Amrit Manthan 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts from Bani’s car leaving and she winking towards Jojo from the car’s window.
Jojo comes to Nimrit and says that Bad aunty is trapped in their plan and says that her bani di will set bad aunty straight. Nimrit says that is the hope and tej says that everything will be alright and there is a reason that Jo found the photo of Amrit and Nimrit.
They show how Jojo finds the photo and Agam’s mom comes in search of Jojo and spots
her with the photo. Upon Jo’s inquiry she reveals the truth that both are own sisters
and how she illtreats Nimrit. She further adds that she is here to take Bani away from her Mom.
Jo asks why her mamma refuses to tell Bani the truth about Amrit and Bani who overhears the conversation says that she will ask her mamma herself.
Nimrit tries to console Bani saying that Amrit is the only person who can cure her but Bani says that she does not want to get treated from a person who tries to snatch her away from her Mamma. Nimrit says that they are trying to find a new donor but until then she neds to trust her
and live with Amrit as her daughter. Nimrit says that Amrit might be a bad person but
loves you and will not hurt you as she has seen the love in her eyes. Nimrit says that she will do anything for her daughter to get treated even if it has to live away from her. Nimrit tells that the Amrit Manthan ka waqt Aagaya hai and this tough task can only be done by you. Bani agrees to act along.
Bani and Amrit reaches Amrit’s home and Bani is excited to see all the toys and Amrit
welcomes her nicely and tells that she will take care of her so nicely that she will forget her horrible mamma. Amrit goes inside saying that she will get some food for her
and Bani calls her mamma from her mobile. Bani says thay she reached her Maasi’s home.
and tells hew she played along and tells Nimrit that she will now start her fight against evilness.
Nimrit tells her that Amrit can be dangerous and she really needs to take care of herselves and Bani assures that she has her Mamma’s blessings and she will take care of her.
Amrit arrives with lots of food and Bani asks her if she made them. Amrit tells that she
ordered them from outside as she does not know cooking but she will learn soon.
Bani tastes the food and says the food is ok but her Mamma’s food is always super as she serves her home made food and it is tastier as it is made from heart and mixed with love.
Amrit promises her that she will make home made food for her also. Yug comes with a
champage bottle and tries to tell Amrit that it is new in Market. Amrit signals him and he hides
the bottle as Bani is there. Yug asks Amrit to come inside as he needs to talk to her
Yug opens the bottle and gives a glass to Amrit and says cheers as it is time to party.
Bani comes and asks what it is. Yugam shocked to see Bani and Yug says that they are
celebrating her arrival. Bani says that they cannot drink and Amrit tells Yug that they should not drink since her princess has told.Bani says there is another way to celebrate and calls a guy who brings milk.She makes Yugam drink milk and they both take it with heavy hearts.. Yug says he hates milk and won’t drink but Bani orders that they should drink milk as it is good and Amrit also says that they should and Yugam drinks with much struggle as they hate milk
Bani says from now on they all will drink milk daily as they are family..Yug is like what ??? and Amrit agrees to Bani’s word. Bani tells them that they will now do one more good thing and Yugam says Ab Kya

Bani throws all the champage in the drain and Yug tries to stop that it is a limited edition champage and it is very expensive. Bani says why waste money on such wrong things. Bani says that in her house they won’t have alcohol and if this is her house then she needs the same else she will leave, Amrit stops her and says that they will do however she wants and takes all the bottles in the house and throws it away . Yug thinks to herself that if Bani’s happiness is yours then my happiness is seeing Amrit happy and saying so he also joins in throwing all the alcohol . Bani happy seeing this wishes her mom was there to see all this fun

Nimrit’s parivaar sits and Nimrit misses Bani at the dining table and cries thinking of her . Tej consoles her and Jojo comes and asks her Mamma to come and sleep along with her . She makes Nimrit sleep and tells that she will sing a Lori for her but Nimrit asks her to sleep. Jo tells her not to be sad and makes her sleep

Amrit makes Bani sleep and Bani tells that she is not getting sleep as her mamma used to sing lori. Amrit says that she will sing and Bani says that it will take time to learn. Amrit says then she will make hot chocolate for her and leaves. Bani switches off the fuse and the power is gone. Bani calls Amrit that she is afraid of the dark and Amrit comes and assures that she will not leave her and asks her to sleep.. Bani tells that she is feeling hot and Amrit calls yug to fan with a news paper so Bani feels good. Bani makes both of them fan each side and goes to sleep

Precap : Amrit makes breakfast for bani and Bani says that paratha is uncooked and Juice is katta


Update Credit to: Saina

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