My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 16

My world is in your love Chapter-16

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Riddhima’s hicupps was stopped by Vansh’s kisses on her cheek. Riddhima started to blush. Everyone chuckled at each other. Riddhima’s face was turning into pink. Kabir and Ragini couldn’t see Riansh’s romance and started to quarrel.

Kabir: Vansh, this is the dining table. What are you doing?

Vansh thought, “Riddhima is my wife. Don’t I have rights to kiss my riddhima. She is so cute. What shall I do I can’t control myself?”

Vansh: Kabir, Riddhima had her hicupps. I tried to stop it. See, Riddhima’s hiccups had stopped. Riddhima, do you have any problem?

Riddhima(blushing): It’s okay, VR…

There was a government tender competition between ARR groups and Mohit Sharma industries. Vansh was ready to go to office. He was in his study room looking through the documents. Riddhima went to Vansh’s room.

Riddhima: VR, I have something for you.

Vansh: Riddhima, I am busy now. Tell me quickly.

Riddhima: I have brought meethi bhaat for you. All the best, VR. You will win in it.

Vansh: OK, Riddhima. Feed me.

Riddhima: What?

Vansh: Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania, I am busy in preparing for the meeting. I am your husband. Will you feed me?

Riddhima: Ok, VR. I will feed you.

Riddhima started to feed Vansh. Both came to the living area, Vansh got a blessing from Dadi.

Ragini: Vansh! It is my dad who is going to win the competition.

Kabir: Yes, Ragini. Mohit Sharma industries will win this competition.

Vansh went in vexation. But, Riddhima made a grin at Vansh and showed thumbs up towards him. Riddhima went to her room. Riddhima thought, “Mr. Vansh Raisinghania kissed me in front of everyone. Why do I feel happy when he kissed me? I hate him, right?”

In the conference hall,

Mohit Sharma started their presentation. Mohit sharma presented it. Kabir was not allowed to present his presentation. Ragini had more problems in her presentation. All other industries presented their presentation. ARR group gave their presentation last. It was a team presentation. Vansh gave a brief explanation. Rohan and Aryan also told a practical view. Finally, Tender was in the hands of the ARR group. Vansh, Rohan and Aryan came home happily. But Kabir was completely broken because of mohit sharma. He had a better presentation, but they didn’t allow him to present it.

It was dinner time. Everyone came to the dining hall except kabir. Now this time, Ragini’s plan was to make Vansh kiss her. Ragini used the same trick, she had fake hicupps. Vansh understood they were fake hicupps. Vansh looked at Ishani. Ishani gave a tight slap in front of everyone. Everyone was shocked.

Ragini: How dare you, Ishani! Who gave the permission to beat me?

Ishani: Vansh bhai! See, your hiccups have stopped.

Ragini felt embarrassed. Everyone chuckled at seeing each other. Everyone went to their room. Vansh was in his bedroom, he was listening to his favourite song in the speaker system. The song was Bhula Dena Mujhe from the movie-Aashiqui2.

Suddenly, he heard a knocking sound. He went and opened the door. There was no-one standing behind the door. So he started to listen to the music. But again he heard a knocking sound. He listened to the sound carefully, took his gun in his hand. He understood the sound was from the window. He raised his gun in the direction of the window. He opened the window. Vansh was astonished. It was Riddhima.

Riddhima was shocked to see Vansh with a gun pointing at her. Riddhima was about to fall, but Vansh quickly clenched her hands tightly. Vansh lifted her, Riddhima lost her balance and fell on Vansh. Both were lying on the floor. Riddhima murmured,” You are looking handsome in your night dress.”. Riddhima couldn’t control her mind voice. Vansh said, “Riddhima, what did you say?”. Both felt embarrassed and came to their normal position.

Riddhima: When your wife comes into your bedroom for the first time, you will point the gun at her. This is the way you welcome your wife, VR.

Vansh: I thought it was a thief. I don’t know it was you. Are you a spiderman?

Riddhima: No.

Vansh: Then why did you use the window to enter my room? You should have used the door, right?

