Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kishan doing the first aid on Bhoomi’s hand, while the sweet music of Sanskaar plays in the BG. He says your bandage is done. Kishan tells Bharti was sounding strange, her attitude etc. How can she speak like that with you. You stop me from talking to her. Bhoomi says when she told Kishan about Bharti true ways, he didn’t believe her. She says but today you saw with your own eyes and heard whatever she has said to me. Kishan thinks he has been ignorant towards Bhoomi’s sayings and Bhoomi was actually right in knowing Bharti.

Bharti comes back from Shopping and asks Avni to keep her bags in her room and bring tea for her. Avni feels unconscious and is about to fall. Bharti shouts at her and says if you don’t want to take

my stuff to my room then tell me, dont act. Ramila says to Ankit that his wife is reacting badly. Ankit comes and says he would have reacted in the same way as Bharti. Ketki remembers that Bharti told her that she didn’t have money and asks her, you bought the expensive necklace and didn’t take anyone’s permission. Bharti says it is a small thing for her and she didn’t need any permission.

Ketki tells Dilip that Bhoomi saved her. He asks did you show to the doctor. Dilip says he left the mill and will not work there. Ketki says your decision is right? Dilip says will not you asks me? Ketki says your face is showing what you went through in the office. She says Bharti is changed after becoming bahu rani. Dilip says please forgive me. Ketki says she will not be able to forgive herself. She always thought Bhoomi is wrong and she is actually good, she didn’t understand her. Dilip comes to Kishan and Bhoomi’s shop, kishan is overwhelmed to see him there. He asks him to sit. Bhoomi says she will bring tea. Kishan asks for advice from Dilip. Dilip says he needs to talk to him. Dilip asks will you give me a job in your shop? Dilip says he left the mill before Ankit dismissed him from the job. Kishan says how can he do that? Dilip says he don’t need me. and if you give me work then I will be happy. Kishan welcomes him in his shop. Both the good brothers hug each other while the evil one Ankit gets the papers ready for changing the mill’s name. Hasmukh asks what he is doing? Ankit tells him that he is changing the mill’s name and now it will be Ankit Vaishnav mill. Hasmukh is shocked.

Hasmukh says if we change the name, then it would effect on work. Ankit says he don’t care about the name and now he will run the mill with his name. He says you had never become the MD and your decision doesn’t matter to him. Karsan says he would never allow him to change the mill’s name and it will be recognised as Vaishnav mill only. Hasmukh tells the laywer that they dont want to change the mill’s name. Ankit says he is the MD of the mill and he will decide what is right for the mill. Ansubaa is in tears. While everyone is shocked. Hasmukh says he will not allow him to change the mill name. Ankit misbehaves with him, and says who are you to tell me. Hasmukh says I am your dad. But Ankit says he don’t care for him. Bharti says you should have accept whatever your son Ankit is doing. You should be supportive to him but you are against him. Bharti shows her true colours to everyone.

Hasmukh asks her to be quiet and they are there to take decisions pertainting to mill. Hasmukh says Kishan is not with them but they have to take Dilip’s opinion. Ankit says he is not part of mill anymore. He resigned from his post. Ansubaa is shocked beyond belief and wipes her tears. Hasmukh is shocked too. Bharti says Ankit is right and his decision is right. Hasmukh says we will not take opinion of servant’s daughter. Bharti is irked and instigates Ankit against his family infront of everyone. She says your wife is getting insulted and you are silent. Parul asks Bharti to stop and says you are well aware that ladies don’t talk regarding the mill. And you had said enough. Bharti tells Karsan to give a chance to Ankit. Hasmukh asks her to be quiet or else nobody is bad than her. Ankit holds Hasmukh and gets hyper.He says how can he misbehaves with his wife. He says you should respect my wife, she is bahu rani of this house and push Hasmukh. Hasmukh falls on Karsan. Ansubaa is shocked. Hasmukh is shell shocked, while the sanskaar song plays. Everyone else is shocked too.The Episode ends on Hasmukh shocked face.

Kishan tells Bharti that you know the importance of Janmashtami at our home. Bharti says yes. Kishan says since Bhoomi isn’t part of the family, if you go to mandir then Ansubaa will feel good. Bharti thinks this is a good chance to raise infront of family members. At the mandir, Bharti tells Bhoomi that Akshay was her discovery, for whom their sister in law Avni ran away from home. Bhoomi looks on.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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