My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 40

My world is in your love Chapter- 40

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The words came from Vansh’s mouth, piercing Riddhima’s heart. The man who is very concerned about her life was the one planning to kill her and her family.

Riddhima: Vansh, are you joking? Why is Sunil uncle going to kill his own sister and family?

Vansh: Riddhima, before two days when I told you the murderer was Rajeev, this question should have been raised in your mind, right. But it didn’t rouse in your mind. Rajeev is also your uncle. But you didn’t support Rajeev. Now answer me this question—why is Rajeev uncle going to kill his own brother and family?

Riddhima: Vansh, Whenever I interact with Rajeev uncle, I used to end up in a fight. He has already tried to kill me before in two months. You also gave a warning to him.

Vansh: Yes, I agree he tried to kill you. But when you entered the mansion, he didn’t know that you belonged to his family. He thought that you were an orphan. Rajeev had an idea of marrying Ahana with me, but I and Ahana are good friends. He misunderstood that you were trying to manipulate me for money. So he tried to kill you. Riddhima, after knowing the truth, he did Kanyadhan for you. He gave lots of gifts for you as his blessing.

Riddhima: Vansh, he didn’t do it on his own. Dadi insisted that he should perform Kanyadhan and that gifts were just name-sake things. Okay, I agree Rajeev is not the murderer. How are you telling confidently Sunil uncle is the murderer?

Vansh: Riddhima, I found some papers and a document in my Dad’s room. Now you are going to read it and understand who was the murderer. Now sit on the sofa and read it.

Riddhima looked at the papers and a document which had 30 documents. She rolled her eyes and started to read. Vansh left the study room and went for a meeting. While Riddhima started to read the document, she was feeling so sleepy. She stood up and went near the table to drink the water. Her right hand was busy in drinking water while the left hand had the document.

Her gaze fell upon a strange thing in the room. She noticed a big trunk box in the room. She has come to the study room many times, but she has never noticed it. She quickly went and opened the wooden trunk box. She opened it, and the box had lots of medals, cups, shields and certificates of Vansh. She was astonished to see the honours and awards of Vansh.

Riddhima (in mind): My husband is really bizarre. He has kept his certificate and prizes in this dirty trunk box. All should be kept in a showcase in the living area.

She started to look deeper. She found a basketball and photos. Looking at the photos, a smile appeared on her face. She kept everything again on the wooden trunk box and sat on Vansh’s chair and started to read the paper.

Two hours passed,

Vansh and Rohan entered the room. Vansh and Rohan looked at Riddhima who was sleeping peacefully in Vansh’s desk. Rohan was afraid because Vansh doesn’t like anyone entering his study room without his permission and sitting on his king-size rolling chair. But Vansh was admiring Riddhima’s beauty. She was looking like an angel to him. Rohan slowly made her wake up.

Riddhima rubbed her eyes slowly and woke up. Rohan asked her to stand from the chair. Riddhima was about to stand from the chair. But Vansh held her shoulders and made her sit in the chair.

Rohan: Riddhima, who gave you permission to sit on Vansh’s chair?

Vansh: Rohan, she is my wife. She has all rights to sit on this chair. She doesn’t need any permission.

Riddhima: Vansh, I am sorry!

Vansh: Sweetheart, you don’t need to apologize to me. Have you finished reading the documents?

Riddhima: I have completed 50%, the remaining documents are not in English. It looks like some other language.

Vansh: Yes, Riddhima. The documents are in Telugu.

Riddhima: How do you know that these documents are in telegu? First, tell me where you found this document?

Vansh: Before three days, we found the documents in dad’s room. I had a doubt when Rudra uncle told me that the murderer killed my dad after 6 months of the car accident. Why did the murderer kill my dad after 6 months was the biggest question running through my mind? Finally, I understood that dad must have come to know about the truth, so the murder must have killed my dad. First, I also didn’t understand some documents. I called the family lawyer and a language translator. From them we understood everything that why Sunil killed your parents.

Riddhima: Will you tell me what is in those documents?

