Molkki 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Kids team up to stop their haathi’s remarriage

Molkki 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi tells Anamika that Purvi has done a lot for her and for her family. You should find the best guy for her. Anamika assures her that it will be done. My entire staff is working on it. Maybe we will find a great guy tomorrow itself. Sakshi says that’s what I want to. Please take your time and find a great guy. Don’t worry about fees either. I can pay double amount. Anamika says I will find the best groom then. Prakashi and Anjali overhear their convo. Prakashi says Sakshi has lost her mind. She should have thrown that Molkki out of the house but she wants her to marry again and leave gracefully. Even Virender has agreed for the divorce. Why send her off as a bride and make new relations? Anjali tells her not to worry. Whatever happens, happens for good. It will be good for us only. Prakashi tells her not to dream too much. Anjali shares a plan with Prakashi (in mute). Prakashi gets thinking and smirks. Sakshi goes to see off Anamika. She notices Prakashi and Anjali near the door and says you haven’t stopped eavesdropping till date. You must have heard that I am getting Purvi remarried. Don’t delay and get ready to enjoy! I told you that you will hear the good news at the right time. Prakashi says she is flying too high. Anjali says we will give her shock soon.

Virender is pacing in the corridor. Did I do the right thing by saying yes for Bawri’s second marriage? Yes, this is right for her. I am sure she will never say yes. Sakshi tells Virender that she tried to convince Purvi but it isn’t easy to pacify her. Virender says I told you she wont agree. I know her well. Sakshi says you know me well too. I always accomplish what I put my mind to. Virender is confused. She tells him that Purvi has agreed for remarriage. We will bid her adieu happily now. Kids come to ask them to play hide and seek with them. Sakshi excuses herself on the pretext of work. Play with haathi and Baba. She goes. Manas decides to find everyone. I will start counting now. Juhi runs off. Virender and Purvi hide as well but they end up hiding at the same spot. They collide and look at each other. Manas starts looking for them.

Virender says I heard that you said yes for the wedding. Purvi says who am I to say no when you said yes. I can do anything for your and Sakshi ji’s happiness. Sakshi ji made me understand that she will be happy and guilt-free if I say yes. How could I say no to her? Manas finds Juhi and jumps with excitement. Juhi and Manas decide to look for haathi and Virender together.

Virender says you relieved Sakshi but are you happy with this decision. She says that does not matter. I will be leaving my happiness and heart behind. I can pacify myself somehow but how will you bear it that I will marry someone else? Virender says this gives me goosebumps every time. how will I be able to see you with someone else? Though it is true that your happiness is above everything else for me. I wont care about my happiness either when it comes to you. I want to see you living a better life. I will be hurt to see you happy with a guy who will love you more than me but I will still smile. I promise you about that. Kids are still looking for them. Virender becomes emotional. He tells Purvi not to worry. Everything will be fine. Your Mukhiya will be happy if you are happy. Purvi says your Bawri will be happy if you are happy. He nods. Let’s try to keep ourselves happy for each other’s sake from today. Both of them try to compose themselves. He is pained to see her in tears. He is about to hold her when the kids remove the curtains. We found you! Purvi and Virender look at each other. She wipes her tears and goes.

Sakshi is looking at the photos of prospective grooms. Virender and Purvi are also there. They keep glancing at each other uncomfortably. Sakshi shows a photo to Purvi who tries to go away citing an excuse but Sakshi does not let her leave. You will select a guy for yourself. Anamika shows a photo to Sakshi. She likes the guy and shows it to Virender. Manas and Juhi come there. They are intrigued by the pictures. Sakshi tells them to have breakfast first. I will tell everything later. They nod and go with the maid. Anamika leaves for the day. You can narrow down a few prospective candidates and let me know later. Sakshi agrees.

Virender asks Sakshi what she will tell the kids. They wont let haathi leave the house. Do you know what they will feel? Sakshi says even I am worried about them but we must tell them. Don’t know how to share this with them. Purvi offers to speak to the kids. Don’t worry. They will understand. She excuses herself.

Kids are making a family portrait. Manas says it will be complete once I put haathi’s picture in it. Juhi agrees. Purvi tells them her photo is not needed in this portrait. Your jungle family is complete already. Juhi and Manas reason that their jungle is incomplete without haathi. Purvi says haathi is not needed as Babbar Sher and his Sherni is there. Genda and Khargosh are here too. Babbar Sher’s family is Sherni. Take haathi out of the picture. Haathi won’t fit with Babbar Sher. Now haathi must find another haathi for herself. Juhi asks her what she means. Even Manas is confused. Sakshi supports Purvi. We must find another haathi to make sure haathi wont be alone. We will look for a haathi who will keep your haathi happy. That’s why we were looking at the pictures outside. Haathi will get married to that haathi. Juhi asks her if that means that haathi will leave them for forever. Sakshi nods. Kids panic and argue. Purvi tells them to hear her out. Try to understand that Sakshi Ma is saying it for everyone. Don’t you want your haathi to find another haathi? That’s what I want though. Sakshi asks the kids if they don’t want to see their haathi happy. I am doing everything for your and haathi’s sake. You will enjoy a lot in haathi’s wedding. Wont you enjoy? Kids nod hesitantly. Sakshi tells them to take bath. She tells Purvi to take out their clothes and leaves. Juhi is in tears. Purvi excuses herself. Manas tells his sister that they must do something to make sure haathi wont leave them and Baba. Juhi agrees with him. We will see who will take our haathi.

