Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankit telling Bhoomi that Bharti’s intentions are not right, She came back to take revenge, wants to break our family. Bhoomi is shocked. She asks, then why you agreed for this marriage. Ankit says he has to agree because she is blackmailing him. Bhoomi says dont get worry about her threats and tells her truth to everyone. Ankit says she has some proof against him and that’s why he can’t do anything. Ankit says he was in jail for some days and Papa and Bharti knew about it. Bharti had that proof. Bhoomi is shocked. Bhoomi asks why she wants to marry you. Ankit replies that she just wants to use him and take revenge on his family. Bhoomi asks him not to get marry to her and spoil his life and she is with him now. She says now you

will save yourself and this family. Bhoomi takes Ankit to Kishan and asks him to say the truth to Kishan. Kishan asks what is the matter. Ankit hesitantly says that he is not marrying Bharti with his wish. He don’t want to marry Bharti.

Kishan asks what do you mean. Bhoomi asks him to tell in detail. Ankit asks what he shall said? Bhoomi says that you don’t want to marry Bharti and what is the reason for that you are marrying her. Ankit surprises her and back off and says he told whatever she asked him to say. Bhoomi asks him to tell Kishan that Bharti came back to take revenge on their family. Ankit shows his true colour and says Bhoomi asks him to speak like that. He tells Kishan that he is marrying her with his wish. Kishan asks then why you said that you don’t want to marry her. Ankit says because Bhabhi asks me to say. I thought it was a joke. Bhoomi tells him to stop him and tells Kishan whatever Ankit told her about Bharti blackmailing him. Ankit asks her to stop and says he will not tolerate any word against Bharti. He says that Bharti is his life partner and he will not listen anything against her. He threatens her that if she continues to speak like that for Bharti then he will complain it to Ansubaa. Bhoomi tries to explain to Kishan but in vain. Kishan leaves while Bhoomi cries. Bharti comes and shows pity on Bhoomi. Bharti smiles and says you thought to expose me infront of Kishan. But you proved wrong infront of him. She says Ankit is not caring towards his own parents, and says you are fool to believe him. She says we had a fake fight to show you. Bharti says she will control everyone slowly slowly including Kishan and then I will win. She says she feels pity on her and offers to tell her plan. Bhoomi says she dont want to listen her plan. Bharti says when i will enter this house as a bride, that day you will leave this house.

Ansubaa shows some bangles and says these bangles are given to me by your Dadaji. Kishan asks did you want to give this to Bharti, Ansubaa replies that she will not give this to anyone and tells about the fight that she had with her dadaji that’s why he gave her this gift.
Ansubaa tells Kishan that the circumstances was wrong when she had a fight with Dadaji, then Dadaji give this bangle. She tells kishan that if their love once fight over something, then it is better to talk and clear the misunderstanding. Kishan says is it good to have a fight between husband and wife. Ansubaa says it is part of life. Ankit tells Bharti that bhoomi was about to cry. Bharti says everyone will get angry on her soon. Bhoomi comes and smiles. Bharti says why your are listening to our conversation. Bhoomi says I knew that you could win. She says we can have a tea together.

As Ankit is about to take the tea, bhoomi slips it on him. Ankit asks what is this joke. Bhoomi says I am extremely sorry while Ankit says you did it intentionally. Bhoomi tries to make him realise his thinking towards Bharti is wrong. She says you trusted me that I will give you tea but I slipped the tea on me. Ankit says you are a fool to believe me. Bhoomi says you fooled me, but I felt pity on Ramila and Hasmukh kaka as they are trusting on you. Bharti says no one will believe you. Bhoomi says Ankit bhai is the one who will lose everything and will fall in your own eyes. Bhoomi says I can see repent in your eyes but it is upto you to decide. Bharti looks at Ankit, who keeps his head low. Bharti says that this family is bad, always talk about Sanskaar/values. Ankit is in thoughts about Bhoomi’s words.

Kishan holds Bharti’s hand and takes her to Bhoomi and says now it is upto you to decide what you have to do with Bharti. Bharti is tensed.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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