Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 12th June 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Prerna and Pallavi making preparations. Rahul comes, looks at Prerna and ignores her and walks away. Prerna notices this, tries to make conversation with Rahul but Rahul tells her off. He tells her to do whatever she wants as she is more intelligent than him. Aradhya and Bharti both observe this. Just then Madhav enters, and Pallavi , Rahul and Prerna switch their attention to them. Rahul tells them all preparations are done and asks them to get ready.

Aradhya is in her room. She is thinking of her family being unhappy with her decision to stay with Madhav. Madhav comes in and shows her the suit and sari Dadi gave for Madhav and Aradhya respectively. Aradhya is lost in thoughts, Madhav asks her what’s wrong. She says how can they be happy together if their parents are unhappy with this relationship. Madhav tells her they worry because they care, once they realize they are happy together they will be happy. Aradhya makes him promise that her parents will come to the party.
The scene then begins with Brij telling Bharti to stop her stubbornness

Bharti then tells Brij why it is her children who have to suffer. She told him she warned him Prerna should not join work. Bharti then says if Prerna and Rahul have so much problems now, what will happen later? And about Madhav, she doesn’t think Aradhya is right for him.

Aradhya knocks on the door. She tells her that she genuinely loves Madhav and wants Bharti to accept her. She touches Bharti’s feet, and she gives her ashirwaad. Then Aradhya hugs Bharti.
Then the scene shifts to Aradhya and Madhav. Aradhya wears a sari and Madhav is amazed, because she looks so good. Both of them compliment each other. Aradhya gets ready, they exchange eye locks and a background music plays.

Pallavi interrupts the moment and asks them to come downstairs.
They go downstairs. Everyone is happy to see them. Prerna and Rahul come together, but Aradhya can sense the tension. Menka and Lalit come to the party. Aradhya is happy to see them . There is tension between the families but they say they will have to bow down in front of their wish.

Pallavi announces that this party is celebrated for Aradhya and Madhav’s happy married life. So they cut the cake. Then everyone forces Madhav to sing.

Madhav sings, Aradhya and Madhav share a few romantic moments. Prerna tries putting a hand on Rahul’s hand but he moves it away. Aradhya notices this, and goes to Rahul.
She tells Rahul, that she didn’t expect this from Rahul who was the same person who understood Prerna’s true love. But, Rahul tells her that Prerna is always trying to make him look inferior. Aradhya tells him , he will understand Prerna’s love once he puts his ego aside.

Precap : Dadi tells Aradhya to pack her bags. Everyone looks confused..

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