Amrit Manthan 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 27th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Agam telling Nimrit that whenever i see you in pain , i don’t feel good , because i love .. i love you … And suddenly he turns Nimrit’s feet and she got her feet pain out … Agam said to Nimrit sorry but i have to say this to you because if i will not say it to you so you cannot leave your concentration from your feet , Just then Nimrit remembers that Agam had also did the same and the same lines spoken by Mr . Sehgal … Agam leaves and walks on stairs .. Nimrit said Agam Ji .. Agam Ji … While Agam walking on the stairs put his glasses off and turn a little and see Nimrit and then passed off … Nimrit sits down and think that Agam Ji why do , why do i feel like you are somewhere near me ..

Song starts and Nimrit and Agam were shown then Nimrit feels that Agam comes and put shawl on her and Nimrit turns around and see Agam , Agam turns to kiss Nimrit but she turn and then Agam comes ( Mr. Sehgal ) and put shawl on Nimrit’s shoulder Nimrit sees Agam and she feels some feelings and turn around .. Then Agam ( Mr.Sehgal ) in real comes , Nimrit turned and see but where she was standing Agam was not there , Nimrit walk and Agam walk on the same path , this happened for 2 times ,then Agam said wait and give Nimrit side to walk …

Nimrit went to her room and then lie on the bed , then Agam comes too and lie it was shown that both were lying in the same bed , Then Nimrit opens her eyes and Agam comes to her and lie ( camera turns ) ..Suddenly Nimrit wakes up , and then she see Agam ( Mr . Sehgal ) in her room corner and suddenly he vanished , Nimrit took out Agam’s photo from under her pillow and said what is happening Agam Ji , why I am seeing you in some one else ..

Morning occured : Nimrit was walking Tej comes , nimrit said where are the kids , Tej said that they have gone to school nimrit said but how can they go with out meeting me , so tej said that they had come into your room , but you was sleeping , nimrit and tej were walking tej went to the corner to tie his shoe , Agam comes in front . Nimrit got the same feelings , Tej see Agam and then Nimrit and tej went down ..

Mahi told sunita that these pichkari’s are for bani and jyoti , so nimrit and tej comes , nimrit said what’s going on ? so mahi said that we are collecting pichkari’s for kids , so nimrit said that the kids said they will not play as water is wasted .. So mahi said to her wife that learn something from kids , agam comes and he said sasre kaal , then he said to everyone that he is going for a important work … after he left mahi said that he is fine now but why isn’t he leaving , nimrit ? so sunita said that we have decided that unless we will not explain him importance of relations we will keep him with us , tej said to everyone that now i am going to office , he asked nimrit to drop her too , she said ok ..

Yug comes to amrit and gave her juice , and said i am worried about agam staying at palace , vishal comes with tray in his hand , and he said that amrit ji i have talked to doctor and he said to see you we have to come at his hospital and he will take some tests too … So yug said ok tell me the doctor number i’ll fix the appointment so vishal said that no i have already set , so vishal said why are you drinking this juice , eat this food and he handed Amrit the tray .. And he lefted , Yug said to amrit why did you took this ? so amrit said you know that we have to keep vishal inder our favor , so …
she gave yug the rose yug smiled and then said no this flower is gifted by that fool , give him …
and amrit said to her self , what had happened to yug ..

Yug was thinking what to do with vishal , he asked vishal to do breakfast but he said that they had to go to doctor , so yug took coffee and add sleeping capsules in it , and gave it to vishal , vishal said that oh amrit ji i have forgotted your shawl i’ll bring it .. he went away .. Agam comes , then vishal comes back too , Amrit offered agam to have coffee with them , so agam sit , vishal asked amrit to go now so agam said oh so now no importance for me , so vishal handed him coffee and said we had to go to doctor … Agam took the files and went away ..

Nimrit was sitting in the office and waiting for the papers , Agam comes too , he saw Nimrit is not well , he said Nimrit to drink the coffee , Nimrit drank that coffee, while Agam was filling nimrit’s papers. he asked nimrit to see that the information h entered is right ? nimrit sees his writing and remembered that the same writing agam also write .. and it ends

Precap : Nimrit and Agam ( her husband not Mr , sehgal ) dancing , on holi and playing holi …
( well this is old memory which nimrit was remembering )

Update Credit to: Mehak

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