Madhubala 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 25th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks Sultan.. why he wants to interfere?? Aryan comes calling out to Madhu n the duo hug Madhu keeps looking at Sultan

Aryan asks if Madhu is back to live with them ..?? Madhu says..she came just to meet Aryan

Kaka offers tea but Madhu excuses herself… Aryan pouts Sultan offers to drop Madhu off..she refuses.. Sultan assures her that he will drop her off a bit away from her home

Aryan tells Madhu that he has become good boy ..n now she cant become good girl ..n beat him in hand wrestling They discuss eating Bhindi..! Sultan-Madhu-Aryan leave

They reach near RK mansion ..n Aryan sulks Madhu asks if Aryan is good boy for real n he says yes n says Sultan is good man n once he was scared so slept in Aryans room Madhu kisses Aryan on the cheek n gets out of car.. ! Sultan tells Madhu that whichever bond he forges.. he fulfills every bit of that bond.. n it doesnt matter what others say.. only what he thinks matters.. n he has the bond of FRIENDSHIP with Madhu..!

Sultan asks Madhu to share her grief.. today .. Madhu in tears Sultan asks Madhu to explain n Madhu says..SHE LIED to RK – Paddo – HERSELF ..!!

Sultan asks what lie? Madhu is about to answer when Aryan butts in! Madhu avoids the talk n walks off..! Sultan follows n they are at RK mansion entrance!

Sultan says.. she has not given this relation any name.. but he thinks of her as friend so …speak .. as Jhoot tum bol nahi sakti n Madhu says.. sach main tumhe bata nahi sakti He advises her to talk to her mom/ sis..!

RK asks for Madhu … to servant n he replies. .not here..! RK checks the CCTV n finds Madhu at the mansion gate just as Sultan takes promise from Madhu to tell the truth to her mom..

Sultan assures her that all will be ok as he has blessing that what he says at particular time comes true..! Madhu smiles RK watches them holding hands n fumes He cancels the photoshoot..!

Part 2

Paddo thinks of RK-Madhus words .. n ends up cutting her finger Madhu comes to Paddo

She asks if Paddo is hurt n Paddo says.. yes.. n she doesnt have cure for it

Paddo asks Madhu to share reason for coming.. n Madhu apologises for lying to Paddo..! Paddo asks how can Madhu spend her life with the guy who ruined her life.. broke her… humiliated her.. n not just hurt her.. but her family too

Madhu says.. not to trust her words ..

Part 3

Madhu says.. Paddo has taught her right from wrong.. since childhood.. n she has Paddos sanskar..! Madhu tells Paddo that she knows RK well ..n his ego wont let him bend

Madhu says..he cant see anyones happiness or grief in front of his ego..!! She says that time has come to show … that RK is not GOD…!!

Paddo asks Madhu what she is gonna do? Madhu wasnt her weakness tolerating RKs nonsense.. but its time to ANSWER BACK

Precap —- Madhu asks if RK is asleep n he says.. he was asleep but now is awake..! RK says.. Madhu answering on her own is strange.. n then asks where had she gone? ….

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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