Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th April 2013 Written Update

Beera and NAvi arrive at the sweet vendor place and realize that the Kashiram they met earlier that day was fake. Another man says he is the real Kashiram. Navi tries to show Addu’s picture to the man and the man says this Bhojanalay was not there 12 years back. Navi and Beera are taken aback. Beera threatens the man but people around vouch that he is the real Kashiram. Beera apologizes to the man

NB sitting when a boy comes and serves them. Beera asks the boy that he was there in morning and asks him to tell them about the man. The waiter tells them that everyone thought he was a new cook but after they left the man left as well. Navi realizes that everything was a lie and wonders what the true. Navi wonders what happened to Addu in the past 12 years.

NB meet the cycle repair guy. Beera forces him to tell the truth. The guy says he was paid 2k to lie to them . The man admits that he doesn’t know any Addu. Beera slaps him and asks who hgave him the money. The guy says he did not see the person’s face.

NB meet Shubash and threaten him as well. Beera asks him why he lied? Subhash that he was given money. Beera asks him who it was? Subhash says he does not know. Beera tells Navi that there is someone who is twisting things to way lay us. Navi takes out the death certificate and Beera says it is fake. Navi realizes that Addu could still be alive. Navi is happy but wonders who could be misleading. They decide to search some more.

RJ and Guru bantering. Mohan arrives home. RJ keeps talking to Mohan but he is completely shattered. RJ asks him what happened? Mohan says he failed. Guru asks him about Addu. Mohan tells him that Addu passed away because of pneumonia. RJ asks Guru what happened to

NB walking through a road when a cricket ball hits Beera and he has FB of Addu playing cricket. Beera calls Ragini and asks her when they came to Jhansi together. Ragini says they went to Jhansi when he failed in 7th std 2 times in 2003 Beera asks her if she remembers Addu. Ragini is taken aback and says she doesn’t know. Beera says he needs to find Addu asap. Ragini wonders why Beera is looking for Addu and wonders if it is for the same reason as Munna.

Beera tells Navi that he saw Addu in 2003 then how can he die. Navi tries to inform Megha but Beera stops her and asks her to think before she does anything. Navi says they need to go to the hospital. Beera says we need to check if there was any misunderstanding and if there was another Addu or if it is a conspiracy.

Mohan takes Addu’s picture out of box. Mohan sits on the floor and breaks down crying holding Addu’s picture. Mohan has FB of various moments with Addu.

RJ and Guru outside Mohan’s room hear him weeping. RJ is really worried and asks Guru why Mohan is behaving this way. She pleads to Guru to make Mohan understand and to say something to Mohan. RJ says she knows who she needs to talk to and only she can make Papu understand.

RJ dials Megha’s number. Megha’s phone rings but she doesn’t pick up.

Guru in front of Mohan. He cries and hands a bottle of rum to Mohan. Guru says you used to say if one drinks then it would relieve pain. Guru asks him to start drinking so that his pain alleviates so that he can handle himself.

Megha looks at Addu’s picture and has FB of everyone telling about Addu being scared of his step father. Megha says now I understand how scared Addu was of Mohan. Megha’s reflection says then you must also know how much Mohan loves Addu. Megha says I should have never married again, I tried telling people Megha’s reflection answers instead you listened to your heart. Megha’s reflection says Mohan loved Addu. Megha says Mohan was Addu’s step father. Megha reflection says he will always remain that. Megha’s reflection says Addu may not have loved Mohan but Mohan loved Addu. Megha admits that as well.

Mohan tells Guru that he could have survived but he(Addu) used to hate me so much that he did not give his address to anyone. Mohan asks if he is that bad.

Megha still crying.

Precap: Megha looks at Addu’s picture and says a mother’s heart cannot accept that you are dead. Megha says I am sure you are alive somewhere. A boy shown in white clothes sitting in the middle of a room. Navi and Beera in the hospital asking for Nurse D’Souza. The guy says there is no such person working in the hospital NB wonder what is happening and who could be behind the whole thing. Beera says they to ask the Doctor(dean) Munna shown in ward boy uniform listening to NB. NB got to the dean’s room to find him injured/dead….

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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