Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th August 2013 Written Update

Megha gives RJ medicine. RJ asks for the medicine Vasu used to give her. Megha remembers that it is brandy. Megha says that medicine is over and asks RJ to drink the one she is giving her. RJ tells Megha that she feels like meeting Vasu. Megha remembers Aai’s warning. Megha tells RJ that Vasu has gone out. RJ say she will wait for him. Megha says he has gone out of town. RJ says how he can leave without telling me. Megha says because he is not your father. RJ refuses to accept it. Megha asks RJ what Mohan used to call her. RJ says “JAan”. Megha asks her what does Vasu call her. RJ says “Aedi”. Bala brings Vada pao for RJ which was sent by Vasu. Megha says RJ has already eaten. Bala chides Megha for only thinking of Vasu when

she needs help. RJ asks Bala to leave the vada pao as she will eat it later. Bala asks her to listen to her mother. RJ asks Bala where Vasu is. Bala says he is at his head quarters. RJ asks Megha why she lied. Megha asks Bala to leave the vada pao. Megha asks Bala not to increase their problems. Bala leaves.

Bala rants to Vasu about Megha’s arrogance.

A man, an injured guy and a girl. The man complains to Vasu that the boy is after his daughter. Vasu asks the boy if the guy broke his hand. The man tells Vasu that he fought with goons who were eve teasing her. Vasu asks the girl if she has a problem. The boy says if the girl has the problem then he won’t follow her. Vasu asks the man to stop being a pest. The man says that it is force. The boy says it is not force but love. Vasu asks them to leave. Vasu has a smile on his face. Bala makes fun of him.

RF talking to someone and exclaiming that Vasu did not have an account before two years. RF is surprised. MEgha comes and asks RF if she can tie a rakhi to him as he is the one who has helped her the most. Ruku’s mother comes there and expresses her unhappiness over this. RF asks her to bring sugar. Megha ties the rakhi and RF feeds Megha sugar. RF apologizes saying there was nothing sweet to feed her with. RF is about to give her money when Megha refuses. RF says he will definitely do something for her. Megha asks him where the location of a ceratian office is as she would get more information on Naina from there. RF says the office is in Borivali.

Vasu gets on a bus and spots Megha feeling uncomfortable in the crowd. Everyone is shocked to see Vasu in a bus. Vasu stands near Megha and covers her with hand to protect her. Suddenly the bus stops and everyone gets down. The conductor gets on the bus and Megha asks for a ticket to Borivalli. The conductor tells Megha that bus would go first where Vasu wants it to go. Megha says she won’t get off the bus and won’t be surpassed. Vasu motions for the conductor to give the ticket to Megha. Vasu also gets a ticket to Borivalli. Megha stands in the bus. Megha loses balance and Vasu is tempted to help her.

Megha and Vasu arrive at the registration office. Everyone moves away when Vasu asks them to keep standing as forcing people to move away is wrong. Megha is shocked. Megha asks the man for information on Naina Bhonsle. The man asks Megha to come the next day. Vasu asks him if he has a problem doing it the same day. The man gets the information and tells Megah that there are 10 people with the same name living in that area. Megha is dismayed. The man asks Megha whose details she wants. Megha says she wants the details of all the people. Megha tells the man that she would come the next day if the work would be done by then. Megha leaves.

Megha is walking on the road when a car comes and stops in front of her. Aai is in the car. Vasu comes out of the car and wonders where Megha has gone. Ruku comes and asks him what he is doing there. Vasu asks her to mind her own business.

Megha in the car with Aai. Aai asks her to stop taking help from Vasu. Aai says she was requesting till today and asks her not to force her. Megha asks the driver to stop the car.

Ruku asks Vasu why he is after Megha. Ruku tells him to stop following Megha as she doesn’t require his help

Megha tells Aai that she has learnt to face all odds from her husband. Megha says that even though Mohan is not with her there is not a single day where she doesn’t think of him. Megha says she has learnt to love this way from him only.

Ruku asks Vasu what he is up to and reminds him that Megha is married with kids.

Megha tells Aai to advice Vasu not to follow her. Megha says she respects Vasu as he helped her when RJ was unwell but that doesn’t mean that he can try to include himself in their lives. Megha tells Aai to remember that she is woman too and knows very well how important dignity is to a woman. Megha tells Aai that “Megha was and will always remain Mohan’s” Megha gets out of the car and walks away.

Vasu doesn’t give an answer to Ruku and walks away

Precap: Bala calls up Vasu and asks him to come soon as Madam(Megha) is serious Vasu runs/drives through having FB’s of Megha.


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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