Riddhima: Ragini is roaming near your bed room corridor. So I need to perform some stunts.

Vansh: Riddhima, have some water.

Riddhima: your room is neat and beautiful. This song… Is this your favorite song? But it is a breakup song, right. Do you have any feeling towards Ragini?

Vansh: Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania, Are you possessive?

Riddhima: Not at all. I hate you, VR.

Vansh: I hate you more, Riddhima. Okay, what is the purpose of coming into my bedroom at this time?

Riddhima: Shall we go for a night outing now?

Vansh: What? Are you mad? I am not coming.

Riddhima: Okay, I will go to Kabir’s room and call him.

Riddhima quickly went in the direction of the window. Vansh was jealous. Vansh came and hugged from behind. Riddhima’s heartbeat was fast. Riddhima started to blush. Finally, it was Riansh back hug.

Riddhima(blushing): Mr. Vansh Raisinghania, what are you doing? Leave me.

Vansh: Why did you say that Kabir name?

Riddhima couldn’t answer Vansh. She liked the way her hubby was holding her.

Vansh: Answer me, sweetheart.

Riddhima: Sorry, Vansh, I wanted to spend some time with you. Because of Ragini, I couldn’t be able to speak with you. So, I am asking you. Will you come for a night outing with me?

Vansh: I like the way you call me Vansh. OK, riddhima. Let’s go.

Riddhima: Vansh, let’s go through the window.

Vansh informed angre. Both came to the entrance of the VR mansion.

Vansh: Shall I take my car?

Riddhima: Better you take a helicopter. Vansh, we are going for a night outing. We will go on foot. But how do we escape from the security guards?

Vansh made a plan and Riansh came out of the VR mansion.

Vansh: Okay, what next?

Riddhima: I want ice-creams. In the street corner there will be an ice cream shop. Let’s go.

Riddhima holds vansh’s hand. Vansh started to stare at her.

Riddhima: Bhaiya, one Vanilla ice-cream, one chocolate ice-cream and two kulfi.

Vansh: How did you know that I like chocolate ice-cream?

Riddhima: I noticed that you are fond of chocolate cakes. So I thought you like chocolate ice-cream.

Vansh: Riddhima, I kept my wallet in the VR mansion.

Riddhima: Vansh, it is my treat for you. You won the tender. So you don’t need to spend money. I will give money.

Riddhima ate the ice-cream like a kid. Her chin was covered with ice-cream. Vansh slowly placed his fingers on her chin and wiped the ice-cream off. Vansh liked Riddhima’s innocence. Vansh started to caress her face. An ice cream shop owner interrupted their romance.

Shop owner: Riddhima, who is this man?

Riddhima: He is my bro….(laughed)No… He is my boyfriend. Ok, bye…bhaiya…

Vansh pulled her arms and clenched her arms tightly.

Vansh: Again you called me bro. I told you not to call like that.

Riddhima: Vansh, why are your face turning red? I just made some fun.

Vansh saw a notification in his phone. It was a message from Angre.

Vansh: Riddhima, Ragini found that we went out.

Riddhima: But Vansh, this is our first night outing. I want to explore more.

Vansh: Next time, we will come, sweet heart. Let’s go to the mansion.

Both reached the mansion. Vansh had a plan to escape from everyone. Ragini was shouting in the living area.

Ragini: What is going in this house? Where are Vansh and Riddhima?

Rohan: Have you gone mad? Why are you disturbing everyone at this night? There must be in their respective rooms.

Ragini: No, they are missing in their room. Riddhima is not in her room. Vansh is not opening the door.

Vansh: I was in my room. What is going on here?

Everyone noticed that Vansh was standing on the steps.

Ragini: Riddhima is not in her room.

Riddhima’s voice came suddenly from the entrance of the living area.

Riddhima: I was in the garden. I was feeling suffocated, so I went to the garden.

Rohan: Ragini, you better go to the mental hospital. I will fix you the appointment tomorrow. Now, everyone go to your respective rooms.

Vansh made a grin at Riddhima. Riddhima winked at Vansh in front of Ragini. Ragini was burning in rage.

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