My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 15

My world is in your love Chapter-15

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Ragini came and hugged Vansh, but Vansh didn’t hug her back. Everyone in the family was in a bad mood when ragini entered the house. Riddhima noticed everyone’s face somewhere turning into anger, somewhere turning into sadness. Ragini started the conversation.

Ragini: Hi! Everyone! I am back. It is nice to see everyone.

Everyone gave a fake smile. Riddhima noticed that Vansh was exasperating because of ragini. Ragini pointed her finger towards the direction of Riddhima.

Ragini: Who is she?

Sia: her name is Riddhima. She is my friend and my personal physiotherapist.

Ragini: Sia, Ohh Riddhima… She is Kabir’s ex-girlfriend, right. You are just an employee, right, but you are standing as if you belong to this family. Just go and stand near the kitchen.

Vansh(shouted): Ragini! She is my guest. How dare you treat my guest like that? Ragini, who gave you the permission to enter the VR mansion?

Ragini: I came for you, Vansh. I missed everyone, and I missed you a lot. Why shall we start our life newly?

Vansh: Stop it! I don’t want to hear your stupid speech. You can leave the VR mansion.

Chanchal: After two years, Ragini has come from London. She is interested in staying here for 15 days. Please maa don’t say No.

Ragini: Yes, Dadi. I wanted to stay here for 15 days. I need to spend some time with everyone, especially with Vansh.

Dadi: Okay, you can stay here.

Vansh couldn’t say a word against dadi. Everyone went to the dining hall to have their breakfast. Riddhima sat beside Vansh. Ragini couldn’t tolerate seeing another girl sitting near Vansh.

Ragini: Riddhima, I want to sit near vansh. The opposite chair is free, why don’t you occupy it?

Riddhima: Yes, Ragini. The opposite chair is free, you better occupy that place. You don’t tell me where to sit. It is my choice.

Vansh made a grin at Riddhima and smirked at Ragini. Ragini sat on the opposite chair.

Ragini: Is this breakfast? I don’t like it. Mrs. D’Souza, change the menu for dinner. I will tell you what to prepare for dinner. After all I am Vansh’s fiancée and future wife of Vansh.

Riddhima quickly finished the breakfast and went to her room. Riddhima was annoyed at vansh and ragini. Vansh entered her room to explain to her.

Vansh: Riddhima, I need to talk about Ragini.

Riddhima (started to yell at vansh): Mr. Vansh Raisinghania, when you have a beautiful fiancée, why did you marry me? Why did you shatter my dreams?

Riddhima started to cry. Vansh just caressed her face with his hands and wiped her tears.

Vansh: Just listen to me once, Riddhima…

Riddhima: VR, why did you spoil my life? Not only my life, you are spoiling Ragini’s life too.

Vansh: Riddhima, I have not spoiled your life. Just listen to me, Riddhima….

Riddhima: I want to be alone, VR. Will you please leave my room?

Vansh quickly went out of Riddhima’s room. Riddhima washed her face and made herself relax. After a few minutes, Riddhima went to dadi’s room. Riddhima enquired to dadi about Ragini.

Riddhima: Dadi, Is Ragini your relative?

Dadi: Yes, Riddhima. Ragini is Chanchal brother’s daughter.

Riddhima: But she told herself as Vansh fiancée.

Dadi: Riddhima, Ragini is Vansh’s ex-fiancee. Before 2 years, Mohit Sharma came with a proposal of his daughter’s marriage to Vansh. I couldn’t deny it. It was an arranged wedding. Vansh was not interested in it. I forced him, Riddhima. On the day of the engagement, Vansh broke his engagement with Ragini in front of everyone.

Riddhima: Do you know the reason for their break-up?

Dadi: No, Riddhima.

When Riddhima came out of the Dadi’s room. She heard a screaming voice of Ragini and Vansh in the garden. Both were arguing with each other. Riddhima thought, “Will Ragini take my Vansh with her? I will never allow this to happen”

It was dinner time. This time Ragini quickly came and sat near Vansh. Ragini gave a smirk at Riddhima. But, Riddhima tried to avoid both Vansh and Ragini. Riddhima had a jealous feeling inside. The dinner was based on Japanese cuisine. It was Ragini’s favorite.

Rohan: Mrs. D’Souza, how could we have it for dinner?

