Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with all of them serving dinner. Happy and Maamaji are playing. Then the lights go of. Then Happy asks why that side the lights burning and why not out side.

Dishu is very sad. Nirveil will ask his son why did you not put light son the other side. I meant the whole house and that means the other house to.

Beeji will tell yes there is no difference between both the families and Both Bani and Rajji are getting married. Then she tells both are pucca shahelis’. Bani and Rajji are shocked that Beeji told the secret. Everyone asks Beeji what she meant. She manages everyone that they are getting married so I just meant like that/

Nirveil tells Kartar to go to the shop and but more lights for the other side also.

Soham will be telling Simran that the Visa will get ready soon and Bani’s mother will not have a chance to reject me.

Then his brother comes and is very angry that he wants to go abroad even after him forbidding him. Soham will be very unhappy and goes away. Soham’s brother tells that what is great going abroad and leaving all the relations and earning money. Money is not everything in life.

Simran then tells that he wants to go because he wants to marry Bani whom he loves and explains everything. Then she reminds him how she gave an ultimatum in her house and she got married to Him. The brother gives the green signal.

Soham is walking dejectedly on the terrace; his brother tells that why he did not tell him before he loved someone and that was the reason he was going abroad. He tells everything thing is fair in Love and WAR and he will drop him in the airport.

At Bani’s house Kartar asks the electrician to set up all the lights well. Then the electrician tells that there are light already burning in that house and where to fix them Then all are stunned. Then they hear Dishu directing the electricians where to put the lightings.

Bani and the rest are sad because of what Dishu did.

Sarabhjeet comes home and is stunned seeing all the lights. He asks Bani where sis all the lights come and who arranged it . She tells him Dishu did it. She asks him to wash his hands and she will bring food.

She brings the food and He asks her to stay. Then he tells her that her mother is looking for a match. Id she has anybody in her mind. He tells her that he knows it is difficult for her to discuss such things with a father. She should tell him what is in her mind. He goes on to tell that he found out that someone loves her today only. He asks her if she likes Soham and not to feel afraid to tell him. Bani will feel shy and will be quite. Then Sarabhjeet again asks the question and tells her he is waiting for the answer.

He tells her that if he can take her silence as she has agreed. Then she is shy and runs away. Then he tells her that you have feeling for Soham. Then she similes and goes to the terrace. Both of them Bani and Soham will be in their respective terraces and will be dreaming away and the Ishq da kalma song runs in the back ground. They will be smiling away. Soham will tell in a few says all my wishes will come true and in a few days I will bring Bani home

Sarabhjeet will try to talk to Dishu when Maamiji will interrupts and tells there is a ristha, which is a NRI one has come. Dishu is very happy to see the photo of the boy.

Update Credit to: anurao

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