Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Jiji sets up a room for Addu. Aarti and Renu are not pleased. Aarti asks if Megha and Navi would stay in the house after Addu returns or would they stay with Mohan Bhatnagar. Renu is pleased with Aarti. Jiji says this is what should happen. Renu says but it won’t happen as Addu would never accept MB. Renu says he won’t accept Mohan. Renu challenges Jiji and says Addu would never accept MB as his father.

Navi and Beera walking on the road. Megha wakes up and finds that Mohan finger is in Megha’s hand. Megha takes his fingers out and looks around for water. NB arrive at the dhaba. Megha gets out of the car to go to the dhaba.

Munna in a truck saying now you won’t come between Addu and his mother. He says MB you have left me no other choice. Megha is shown leaving the car and Addu drives his truck towards Mohan’s car. Addu jumps out of the truck and lets it go towards Mohan’s car. Megha notices the truck coming towards Mohan’s car. Megha screams out Mohan’s name and runs towards the car. Navi and Beera notice. Beera runs towards the truck and gets into it. Megha goes to Mohan’s side and just then Beera manages to stop the truck. Munna wonders who Beera is. Mohan comes out of the car and hugs Megha. Munna looks majorly pissed. Navi comes and hugs Mohan as well. Navi asks Mohan if he is fine. Mohan says he is fine and why are they worried. Mohan asks Navi what she is doing here? Navi apologizes saying she couldn’t stay back. Megha thanks Beera but he brushes it aside. Beera wonders who sent the truck behind Mohan. Mohan says someone wants to stop us. Beera says whoever it is must have seen his planning flopping and suggests they find him. Mohan says they will go to Jhansi right away.

RJ scolding Guru for plaiting her hair the wrong way. RJ wonders if DT would forget her once she finds her son. Guru makes her understand that Yashoda maiya cannot forget her kanhaiya. RJ is pleased.

Megha calls Jiji and Jiji is pleased to know that all of them are together. Jiji says I am sure you would all find Addu soon. Jiji asks Megha to call her once they get any info on Addu.

Tanu arrives with a painter and Jiji says she wanted to get her room painted. Renu comes and asks the painter if he is bhagwan. Tanu falls on his feet to take blessings. Renu shoos him away. Just as Renu is talking to him she notice Aarti feeding Tanu jalebis. Renu asks the painter to leave as Tanu would paint the house as he is of no work. Aarti says not to berate Tanu this way as one day Tanu would reach the top. Renu says excellent then we will get the top part of the house painted as well

Renu in front of God and prays that Tanu finds the right path.

MMNB in Jhansi looking around for Addu(Lakh duniya kahe tum nahin ho playing in BG) Megha gets emotional and has FB of Addu. Navi calls out to Megha. Mohan holds Megha’s hand and leads her. Navi ties a knot in her dupatta.

MMNB arrive at a market place and asks for Kashiram. They asks Kashiram if he sent the muffler package. Kashiram asks them if they are Addu’s parents. MM nod. Kashiram gets a picture of Addu and asks if he is their son. MM say yes and ask where Addu is? Kashiram says he is gone. Megha asks him why did he not stop him? Kashiram says he found the stuff just a few days back. Megha is unable to take and is about to fall down. Mohan asks Kashiram where Addu is now? Kashiram says he used to work here washing dishes and used eat & sleep here. Kashi says he looked from a good family. Kashi says he used to always stay with his friend. Megha asks him how he used to eat food as he wrote in the letter that he had a problem with the food. Kashi says he askedAddu many times as to why he wasn’t contacting his family. Megha asks him to complete what he is saying. Kashi says Addu told him that his step father mistreated him which is why he doesn’t want to return. MM look hurt.

Precap: MMNB with someone and that person tells them that one day Addu got wet in the rain and was admitted in the hospital. The man asks them to inquire in the hospital. MM go to the hospital and shows the picture to a nurse and ask if she has seen Addu. The nurse says this is chikku and says he was with us. Megha asks where he is now? Nurse looks sad and upset..


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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