Pavitra Rishta 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 15th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Soham is in Gauri’s house to invite her family for Arjun n Purvi’s wedding,Gauri’s father they will come in wedding and Soham says they to have come in Sangeet also Gauri’s father agrees.He asks Soham when he will get married Soham says till my 3 sisters n my brother doesn’t get married so i will wait for my marriage he says that which parents will allow their girl to get married as currently his earnings per month 5000 and even he is not educated also but then Gauri’s father says you may be right but every father doesn’t want all this he wants that a boy should have good manners and capability to handle every situation which Soham you have got from your parents.
Scene shifts to Sangeet Ceremony where everyone is busy in welcoming guests where

Arjun sees Purvi sitting on a couch he goes there to her n says she is luking beautiful then Teju comes there till marriage is coming,Arjun says ya i know then he says even you are looking beautiful Purvi.Ovi is in cab heading out for ceremony then she goes to Photo Studio n says to that boy to enlarge the photo but that guy says he will do it n give it tomorrow evening,Ovi says she will give more money to him just do that work boy agrees then boy comes out doing that photo enlarge gives to Ovi she gives the money n leaves from there but she is in shock that what Arjun n Purvi were doing in Onir Shalini marriage.

Part 2:
Archana is in tension that where is caterers men,mehndi girls n sweets wala asks to Teju,Teju says aai calm down sweets are been delivered to us Mehndi girls are coming n Caterers are also in the way Ovi is in traffic she will reach here in time.Ovi reaches the place n thinks that why purvi told everybody that she didn’t knewed about Onir’s marriage Archana comes there n sees her tells her to get changed as ceremony will start Ovi says she wants to talk with Purvi,Archu talk later but you go n change first she agrees while walking up stairs she thinks why purvi told she didn’t knewed anything about Onir’s marriage then she looks down n says that why are you spoiling the happiness Ovi pls don’t talk right now Ovi phones up Onir n tells him to meet her urgent then she says that Shikha has given some papers to sign Onir says you are in Sangeet ceremony now She says its ok i’ll come to meet you where are you tell me that?Onir says you be there i will come there in ceremony to meet you She says ok.Arjun n Purvi are sitting on couch where Purvi says Arjun i need to tell you something urgent then she says that today Ovi n she went to court for helping Onir as he was not guilty in that Organ trafficking case so she helped him to get out of that as his passion is everything for him,he can treat people in free cost also Arjun says its ok now just give a big smile come on Purvi smiles he says much big then she laughs freely.

Part 3:
Teju welcomes all n says thank you for coming then Arjun says to Purvi that Today inspite of all he is very happy because of after so much pain,diffculities you are going to be mine now then on stage Teju says aai will share something with you all then Archana goes n says that “Some Realtionship are very diffcult to reunite like Arjun n Purvi’s as their realtion faced many problems but today they reuniting once again Archana says Arjun there should be No Single Tear in my Daughter’s Life Again” Ovi is watching all this from behind Ovi gets call from Onir that he has reached while walking Soham gets mis walked with Ovi that photos fall down then he looks at that photo n says its Arjun Purvi and Ovi you are giving them suprise by making this Big one she says yes Soham dada,Soham says today i m very happy bcoz inspite being so much tensed you came here i can hit my chest hard n says that i m proud to have a sister like you then Teju says that Bride n Groom will dance now then Arjun forwards his hand towards Purvi for dance then Purvi asks Archana that she can dance or not then Archana says for dancing with her partner she asks me Purvi gives her hand then the song plays in BG.

Ovi comes down to meet Onir bt she doesn’t find him anywhere thinks that he may be gone then Onir comes n Ovi show the photo of Arjun Purvi to him,Onir says did you called me for showing this then she brings out another photo n asks how come Arjun n Purvi were in your marriage and this temple is in Mumbai as you told that You and Shalini got married in Kolkata so what this?Onir gets worried n says to her that go n ask your sister about this i don’t want your sister to be a part of my life anymore then Ovi says i will ask her but Onir stops her says that i lied about my marriage with Shalini n also says Ovi why you are spoiling Arjun n Purvi’s life again I made a plan with Shalini and Kinshuk to bring them together, Ovi is Crying by hiring all this.

Precap: Ovi asks her aai that if person has done nothing wrong and has sacrificed everything for just his love sake then what to do?


Update Credit to: gaurav_ankita08

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