Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th June 2013 Written Update

Guru brings in couple of bags and hands them over to Mohan. Mohan tells Munna that they had gotten some clothes stitched for Navi’s wedding and as he is like her brother they got some for him as well. Mohan hands Munna a bag. Munna spots an old picture of MMNA. Mohan tells him till the time Addu was there this was Navi’s life, her laughter and happiness and her whole life. Mohan tells Munna that once Addu left Navi stopped laughing and Megha kept waiting for her son. Mohan tells him by returning Addu they complete his family and that no one could give them bigger happiness. Mohan says this family is incomplete without you and that’s why you are like our son. Munna doesn’t know what to say and asks Guru where the washroom is. Munna

excuses him leaves. Guru asks Mohan if he is sure that Munna is Addu. Mohan says he is sure as Munna’s face went pale when he saw Navi’s picture. Mohan says his eyes still have the same anger for me. Guru tells Mohan that Munna was the same person who came as the Science teacher. Guru says he has been playing games with us and wonders how Megha would react when she comes to know about Munna. Munna returns and Mohan hands him the bag. Mohan tells Munna that there is a saree for his Dadi and asks him to come to the wedding to help Addu. Munna leaves. Guru questions Mohan and Mohan tells him that Munna is his son and a member of their family. Mohan says Navi’s wedding would take place with the entire family present.

It is sangeet night. Renu complains to Jiji that TA are dancing without any shame. Addu comes and covers Navi’s eyes. Navi tells Addu that he was away for so many years and now that he is back she is going. Navi tells him that she is going to his Ijoo’s place. Addu hands Navi a rose and motions for her to pin it to his lapel. Navi is emotional. RJ takes Addu away to dance.

Megha comes with a thaal(Kabira playing in BG). Navi asks for Spiderman and Megha leaves to get him. Beera comes in and dances with TA. Megha calls Mohan and asks him to come soon.

Mohan and Guru arrive. Mohan is happy looking at Navi smiling and has FB of meeting Nanhi for the first time(Nanhi crying in PL lift and other FB’s) Mohan comes and sits next to her. Navi doesn’t say anything and Mohan asks her what she wants. She holds her hand and Mohan hi-5′s her Navi holds out a henna cone and Mohan says her hands would be spoilt as it is mehendi and not graffiti Mohan takes the henna cone and draws something on Navi’s hand. Tanu says Navi is very lucky that she got such a loving father. RJ hears that and says Mohan is her Papu. Guru handles the situation somehow by saying Navi should have gotten a loving father like Mohan. Mohan draws a smiley on Navi’s hand and Mohan says this is all that he can draw. MMN emotional. Navi’s says this is final zidd. Mohan asks her what he said years back FB of Mohan-Nanhi shown where Mohan tells her that for him she will always remain his Chavvani. Mohan tells Nanhi that she can even blackmail him but never to stop asking stuff from him. Navi says somethings never change. Navi-Mohan do their chin routine. Mohan asks her if she ate and Navi says she is hungry. Mohan asks her how will she eat with the mehendi on her hands. Navi points to him and Mohan says I have to do that also. Megha comes there and Navi hugs MM. Beera watches everything with a sly smile on his face.

Renu tells everyone that Sanjay called to say he cannot come as he has a lot of work. Renu says he has to make a lot of money for her. Jiji says thankfully Ved and Saroj are coming. Jiji tells everyone to practice for the sangeet.

NB practicing. Megha in her room dancing with a toy(Bahara playing in BG). Mohan comes in to watch Megha and starts dancing with her. Suddenly RJ comes and applaudes them for their dance. RJ chides Megha for making a team with Mohan. Mohan thanks Megha for the classes RJ praises Megha for teaching how to make Mohan dance. Megha leaves. RJ gives Mohan a thumbs up as he was looking like a hero and Megha heroine. Mohan asks her what does she mean. RJ gives Mohan a rose and asks him to give it DT the next time they meet. RJ says if you give it to her she will start loving you and also say yes to you Megha watches all this from outside. Mohan notices her and smiles at her. Mohan tells RJ that since she is his Guru DT will definitely say yes. Mohan hugs RJ and throws the rose to Megha who catches it.

NB talking and Navi tells Beera that the darker the henna color the more your hubby loves you. Beera says at least the henna knows the depth of my love. Navi tells Beera that she is feeling like a girl for the first time. She says she is a little scared but whenever I close my eyes and think of you everything looks nice. Navi says our married life looks like a dream to me.

Precap: NB dancing on Dilliwali Girlfried. NB dancing/performing on Tere Iss Ishq meing

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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