Pavitra Rishta 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 6th September 2013 Written Update

Deshmukh House
The entire Deshmukh family is at home, Karanjkar family too,(Sulochana, Vinod and Manjusha and Gauri, and her family are coming in. Sachu and Gauri are getting engaged. Soham is in a corner looking sad. Sachin and Gauri are sitting next to each other, Archana is doing the rituals for the engagement. She gives a gold necklace to Gauri as a gift. Soham is watching all of this very sadly. Gauri’s parents also come to do the ritual. Sachin gets a gift too from them. Manjusha is looking disgusted at this and she is complaining to Sulochana how the boy’s side of the family has a lot to give but the girl’s side is not giving enough. Sulochana tells Manjusha that they are a very good family and it does not matter what they have but as long as their heart is big is all that matters. Soham is imagining himself getting engaged to Gauri. Sachin and Gauri stand up. Everyone is clapping, Soham is sadly clapping too. Both Gauri and Sachin go to Savita to seek her blessings. Soham is very sad that he is about to leave but Purvi stops him from leaving. Sachin and Gauri seek Manav and Archana’s blessings.

Deshmukh House
Arjun, Purvi, Sachin and Gauri are sitting down at the kitchen table. Sachin sees blood on Gauri’s arm and asks her how she got hurt. Gauri is recalling when Soham was grabbing her and yelling that she does not love him, and he had pushed Gauri. Gauri tells Sachin nothing, I was just working at home and that is how I got it. Soham has a glass of water in his hands and it spills all over, the glass broke and Soham is hurt. Everyone looks and Archana comes and asks Soham what happened? Purvi says aai that glass already had a scratch andI was going to tell dada to put it away but it broke while it was in dada’s hands, I will get medicine and put a bandage on him. Archana says ok Purvi you give him medicine. Gauri is thinking to herself and she thinks no how can I hide such an important thing from Sachin, we are going to get married. Sachin has every right to know everything about me. Sachin is saying to Gauri, Soham has gotten so careless. Gauri says Sachin I needed to talk to you about something important. Sachin says yes Gauri. Gauri says not over here. Gauri takes Sachin to a corner of the room. Gauri says Sachin. Sachin says Gauri I know what you are going to talk to me about. Actually Soham has already told me about this but I have not believed him. Gauri says Sachin believe me there was nothing like that from my side. Sachin says Gauri I know what kind of a girl you are, it was not your mistake. This is all a politician’s work, they can’t think right. They think they rule the world and can misbehave with anyone, I know Sandeep harassed you but don’t worry he will never do this again.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom
Soham and Purvi are in the bedroom. Soham is really sad and Purvi is telling him to control himself. Purvi says I know how it is when you lose your love but dada you will have to control yourself, your one mistake could cause a lot of pain to our family, please stay focused in some work so that you are concentrated in that, keep yourself busy and forget about Gauri. Soham is yelling that he has tried to forget Gauri but he can’t. Archana comes in the room and asks Purvi if Soham got that much hurt. Purvi says no aai it should be better in 1 or 2 days. Archana says ok, you go outside I will feed Soham.

Deshmukh House
Purvi, Soham and Gauri are in the main room. Purvi is asking Soham if he is going anywhere. Soham says yes I have some important work. Soham is giving an angry look at Gauri and he leaves.

Outside the Deshmukh House
Gauri’s parents, her younger brother Atul and Manav are outside. Gauri’s mom is saying where is Gauri? Gauri’s mom tells Atul to go call tai. Atul says ok aai.

Deshmukh House
Arjun is holding Pari. Purvi and Gauri are also there. Purvi is saying to Gauri I could not talk to you much during the engagement and I need to talk to you. Atul comes in the home and says tai, aai is calling you downstairs. Gauri tells Atul to tell his mother that Gauri’s yet to be bhabhi will drop her off home, ok? Atul says ok and leaves.

Outside the Deshmukh House
Manav is with Gauri’s parents, they are outside. There is a car coming over and it stops there. Teju and Ovi are coming with a gift and Manav is telling Teju to put the gift in the trunk. Gauri’s dad says Manav what is all this? Manav tells Gauri’s dad that you guys have come to our house for the first time as my samdis so take this gift. Atul comes down and tells his mom, aai tai said she will come home with Purvi tai. Gauri’s mom says that’s ok. They get inside the car.

Sandeep’s hosue
Sandeep and Mittal are at Sandeep’s home. Sandeep is very mad and says Sachin is making so many mistakes, first he refused to take my case and now he ruined my very good offer. Poor him, he will suffer a lot for his mistake and now no one can save him from being ruined. Sandeep’s dad comes over with another man and he tells Sandeep to meet him and his name is Manesh Bahugojish, he is a member of our party. Sandeep’s dad tells Manesh to take a seat. When Manesh leaves, Sandeep’s dad is telling Sandeep that this year’s elections are very important for us, and we have to win it. My name and respect is at risk, don’t do anything which would cause us a loss at the elections, ok? Sandeep says ok.

