Qubool Hai 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 27th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
tanveer is tensed to hear zoya about her phone call. She decides that before her masterji calls, she should call her back herself. tanveer leaves, while zoya remains back, to hear asad’s comment, SO CHILDISH. She leaves, saying that she heard that. While getting ready, asad finds the earring again, and keeps it safely in his almirah, while thinking about her.(MITWA MOMENT)

Asad comes out to ask zoya where is she going. she says that she’s going to the badi masjidto find out any clue. asad offers top go along with her, surprising her. He says that it would be easier to interrogate, and find info.(MITWA MOMENT). But then, he changes his mind and says that she can do everything alone, and he doesnt need to go. She reprimands him for changing his mind so often, and that he is sop indescisive and unsure of himsellf. She says that she can take descisions, and then doubts herself only. When asad insitgates her more, she says that she has decided that she wont take him with her. After she leaves, asad sits down to work.

Tanveer is tensed to see asad sitting by the phone. Asad gets a phoen calll, and leaves by the phone. Just then, tanveer came in to hear masterji’s call, who informs him about the order being ready, and after that the two orders pending, are also being done in time. asad comes back to ask what happened. tanveer makes up an excuse. Asad asks her to call from the mobile only, if the landline isnt working. She says that she would call later, first she would prepare coffee for him, now that he would go to the office later, after finishing up some work, at home.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
shirin, while combing her hair, finds that her hair has been cut from one side. razia too is very shocked, when shirin says that when she slept, iot was alright, but when she woke up, it was like this. razia says that ashe’s very scared, about the recent happeneings, and tells her that definitely there’s some black magic involved. Shirin asks her not to tlk like that. razia smirks at her disconfort. Razia says that haseena was right in saying that such things are very dangerous. She plants the idea in shirin’s mind that someone from the inside, is behind all this.

Just then, razia shows shirin badi bi, walking around with a scissors, asking the servant, why did he want them. shirin is shocked to see this, and wonders why is badi bi after all this. Razia says that she doesnt know, but badi bi has been behaving very strange lately, and her mental balance is doubtful, and hence one can do anything in this situation. Shirin is very scared. razia is happy to see her plan work in getting badi bi out of the house, just like badi bi had planned for her.

Ayan thinks that asad hasnt responded to his phone call yet. Just then razia comes in to irritate ayan about the ring and humaira’s clothes. But ayan isnt interested in hearing this, and stays quiet keeping him head away. He looks back with a stern look on his face. razia asks him not to stay angry, as she had asked him to show his eagerness, but he didnt listen and she felt very bad, but she decioded to give him a secoind chance,. and asks him not to test her patience, or else. Ayan leaves. razia thinks that he may be angry, all that he can, but he would do only what she wishes for.

Razia while giving photos, to the studio person, to be framed, also gives the one, that zoya has a copy of. The person recognizes the photo, and tells her that he has just got another copy of this photo, today itself, by a woman to be framed, who says that she was searching somebody from this picture. she asks who was it. The person says that it was a 21 year old girl, and was looking for this person. Razia is shocked to hear this.

Scene 3:
Location: Badi masjid
A person gives zoya a number, saying that it is for that person who she was searching for, but he doesnt know, if that number still works or not, as its 20 years back. zoya thanks him profusely for his help and bids adieu. she is very excited to have found a clue.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya asks tanveer if there was some call for her. when tanveer replies no, and zoya asks her again, asad tells her that they arent deaf that they wouldnt be able to hear her call. But zoya is adamant that she was expecting a call. she decides to check the voice messages, much to tanveer’s horror. As zoya gets down to checking the message, and masterji’s voice sarts resonating in the room, tanveer in a hsate, comes up from behind her, and pretends to have accidentally slipped water, when zoya turns back. asad, as usual, once again blames zoya for it.

zoya says that she hopes that the message isnt deleted, but finds out that it is actually. tanveer asks him not to worry, as she had already called the master and told him that she has sent them money, for their labour even though, her factory burned down. after hearing that, Asad leaves. Zoya gets a call, and picks it up, and finds that its from the telephoen exchange.

Scene 5:
Location: Asad and ayan’s residence
Zoya calls up ayan’s residence and razia picks up the phone. She says that it might be that what she is about to say might sound strange. She says that she has come from america, to find out her father. razia is shocked to hear this. She asks whose house is this, and urges her to help. razia says that they have bought this house a few years back, and she must be searching for the old owner. Zoya asks how long they have been staying here. razia responds saying that they are here for 10 years.

Razia says that she doesnt know anything about the old owner, and hence they wont be able to help her. saying that, razia cancels the call. zoya is surprised. razia is shocked as to why fate is playing like this with her. She is shocked to find mamujaan, who asks her why is she so tensed. she says that its nothing, and leaves for some work, with the frame person. She leaves. Mamujaan picks up another call, that has been placed by zoya. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Asad and zoya play holi, and smear each other’s faces with colour.(MITWA MOMENT)Razia too arrives at the scene.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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