RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 68

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Episode begins with. .. 

Riddhima was working in the kitchen. 

RIDDHIMA: I spoke very big big words. But, what will I do now? How am I going to cook? I know cooking.. But, I don’t know whether I will be able to match their expectations. God, help me somehow. 

Just then she takes her mobile and thinks of calling angre. She thinks of all the recent incidents and stops herself. 

RIDDHIMA: I can’t call bhai now.. I don’t want to gain anymore hatred from him.. Idea!! I’ll go with YouTube.. 

She watches some YouTube videos and decides the menu.. 

RIDDHIMA: Thank God, finally I got some ideas for my cooking.. 

Just then, she hears a clapping sound. She turns and sees virat.. 

VIRAT: Very nice.. Now, the time is 10.00.. And you have decided only the menu.. When will you cook all these? I’m sure that it’s not possible for you to cook all these within the next two hours. Because of you, vansh is going to face another problem in his life.. 

Saying so, he goes. Riddhima gets upset and angry.. She cuts the vegetables in anger. While cutting, she cuts her fingers.. She shouts in pain.. The cut was so deep that it began to bleed immediately.. 

Hearing her sound, virat comes there.. He sees her bleeding finger and gets shocked.. Just then, vansh too comes there. He see riddhima’s hand and gets shocked.. He notices virat there and hides behind the wall.. 

VIRAT: What’s this? 

Riddhima turns her face and stands silent.. 

VIRAT: I’m asking you.. Come with me.. 

RIDDHIMA: I won’t come.. 

VIRAT: Stop being adamant.. I’ll kill you.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’m not stubborn or adamant than you.. 

VIRAT: This is not court.. You are bleeding.. 

RIDDHIMA: I know.. 

Virat takes his kerchief and ties her mouth with it. She holds her hand and drags her to her room.. 

Vansh notices this and laughs silently.. 

VANSH: What a great treatment!! She deserves this.. After angre and me only virat can handle her. Now, I’m happy that virat is here to take care of her. So, better I’ll leave for my work.. 

Vansh leaves. On the other hand, virat brings riddhima to her room. She couldn’t shout because her mouth was tied. She was continuously making noise. 

VIRAT: Instead of your finger your tongue would have got hurt. Atleast, you would have remained silent for a day.. 

He applies medicine for her wound. Riddhima stands to go.. 

VIRAT: Wait, where are you going? 

Riddhima signs him to remove his kerchief from her mouth first.. 

Virat removes the kerchief.. 

RIDDHIMA: To cook.. 

VIRAT: With this hand? 

RIDDHIMA: Yes. I can do.. I will do.. 

VIRAT: I made a big mistake.. 

RIDDHIMA: What’s it? whatever it is, if you know that it is a mistake you can make it right.. 

VIRAT: Right.. 

He ties riddhima’s mouth again… 

VIRAT: So, this was my mistake.. Thanks for your advice.. 

He again drags her to the kitchen. Both enter the kitchen. He makes riddhima sit on a chair and begins to cut the vegetables.. He cooks the food. Riddhima notices him. Seeing his cooking styles he thinks of rudra.. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) What a coincidence.. Even dad used to cook in the same style.. 

Vansh comes home with the foreign  clients. Virat asks riddhima to go and receive the guests. Saying so, he removes the kerchief. Riddhima goes. She welcomes the guests. Within 10 minutes virat comes there and signs riddhima that the lunch is ready. Riddhima informs the clients that the food is ready. 

Dining area:

Riddhima serves the food to the clients and vansh and virat. After completing the lunch, the clients spend some time with vansh and leaves. Vansh, virat and riddhima come in after the clients leave… 

VANSH: Riddhima, you didn’t eat still now.. It’s already late.. Come, I’ll serve food for you. 


VANSH: No, better I’ll feed you. Already your hand is hurt. 

RIDDHIMA: How do you know? 

VANSH: I saw your hand while you were serving food to those clients.. Now, stop your questioning session and come with me.. 

