Chanchan 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Chanchan 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 22nd April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Umaben’s house:

Umaben says that Chhan Chhan has created a nuisance for her as many people are calling her about the computer classes. Umaben rests for a while and her bahus enter her room and they also talk about the computer classed to congratulate her. Umaben is so tired, she asks them to leave.

They say they have come to ask about the classes. Ranjana says can she join the computer classes.
Ranjana and Sanjana both want to join. They say people will respect her more if they come to know that her bahus are also studying in the classes. Umaben says she is doing it for the elections as she wants to keep up with the world learning.

Umaben says the most improtant thing is a person’s mind, experiences. Umaben praise herself. They nod yes. She says it is only for the elections. They say if they learn, it will be good for them.
Umaben does not allow them and asks them to trust themselves and go ahead.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan:

She is talking to Puch Puch what she want to wear in the birthday. Anarkali dances for Puch Puch. Chhan Chhan and her friends plan for Puch Puch;s birthday. Her friends say that Chhan Chhan wants to get ready for some special person.

Chhan Chhan tells it would have been good if Manav also come in the party. Himanshu is going in the party for Simple.
Manav says he will come to accompany him. Chhan Chhan says Manav has allergy to dogs.
Manav says Himanshu that we can go to a pet shop and ask if there is any anti allergic tablet.
Chhan Chhan’s friends say that she is waiting for Manav. They pull her leg.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Umaben says goodbye to her husband who is leaving for office and also to her sons. She then sits for breakfast and talks to her bahus. She asks for Manthan. He enters and says that he thought of having breakfast with her today. Umaben asks for Manav and Maansi. She comes to know that they both are not in the house and left for college.
Manav might have gone to Himanshu’s house.

Manthan says is it sure that he went to Himanshu’s home or not. He says Manav does enjoy his life outside the house. Umaben says he is not like that. Manthan says he is my brother and he looks changed a bit these days.

Manthan indirectly points to Manav and Chhan Chhan. He says Manav is not being at home, forgetting things, etc. Her bahus also say that Manav is forgetting things. They say he has changed after coming from the camp. He smiles seeing his phone.

Umaben asks Manthan to say everything straight. He says there is nothing to say but the young generation is like that only. He says to keep an eye on Manav else Umaben will marry others and Manav will marry a girl of his choice. Umaben thinks that a girl has picked Manav’s phone. Manthan then leaves for office.
Umaben asks her bahu to send her tea in her room. They ask that she is looking worried. She says no.

Scene shifts to a pet shop:

Chhan Chhan and her friends are looking for a outfit for Puch Puch and they buy something. Chhan Chhan buys anti allergic tablets for Manav. Her friends asks and understand its for him and they start pulling her leg again as she looks desperate to meet him.

Puch Puch runs outside the shop to meet another dog Sweety.
Manav comes in the same shop and asks for the tablets, the shopkeeper says he had only one bottle and one woman took it. Chhan Chhan returns to the shop to buy a cap for Puch Puch.
Manav explains to the shopkeeper that he has to go in some party today itself. He starts sneezing. Chhan Chhan overhears what he said and hides there taking Puch Puch. Manav says he gets sneezes when a dog is nearby. Himanshu pulls Manav’s leg.
Manav asks the shopkeeper to arrange the tablets for him. Manav comes out of the shop and Chhan Chhan hides.

Chhan Chhan goes back to the shop and gives the tablets back to the shopkeeper and says give it to the one who needs this as she does not need it anymore.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan’s house:

Chhan Chhan’s family members are discussing something and they stop as Chhan Chhan comes home. They keep quiet. Chhan Chhan asks why they are quiet and are they hiding anything. Her mother says that they were discussing about the karmic connections and they heard that Manav is coming.

Scene shifts to Manav’s house:

Manav and Himanshu drop the anti allergic tablets and Umaben and her bahu see it. Ranjana reacts to her asks why Manav has it. Himanshu is about to tell and Manav tells them. Umaben says who is that friend. Manav says he is a old friend and you don’t know him. You will feel bad if I don’t go. Himanshu says Manav does not hurt anyone. Umaben recollects Manthan’s words.

Chhan Chhan and Manav meet in the party. Manav says he realised that dogs are not that bad afterall. Chhan Chhan even she realised that few people are bot so bad as she thought of them. They both smile as music plays in background …

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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