Ragini: It is dinner today. I like it very much, Rohan. If you don’t like it, you can avoid it.

Everyone felt embarrassed by Ragini’s behavior. Vansh realized that his family was not happy. Vansh left the dining hall without having dinner. Soon, everyone left the place. Ragini was happy because her goal was to destroy the family’s happiness. Vansh ordered Mrs. D’Souza to bring a bottle of wine to his study room. Riddhima went to the kitchen to drink water. She saw Mrs. D’Souza having a bottle of wine on a plate.

Riddhima: Who needs wine at this time?

Mrs. D’Souza: Mam, Mr. Vansh Raisinghania ordered me to bring wine.

Riddhima: Keep two glasses in it. I will go and give it to Vansh.

Mrs. D’Souza: Okay, mam.

Riddhima went to Vansh’s study room. Vansh was shocked to see her with the bottle of wine in her hand.

Vansh: What is this Riddhima? Why did you bring it? I asked Mrs. D’Souza to bring it.

Riddhima: I wanted to serve my husband. Will you share your bottle of wine with me?

Vansh: What?

Riddhima poured the wine in two glasses. She took a glass of wine in her hand. Vansh clenched her hand tightly.

Vansh: What is this riddhima? Stop this lack of sense.

Riddhima: I am your life partner, right. When you drink a glass of wine, I also have equal rights to drink the wine.

Vansh: Riddhima, you are a nutritionist. How could you do it? Don’t you know drinking is injurious to health?

Riddhima: Wait a minute, drinking is injurious to my health alone, not for your health. If it is not safe for me, then also for you it is not safe, right.

Riddhima took her phone, “Mrs. D’Souza, come to Vansh’s study room and throw this wine bottle in the dustbin”.

Vansh: you were angry in the morning. You hate me, like why did you show your care towards me?

Riddhima: why did you stop me from drinking wine? You have an answer, then that is the answer for your question.

Vansh started to stare at her. Riddhima also gave a gaze at Vansh.

Riddhima: I need to ask you three questions. You need to answer Yes or No. You should look into my eyes and tell the answer.

Vansh: Okay, go on.

Riddhima: Is Ragini your ex-fiancee?

Vansh: Yes.

Riddhima: Is Ragini coming again with a marriage proposal to you?

Vansh: Yes.

Riddhima: Do you have any feeling towards her? Do you love her?

Vansh: No… Not at all.

Riddhima: I am sorry, VR. I should have listened to you. You have already undergone pain because of Ragini. I also gave you pain.Sorry!!!

Riddhima caressed Vansh’s face with love. Vansh made a grin at her.

Vansh: I am hungry now.

Riddhima: Me too. Shall I make Dal Puri for you?

Vansh nodded his head and both entered the kitchen. Rohan was opening the fridge and searching for food.

Riddhima: Rohan, what are you doing her at this time?

Rohan: I am hungry, Riddhima because of that Ragini. My tummy is not full. Vansh, you are also hungry, right. Sia, what are you doing here in the kitchen?

Riddhima and Vansh turned towards their backs, there was Sia, Dadi, Aryan and Ishani.

Riddhima: Everyone give me just 15 minutes, I will prepare dal puri.

Everyone had their dinner happily. Everyone’s tummy was full. Everyone went to their respective rooms. Vansh thought, “Finally, I am married to Riddhima. If I had married that Ragini, my whole life would be full of hatred.”

Everyone came for breakfast. Riddhima came quickly and sat near Vansh. Ragini was in jealous mode.

Ragini: Mrs. D’Souza, how dare you change my menu?

Riddhima: It is not Mrs. D’Souza, it was me who changed your menu. I am a nutritionist, so I can handle the menu.

Ragini: What?

Vansh: Yes. Riddhima will handle the daily menu. I don’t want anyone to interfere in it.

Riddhima smirked at Ragini. Riddhima had hicupps. Both Kabir and Vansh gave a glass of water. She accepted the water from Vansh and drank the glass of water. The hiccups didn’t stop. Vansh kissed Riddhima’s left cheeks, Riddhima’s Hicupps stopped. Riddhima started to blush. Riddhima looked at Vansh and made a grin at him. Everyone in the family laughed silently. Ragini and Kabir couldn’t digest it.

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