Vansh: Riddhima, your mother and Sunil uncle were born in Kadapa in Andrapradesh. Your grandfather wrote his property on Sunil and your mother. Sunil was given a house and a property land in Hyderabad. Your mother was given a land in Kadapa. Sunil’s plan was to take your mother’s land. It was just a hectare of land.

Riddhima: Do you know? why was he so much interested in my mother’s land?

Vansh: Yes, Riddhima. Rohan and Aryan have found some details from the Indian government official. As per the information given by Rohan and Aryan, your mother’s land may contain many natural resources like coal, petrol or diamonds.

Riddhima: What?

Vansh: Yes, from the neighbour land the government officials have confirmed the information is true. We also verified by taking photos from the satellite using higher government official. The photos showed the natural resources in Kadapa. Your mother’s land also comes into it.

Riddhima: Okay, we will assume that he killed my parents. But what is the reason for trying to kill me and Rohan?

Vansh: Riddhima, after your mother’s death, the property of your mother will belong to you and Rohan. So he tried to kill you and Rohan many times.

Riddhima: Vansh, it is all your guess. But there is no strong evidence against Sunil uncle to accuse him. I can’t still believe that Sunil uncle was the murderer.

Riddhima place her index finger and middle finger on her head and started to rub her head in frustration.

Vansh: Riddhima, make your mind calm and think once. You can get some clue about him. That he is the murderer.

Riddhima closed her eyes. Vansh asked her to take a deep breath. Riddhima slowly recollected every meeting with Sunil. Suddenly her mind insisted on taking a look at the kidnapping Sunil uncle incidents.

Riddhima: Vansh, do you remember that day I was ready to sacrifice my own life for Sunil uncle? Mohit Sharma was beating Sunil uncle but the Joker mask man didn’t show up. When I surrendered myself to Mohit Sharma, he left Sunil free. Within a few minutes the mask man came up with a syringe and injected me. When I was admitted in the hospital, the injuries of Sunil uncle were not so much deeper. (trembling) So the Joker mask man is…

Vansh: your Sunil uncle is the Joker mask man.

Rohan: The worst thing for us is we don’t have any strong evidence or proof against him.

Vansh: Don’t worry, we will create it.

Sudden knock at the door, Kabir, Angre and Aryan entered the room with a smirk on their faces.

Angre: Boss, Aryan had tracked the location of Mohit Sharma. Today Ragini made a phone call to his dad and asked Kabir to talk with him. Kabir acted as you told. By using our bodyguards, we have captured the Mohit Sharma gang.

Vansh: Superb. Our next plan is to trap Sunil.

Vansh asked everyone to leave to their respective rooms. Riansh went to their room. Riddhima was feeling so sleepy. She immediately went into deep sleep.

A tall boy was standing with a bouquet of white roses on the sea shore. Riddhima came towards the tall boy and asked for white roses, but the boy refused to give it. The tall boy started to run on the sea shore. Riddhima was chasing the tall boy. But she couldn’t hold him. She felt something in her hand—it was a bouquet of colorful roses which gave her pain in her hand. Suddenly, blood came from her hand because of the thorns in the roses. Soon the “V” dollar chain in her neck was missing.

Riddhima woke up from the dream with fear by screaming Vansh’s name. Vansh also woke up because of the sudden sound in his bedroom. Riddhima’s eyes were still closed. Vansh slowly patted her cheeks to bring her into reality. After opening her eyes, she gave a quick hug to Vansh.

Riddhima was sobbing in Vansh’s shoulder. Vansh caressed her shoulder and asked her to stop crying. Vansh was trying to break the hug, but Riddhima didn’t allow him to do it. He slowly turned his hand and got the glass of water near the bed. He asked Riddhima to drink it.

Riddhima drank the water in fear. Riddhima was shivering, so the water reached her neck. After drinking, Vansh wiped the water from the neck using his handkerchief.

Vansh: Do you have any bad dreams?

Riddhima: Yes, Vansh. Vansh, you should not leave me. You will stay with me, right.

