Qubool Hai 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 12th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is sealing an envelope, whenh nazma comes and asks her to get ready. zoya says that a/c to dilshad she has to make cards right now, for them to be delivered urgently. Dilshad comes in to ask zoya to get ready soon. As zoya sees tanver, she asks her if she can do the rest for them. when tanveer agrees, zoya saysd that its very sweet that she would be doing the cards for Asad’s and her marriage. as zoya leaves for changing, tanveer gets to work resignedly. dilshad wonders that zoya should somehow impress Imam, as he’s very strict. After dilshad leaves, tanveer remembers zoya pasting the enevelope with her saliva. She then fills a vial on to the card, of a medicine that would intoxicate her so much, that she would forget her senses, and befool herself in front of the maulwi.

When asad comes, zoya comes dressed and intentionally asks him how’s she looking. when he compliments zoya, tanveer is jealous and zoya is pleased. Tanveer says that just some cards are remaining and would she mind doing it, as she too has to get ready. Zoya agrees. tanveer climbs the stairs, and sees zoya about to lick the envelope, when the bell rings and they think that it is Imam. they rush towards there. tanveer is very irritated, but is amused when she finds zoya sealing that one card, where she has put the medicine before going. Tanveer leaves for her room.

The imam instructs them about the institution of marriage, which asad and zoya listen intently, that its for a forever union. Tanveer watches happily as zoya starts having a dizzy spell, and begins to faint. As imam goes on about it, zoya finds it difficult to concentrate, much to the pleasure of tanveer. The maulwi asks zoya that she must be remembering the five Kalmas, He asks her to begin the first Kalma. While she is speechless, asad, dilsahd and nazma are tensed. Zoya feels giddy and nauseous, and has a fainting spell. As asad begins to cover up for her, Zoya goes on to tell the first kalma, proficiently much to the pleasure of asad, and maulwi, and tanveer’s ire. the maulwi compliments

Zoya washes her face in the bathroom, and tries to regain her senses. she remembers tanveer asking her to finish, and she having licked the card.

As tanveer is putting the lens in her stone eye, zoya confronts her asking what did she do. Zoya says that she’s asking something from tanveer and asks her to answer to her questions. tanveer pins her forcibly against the wall, and points the sharpened pencil against her eyes, scaring zoya badly. tanveer says that what she did shouldnt be talked about, and if seh wants to see what

tanveer takes the blame for what happened. Tanveer scares zoya to go, when there’s still time. She warns her that otherwise tanveer would see

zoya says that wheer did the challenge go, that she so bravely made that day. tanveer says that now she would see how she keeps this relation safe. She keeps pointing the pencil at Zoya’s eye. Hearing a knock on the door, and finding asad. tanveer changes her face, and asks zoya to be more responsible

tanveer also ngives her a medicine to apply, as she’s very sensitive, and such people should be cautious. asad asks zoya if she’s okay. zoya says that she isnt as sensitive as tanveer feels. She isnt bothered about her marriage

Asad says that dilshad is calling both of them down for dinner. As asad goes, zoya asks him to wait, and puts her arm around his, she goes along with him, and asks tanveer to come or she would stay behind. tanveer is irritated.

asad sees this and is perplexed and doesnt understand whats happening.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Razia asks ayan not to let her stoop so low, that she has to use this video, and asks him to agree as he knows very well, that she can do what she’s saying. As it is, ayan is guilty, and if the video is released, then spoiling nikhat’s life would on him as well, and shirin has already attempted suicide, and god knows if she succeeds the next time. she says that he’s asking for a small amount for his sister’s and mother’s happiness. Razia gives him time to think, but reminds him that her patience too has a limit, and she shouldnt hit the wrong button. Ayan is highly tensed.

razia gets to the engagement preparations again. badi bi is surprised, and gives her a smiling look, and says that she’s preparing so well for her departure. Razia pretends to be surprised at badi bi’s challenge, and smiles at her childishness. razia asks her to remember that ther’s a difference between gam,e and reality, which she cant fulfill. She says that she would fulfill her promise of humaira’s engagement with ayan. badi bi says that its not bad top daydream, but hoping that they would be true

Badi bi reminds her that she’s

razia says that in two minutes ayan would come and ask for the engagement. badi bi says that they would see. they both wait for two minutes, Badi bi asks if her watch isnt wrong. Razia says that her watch is right, but her time isnt. Ayan comes from behind and says that he’s ready, pleasing Razia and shocking badi bi, and he also wants that they get engaged tomorrow only. Razia eyes badi bi, and goes to ayan, and caresses his face saying that he should always be happy. Ayan gives a fake smile.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
The next morning, while gazing at herself in the mirror, she thinks that today asad’s mehendi would be in her hands. she remembers tanveer telling her that she loves asad. Zoya, thinks to herself, that she doesnt know if she loves Asad or not(MITWA), and that asad being a boy should propose to her first, and he should say Zoya, I love you first. (MITWA MOMENT) But asad wouldnt ever say that, as he doesnt know anything. She asks herself, if there’s somthing that she wants to confess to Asad. She smiles at this thought.(MITWA)The screen freezes on her happy face.

Precap: Tanveer tells Zoya that asad always praises zoya that she never lets her face show the real pain that she’s going through. She tells Zoya that soon her mehendi would start, and she would herself ask them to stop putting mehendi on her hands. Tanveer says that she too would see what is her level of threshold pain. zoya is boggled hearing this, and looks at the mehendi confusedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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