says he could never see Mohan with her. Addu says but Mohan won and his love won. Addu apologizes to Megha and says he is sorry. Addu falls on Megha’s feet seeking forgiveness Megha cries and looks at Mohan. Megha looks questioningly to Mohan and he nods his head. Mohan walks to Addu and pulls him up. Mohan asks him why he is crying like a girl and tells him that he is ok. Mohan tells Megha that Addu is a nautanki. Addu hugs Mohan and cries. Mohan pats him back and says he said it is alright. Addu looks at Megha. Megha tells him that Mohan doesn’t remember anything as he fell on his head. Megha says she needs him help. Addu looks at Mohan and hugs him again.

Precap: Voiceover talks about people who were against MM also gave into MM’s love. It says that anyone who went against MM love always lost. It says Aai and Naina Bhonsle can do whatever they want but nothing can separate MM. Someone puts Megha’s hand into that of Mohan’s. Megha is dressing up.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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