Vansh: Riddhima, yes, I will be with you. Now please sleep peacefully.

Riddhima quickly threw the pillow between them on the floor. Riddhima came closer to Vansh and interlocked her fingers with his fingers. Vansh caressed her head slowly to make her sleep. Vansh was covering the duvet on Riddhima. Soon Riddhima placed her head on Vansh’s left chest. Vansh also took her in his embrace.

Next morning,

The sun rays fell on Riddhima’s face. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself with Vansh so close. Both were cuddling each other. Riddhima just raised her head and looked at Vansh. Vansh’s arms were holding her waist, another hand was caressing her head. Vansh’s eyes were closed. She loved the way Vansh was cuddling her. Again she placed her head on his chest and was blushing.

Vansh: Sweetheart, someone is more eager to sleep in my embrace.

Riddhima: Vansh, are you awake?

Vansh: Yes, sweetheart. I noticed your blushing too.

Riddhima: Vansh, will you please stop teasing me?

Vansh: Okay, this evening we will organize a party.

Riddhima: what is the need for organizing the party?

Vansh: Riddhima, you have got a job in London, so we need to give a party to our family members and also to trap Sunil.

Ridddhima was sad when she heard Sunil’s name. Vansh realized Riddhima’s sadness, so he gave a forehead kiss to Riddhima and left the room.

In the evening, everyone came to the party. Karthik and Sunil came earlier to the party. Rohan welcomed them with the fake smile. Kabir was standing near Ragini with a broken heart. He was searching for Ahana. But she wasn’t found.

Karthik, Kabir, Aryan and Ragini were talking with each other. Vansh also joined them. A breeze of wind came across Kabir’s face, he looked towards the direction of the wind. Ahana came with pride wearing a yellow saree. Kabir was stunned to see his wife like this. Before Kabir could describe her attire.

Karthik: you are an elegant person, Ahana babe!

Rohan: Karthik, why are you calling Ahana a babe?

Karthik: Rohan, I have a nickname for Riddhima as dumpling. I had an idea of keeping Ahana a nickname. The word Babe sounds good for Ahana. Now, she is single, and I am ready to mingle with her. I am waiting for you, Ahana.

Kabir (in mind): This man, Karthik, is making me angry. I wanted to give a punch in his face for saying rhyming words like single and mingle. How can he call my Ahana darling as babe? If I get a chance, I will just crush him like a tomato.

Ahana rolled her eyes and went inside the kitchen. Riddhima came wearing a red saree. Vansh couldn’t take his eyes off. His chocolate brown orbs are just looking at his sweetheart.

Karthik: Dumpling, you are looking like an angel!

Aryan: Karthik, your statement is wrong. How could an angel come in a red saree? An angel used to come only in a white-colored gown dress. Not only that, Angel had a star wand in her hand. How could you say Riddhima Bhabhi as Angel?

Karthik: Aryan, when someone describes a person, you should see the magic in the sentence, not logic.

Vansh: Karthik, again you open your mouth to describe my Riddhima or any other girl in the crowd. I will just load my bullet into your head. Do you understand?

Kabir: Vansh, he is an IPS officer. This is the way you talk with him. Instead of loading the bullet into his head. We will just cut him into pieces and throw it to our pet dog.

Riddhima and Rohan chuckled at Vansh and Kabir’s statement. Karthik just gave a smile and left the place. Kabir whispered into Rohan’s ear and left the place. Ahana was baking the cake inside the kitchen. A pair of hands hugged her waist from the back. She knows who it was. Kabir rested his head on Ahana’s shoulder.

Kabir: Darling, what are you doing here?

Ahana: Baking the cake, Mr. Kabir.

Kabir: Wait a minute, you and Riddhima made the chocolate cake before one hour itself. But you are saying that you are baking the cake now.

Ahana: Mr. Kabir, I am baking a cake for my dear husband. He likes pineapple cake.

Kabir: Ahana, I haven’t told you that I like pineapple cake. Who told you that I like pineapple cake?