In a taxi
Arjun, Purvi, Gauri are in a taxi. The driver and Arjun are sitting in front, Purvi and Gauri are sitting in the back. Purvi is telling Gauri that I am really worried at the way Soham dada is behaving and reacting. Gauri says Purvi I’m really sorry, this is all happening because of me. Purvi says are you crazy, why are you apologizing? How is this your fault? If it is someone’s mistake then it is only Soham dada’s. Purvi says I don’t know what he was thinking but he misunderstood and he is not ready to accept the truth. Purvi says I tried to talk to him and make him understand but I don’t think he understood. He is not reacting. Gauri says yes Purvi I also tried to talk to him but he is not ready to listen, in fact I had decided that I would tell Sachin the truth but then I changed my mind because I didn’t want there to be a problem between the 2 brothers due to me. Purvi says you did very good Gauri, please don’t tell Sachu dada about any of this and not just Sachu dada but please don’t tell anyone in the family about this. Did you not see Soham dada’s condition, if Sachu dada or anyone else in the family said something to him then you know what can happen. Arjun says Purvi do you not think we should take Soham away from them with us, the more away he is from everyone the better it will be. Purvi says you are right Arjun I will talk to Soham dada about this.

Deshmukh House
Teju and Ovi are at their home. Teju is saying to Ovi that I am so tired today. Ovi says yes but we had a lot of fun. Aai got the perfect vahini for us and a very good bahu. Teju says that’s true, we will have fun, another girl will come in this house. It will be me, you, Purvi, Gauri. All of us will make our own girly gang. Ovi says girly gang, what are you talking about Teju? Teju says you never like my ideas. Teju says but anyway ever since we came back from Canada we have never watched TV together, let’s watch TV. Ovi says one second Teju, watch TV with you? Every 5 minutes you change the channel, who could watch TV with you? Teju says they are boring channels like how to put on lipstick etc. Ovi says and your programs are really good like boxing and wrestling, how could anyone watch those? Teju wants the TV remote but Ovi has the remote and says she is watching TV. Teju and Ovi begin fighting over the remote but they then stop when they see something on TV. It is of a lady saying I take care of the home and office work but Amina can’t even take care of her hair. It shows a younger girl(probably Amina) trying to fix her hair but she is not able to. It is a promo of a new show airing on Zee TV, Khelthi Hai Zindagi Aag me Chori. Teju says wow, the promo was so good, imagine how good the show will be. Teju says I am definitely watching this show, Khelthi Hai Zindagi. Aag me Chori Ovi says wow Teju, now you have started to like sensible things too. Teju says hello I like all the different things, the exceptions, I appreciate them like this show Khelthi Hai Zindagi Aag me Chori, the name is so cute. I am definitely watching this show. Ovi says and you also watch this show(she is talking to the audience) Teju says starting from September 9th at 10pm only on Zee TV.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom
Manav and Archana are on their bed. Archana is sitting up and Manav is waking up. He is asking Archana, you did not go to sleep? Archana says no Manav I was thinking about the wedding preparations, so much work is left. I just wish I could give Sachin to Gauri, then I will go to sleep peacefully. Archana says Sachin grew up so quickly Manav. Time went by so quickly that we didn’t even know it, he is about to get married. Manav says Archana these days I am feeling very lucky. All of my kids behave very responsibly and maturely. And Soham is the best, he is best at keeping good relations. Soham is drinking alcohol in the meantime at a bar. Manav is saying Archana I can say for sure that Soham is my son. Archana says yes Manav you are very right, our love for Soham has taken over Balan’s wrong upbringing.

At a bar
Soham is at a bar. He is drinking a lot of beer. Balan and his men come to the bar and they sit down. They are laughing and talking to each other. Balan sees Soham and sees him drinking. Balan says Vishnu Lala is here, it looks like he has started drinking beer again. Balan goes over to Soham and he is telling Soham that he knew that his Vishnu Lala would come back to him. Soham is muttering words softly that he loves Gauri. Balan and his men are looking shocked, Balan also looks worried.

At a hospital
Arjun, Purvi and Pari are at a hospital. Shalini is coming inside the hospital. Purvi sees Shalini and they both say hi to each other. Purvi asks how she is and Shalini says she is fine and asks how Purvi is. Purvi says she is good. Shalini asks Purvi and Arjun how they came here. Arjun says oh we were just here for Pari’s regular checkup, what are you doing here? Shalini says I had an interview in the building next door so I thought that since I came here I should come here to meet Onir. Arjun says oh ok, how was the interview? Shalini says I did not have the interview. Purvi asks why. Shalini says because they hired someone else before me. Purvi says that’s ok if you did not get the job, you will get a job somewhere else. Arjun says and Shalini if you don’t mind why don’t you join my company? Recently a position got vacant and I think you’re perfect for it. Shalini says but Arjun you did not even get my interview. Arjun says that’s ok and Shalini says I will work at your company for one week and if you are happy with my work then you can keep me for a permanent basis. Arjun says deal and give me a call tomorrow morning. Shalini says I will give the good news to Onir right now. Onir is coming in the room. Shalini says Onir guess what? Onir sees Arjun and Purvi as well and he says hi to them. He shakes Arjun and Purvi’s hands and asks them how they are. Shalini is telling Onir the great news of Arjun giving her a job at his company. Shalini is telling Onir that her dream is coming true of her getting the job. Onir says that’s really nice. Shalini and Onir are happily talking to each other. Arjun and Purvi see this happily. Arjun is nodding his head while watching them talk.

Precap: No Precap but there is a preview of Sachin and Gauri promoting the new show on Zee TV.

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