Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th March 2013 Written Update

Beera lights up the hollika in Juna mohalla and prays that with the hollika everyone’s sadness also gets burned.

Hollika lit up in Dada’s place as well. Munna looks at the Hollika and has FB of MM hugging. Dada says he asked him to return to Jhansi. Dada asks what kind of stubborness is this? Munna says it is not stubborness but a debt that he has to pay.

Beera asks Jiji even though the hollika is lit why is Megha not happy? Jiji tells Beera that Addu used to love Holi and it has been 12 years since Megha and Navi celebrated holi. She says they pray every year that everything becomes fine soon and we all live happily.

Sharma asks Dada if Munna needs to be dealt with. Sharma says there is a lot of bitterness in him. Dada says he is most capable and that is why he harnessed his skills.

Ragini asks Munna why he is staring at the Hollika? Munna says Addu used to love Holi but because of one man his happiness got destroyed.

Megha taking pheras around the hollika and feels Mohan is walking behind her.Megha realizes she is only dreaming. She has FB of Holi scene from season 1. Megha says she has come to ask for everyone’s happiness including…

Munna swears to make Mohan Bhatnagar’s life hell.

RJ calls Megha and Megha tells her that she was praying for her. RJ insists that Megha comes to her house to celebrate holi with her. Megha says she doesn’t celebrate holi as her son… RJ says but I am your son now. RJ says if Megha doesn’t come she won’t play Holi.

Mohan gives water pistols and colors to RJ. RJ says they will play Holi tomorrow with dance teacher. Mohan asks RJ is she is going to DT’s house? RJ says no DT will come here. RJ insists Mohan that he too would have to play holi. Mohan says he has never seen RJ so happy. Mohan wonders why RJ is so crazy after the DT and thinks he has to meet her. Guru tells him that the DT won’t come as people play Holi at their house on that day.

Navi praying in front of the hollika asking god to give her the strength to bring her family together again. She prays that she gets an opportunity to become friends with her Spiderman again. Beera is looking at her and says Amen!

Beera talking to Ragini telling her how he misses being with them. He says it was awesome to be with the entire family again. Navi listening to all this. Beera tells Ragini that it is not Navi’s fault as she jusst got him on the right path. Naiv has FB of Ragini shouting at her and Beera saying that Spiderman will surely come around. Beera tells Ragini that he hasn’t lost anything instead he has found a lot. He turns around to see Navi standing. Navi leaves. Beera tells Ragini that just because I am not there doesn’t mean that Munna should come there. Ragini says why would Munna come? She says she will make sure he won’t come. Munna comes there and holds and says you can lie about me but don’t dare lie to me. He hands her a water pistol which is actually a pistol.

Navi tells Megha how Beera misses his family on Holi.

Beera tells Tanu that this Holi has to special for this family espceially Navi. HE talks about Aarti.

Megha says you people should celebrate Holi in such a way that Beera doesn’t miss his family.

Beera gives bhang goli to Tanu and tells him to mix it in everyone’s drink so that Aarti can come there as well.

Jiji praises Megha’s idea. Renu is against it and says he is just a guest and he shouldn’t be treated as afamily member.

Tanu agrees and Beera thinks that he would make sure he showers happiness on Navi.

Navi and Beera walk across each other and smile thinking of their plan.

It is next day and Navi throws a bucket of colored water on Beera and wishes him Happy Holi. Beera gets up and chases Navi out of the house. Beera and NAvi start playing Holi.

Mohan comes with color to wish RJ. RJ says she will only play holi if DT comes. RJ says only DT will first put color on her. Mohan says becuase of DT you forgot me.

Beera keeps chasing Navi and says you started this but I will finish it. Navi says she will be happy only when Spiderman becomes her friend again.

Guru asks RJ to go outside and play Holi. RJ refuses saying she will wait for dance teacher.

Precap: Beera tells Navi that if he wins he would be the first one to apply color on her face. Navi says she will only allow Spiderman to apply color on her face first. She say she hasn’t played holi in all these years and if she has to start then it has to Spiderman who aapplies color on her. Navi on top of Mohan’s house screaming that she would jump if Spiderman doesn’t come. She asks everyone to call Spiderman. Mohan arrives in Junna Mohaala and looks at the crowd.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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