He takes riddhima to the dining area.. He serves food for her and feeds her. Virat too comes and sits there. As soon as riddhima eats it, she gets shocked. Her eyes were filled with tears. Both virat and vansh notices this. Riddhima looks at virat in confusion. Vansh notices her.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, what happened? 

Virat silently leaves the place.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, what happened? 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, the taste of this food is similar to the food made by my dad.. Actually, virat cooked all this.. Even his cooking styles were similar to my dad’s.. 

Vansh gets shocked.. 

VANSH: How is it possible, riddhima? It’s just your illusion.. 

RIDDHIMA: No.. The way he cuts the vegetables, the way he holds the knife, the way he cooks, more than everything, this taste.. All these can’t be my illusion or coincidence.. That’s not possible.. 

VANSH: (thinking) Riddhima, it’s not good for you to know the truth now. I must stop that.. Virat still hates you. Somehow at the bottom of his heart he has some concern for you. Till that concern comes out, till he realizes your true nature, till he understands you, the truth should not come out. It’s not good for you. Even now, whenever I think of your state after your father’s demise, I used to get afraid.. I don’t want to see you again in that state.. If you come to know of his truth now, it might affect you both mentally and emotionally.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, believe me.. How come all these can be coincidence.. Not only now, in many incidents I’ve noticed this.. 

VANSH: Riddhima.. 

Vansh notices riddhima thinking deeply.. 

VANSH: Riddhima.. 

Riddhima doesn’t listen to him. She thinks of all the incidents.. 

VANSH: (shouts) Riddhima.. I’m calling you.. 

Vansh throws the plate. Riddhima comes to her sense.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh.. 

VANSH: (shouts)Riddhima, please.. I’m trying to make you happy.. I’m trying to show you the correct oath. But, you won’t believe me. Why don’t you trust me? Why do you always think that I can’t understand you? Why do you always think that I’m wrong? Why? 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, calm down.. You are losing your temper.. 

VANSH: Let it be.. Your lack of trust on me is my problem.. I’m losing my control over myself.. Why do you always think that I’m wrong? Do you think me a real idiot like you call me? 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, what are you speaking? 

VANSH: Riddhima, I’m trying to keep you happy. But, each and every time you are making me lose.. Why? 

RIDDHIMA: Stop your nonsense.. 

VANSH: Eve now, I couldn’t stop your tears.. You think that only you are right.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, it’s not like that.. I trust you.. I trust you more than everyone.. See.. Look at me, I won’t cry. Whatever you told was right.. It was my illusion. All that happened was just a coincidence. It’s not true.. Whatever you are saying is right. I trust you completely.. Calm down.. 

Riddhima wipes her tears. Still tears were rolling down her cheeks continuously and she wipes it.. 

RIDDHIMA: See, I’m not crying.. You just calm down. 

Vansh notices her wiping her tears and trying to control her emotions and gets shocked.. 

VANSH: (thinking) Riddhima, for the first time, I’m seeing you controlling your emotions, that too for me.. Sorry riddhima.. I don’t want you to lose. These tears and your thoughts might make you weak.. I won’t let that happen.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, you come with me.. Let’s go for a walk… come. 

She holds vansh’s hand and takes him out. Vansh goes behind her looking at her surprisingly.. Both enjoys the walk and the cool breeze. Vansh looks at riddhima’s smile and smiles.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, I think you are in a good mood.. So, let me ask this now.. 


VANSH: I need a promise from you? 

RIDDHIMA: Promise? 

VANSH: Yes, I need you to promise me that you won’t go anywhere alone without informing me.. . 

RIDDHIMA: Is varun reason for this promise? 

VANSH: Yes.. 

RIDDHIMA: Don’t worry.. Nothing wrong will happen.. Promise.. I won’t go anywhere without informing you. I’ll take you along with me, wherever I go.. 

Riddhima promises vansh.. Vansh gets happy… 

PRECAP: Angre comes to raisinghania house with chanchal. Riddhima leaves the house. Vansh searches for her and gets shocked.. 

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