A guy and his father come to see Purvi. Sakshi goes to bring Purvi. Kids come up with a plan. They go downstairs and pour tea on the guy’s clothes. They next take him to the bathroom to clean up. Manas asks Juhi if he should share their secret with uncle. Juhi tells him against it but the guy requests them to speak up. Manas tells him that the girl (Purvi) is a haathi. She experiences seizures many times in a day. She starts pulling hair of people. He runs back outside worriedly and leaves with his father in haste. Purvi, Virender and Sakshi wonder what happened to them suddenly. Kids use the similar technique on other families too. They flee from there one by one. Sakshi notices the kids laughing and realizes that they may be up to something. Sakshi and Purvi catch them redhanded next time. Sakshi asks the kids why they did this. Virender comes there as well. Sakshi says it isn’t good to treat guests like this. Don’t you love your haathi? They tell Sakshi clearly that they wont let haathi go anywhere.

Precap: Kids tell Sakshi that no one can separate them from Purvi. Sakshi says that they have their mother. Kids say, but she can’t take Purvi’s place. Sakshi tells family members that she is not able to find a suitable boy for Purvi. Anjali says she has someone in mind. The boy and his family come to see Purvi. They say yes for rishta. Sakshi asks Virender what he thinks. He says if it’s a yes from everyone, then it’s a yes from him too. Purvi thinks how can he tolerate seeing her marrying someone else. Other side, Virender also cries thinking he won’t be able to tolerate it. Kids are very sad.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. 🤣🤣..Manas and Juhi duo is quite a cute and deadly combination. Simply adorable 😍😍

  2. I highly doubt the kids will stop their haathi from marrying someone . I highly doubt there will be incredible twists next week to stop the marriage and for sure purvi won’t marry anyone . As this serial main leads are purvi and virendra . Makers will surely give good surprises next week by giving twists to stop the marriage and also I’ve seen recent posts in insta fan pages that purvi has her mangalsutra on as the pictures I’ve seen are very new . So that means there’s a twist awaits ! Can’t wait for a thunderstorm 🌩 falls on sakshi , anjali and prakashi. On a side note , I knew 11 June’s episode also will be like shit just like previous episodes so I’ll keep on reading Pooja’s wonderful summary updates ! I’ll watch Molkki when the episodes are in good track . Currently the episodes of this week are too dragging and out of track . Oh makers, please bring back purvir’s track and also the truth about that idiot anjali and prakashi at least it’ll be so much relieving to watch 🥺😭 #purvir❤️

  3. Manas and Juhi are amazing to watch 😂❤️

  4. I will be hurt to see a guy loving you more then me,,🤗🤗VIPUL hai naa! excited for upcoming..

  5. Yes, bring it back to track. What is Anjali and Prakashi’s next move? It’s getting kind of boring now

  6. These kids are not less than Prakashi and Anjali,actually they are more clever tan the vamps of this show
    They are really very funny😂🤣😂But I can’t believe the boys tht came to see Purvi how can they believe those kids
    Were they insane?

  7. I am going to watch this show when purvir are together

    1. Me too.every time When this show is on .I don’t even dare to look at it.I will keep on reading updates than watch it.

    2. Artemisa Kiddulat

      Ich lese nur die Komentaren, in Moment mag ich nicht so gern sehen so wie das jetzt ist.

  8. To be honest, I say long live Pooja & her updates!!

  9. Rupangkita Ray

    Manas and Juhi is doing good for Purvir

  10. This Sakshi is something else. With her plan everyone has to sacrifice except her. If purvi was not a molkki, can she break PurVir marriage like that? How can she make Purvi marry a total stranger just because she wants Virender to forget purvi.

  11. I don’t like shakshi..she is very selfish..Purvi have done so many good thing to her yet she still blame Purvi..Shakshi should take revenge to anjali n prakashi.both of them are so evil. I do hope there will be good ending for Purvi and Verinder..

    Thanks Pooja for your very detail updates.

  12. I dont know why they keep dragging this track? I happened to cm across the promo of Vipul’s entry in instagram(I wish I hadnt) which is scheduled to air for 17 -18 June. I felt like slapping the Sakshi character so much. Toral Rasputra plays the character so well tht you can really hate Sakshi for what she is doing. The look on #PurVir faces was like what the hell?
    The story has become so mundane and painful to watch #PurVir always sad, crying and helpless. Where has the villian plot gone to? It is like completely non existent what had happened To Sakshi at the hands of Anjali and Prakashi. Writers keep focusing on Sakshi getting Purvi married off. As followers of this serial we know Purvi cant get married then the serial will hv to end and the core of the series is Mukhiji and Bawri. I hope they done drag this for much longer.

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