Ahana: Kabir, I know that you like pineapple cake. Whenever you come to my bakery, your eyes go towards the pineapple cake. I have noticed it.

Kabir: But you don’t know what I like the most in this world.

Ahana: then tell me what you like most in the world?

Kabir (kissing Ahana’s cheek): It is you, Ahana, darling.

Ahana(blushing): Kabir, Ragini is going to come in search of you.

Kabir: Rohan will handle Ragini. Why are you spoiling my mood by talking about that witch?

Kabir again kissed her cheeks. While Riddhima and Vansh gave their entry in the kitchen. Riddhima closed her eyes with her hands while Vansh laughed looking at the couple.

Vansh: What is your problem, Kabir and Ahana? Why are you always romancing near the oven in the kitchen?

Riddhima: Vansh, stop teasing them. Ahana and Kabir, sorry to disturb you. I and Vansh came here to pick up the cake.

Riddhima picked the cake up with the help of Vansh.

Vansh: Continue your work. I mean, start baking the cake. Don’t misunderstand me.

Vansh and Riddhima placed the cake at the center. Suddenly, Riddhima looked at Sunil. Her expression in her face was changing by looking at Sunil. Vansh understood Riddhima’s expression and pulled her into a hug and whispered in her ears.

Vansh: Don’t show your anger towards Sunil. Act normal, Riddhima.

Sunil gave a grin towards Riddhima. Riddhima also made a fake grin towards him.

Everyone came near the table where the cake was placed. Vansh gave the knife towards Riddhima. Riddhima cut the cake into a slice and fed it to Vansh and next to Rohan.

After cutting the cake, everyone was talking with each other. Karthik was standing near a group of women. Karthik was flirting with Ahana and Sia. Kabir and Rohan were fuming in anger.

Kabir (whispering in ears): Rohan, we need to stop Karthik.

Rohan: Karthik, why are you always interacting with girls? Now, just come with me.

Karthik refused to come, Kabir held his left shoulder, and Rohan held his right shoulder and pulled him out from the girl’s crowd to the men’s crowd.

Vansh took a spoon and a glass and tapped the corner of the glass with the back of the spoon. The entire hall became silent. Vansh started his announcement.

Vansh: Ladies and gentleman, it is really proud to announce the good news in the VR mansion. The first good news everyone knows about it every well is that Riddhima got her job in London. The second good news is that my mom is alive.

Dadi: Vansh, really? But she died in the car accident, right.

Vansh: No, Dadi. Mrs. Uma Raisinghania is alive (wiping dadi’s tears). My mom is alive. Before 18 years, it was not a car accident, it was a planned murder. Soon, from mother’s mouth we will find the murderer’s name. I know the murderer was Rajeev, but in court the judge needs strong evidence to punish the criminal. So mother’s statement is also more important.

Dadi: Vansh, I need to see my Uma.

Sia: I also wanted to see my mom. I have just looked at her in the photo, I wanted to see her real face.

Vansh: okay, tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock we will go and meet him.

While Vansh had a conversation with the crowd. Riddhima’s eyes were focusing on Sunil. Sunil’s body was shivering in fear. He held the chair for grip. He had an anticipation of danger and anger in him. Riddhima noticed his eyes were turning red. He immediately left the place.

He made a phone call to Mohit, but Mohit was not picking up the call. Sunil went to his secret place and broke every object in anger. He looked at the joker mask and threw it in the dustbin and looked at himself in the mirror.

Sunil: For the past 18 years, I have been waiting to get that land. I killed my own sister and her husband. Not only them, I have killed so many people just to make the land mine. Now, I am not going to easily give up. Tomorrow morning, I will kill Uma and put the blame on Riddhima, and soon Vansh will develop hatred towards her. I will give fake love towards Riddhima and make her marry Karthik. After two months, I will take the land from her and throw her out of my house. I thought Vansh was intelligent, but Vansh believed the murderer was Rajeev. Vansh, let’s see who wins this mind game.

Will Vansh save his mother and Riddhima from Sunil?

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