Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 20

The episode starts with Vansh seeing Ridhima taking care of some old man. He says Ridhima what are you doing? Who is this old man? why are you taking care of him? Ridhima firsts get surprised to see him here but then take him outside the room to talk. She says why you are here ? Were you following me ? I thought you didn’t care of me, so what’s all this? Vansh says don’t try to change the topic, first tell me why are you here ? And who the hell is that old man? Can’t he get admitted in the hospital if he is that sick. Ridhima says that bhudau(old man) which you are talking about is you FIL, my baba(dad). Vansh gets surprise and says yesterday i found out that i am going to be a dad and today i met your dad. Don’t you think our relationship is moving anti-clockwise, everything is happening in the reverse order. We slept together first, then decided to get engaged, then this pregnancy news , now i met your dad ….and i also realised my love for you… Though the right order should be , first i met you, then love, then met your dad, get engaged, marriage, kinky nights πŸ˜‰, then finally we got pregnant… Sorry you got pregnant πŸ˜……. Ridhima says how could you say that words just like that . Without any preparation… Without flowers or gift… Vansh asks her which words ?

Ridhima says the one which you just said while describing your so called perfect plans. That you love me, these words. I guess we aren’t really meant for each other, that’s why our love story isn’t maching the criteria of perfect rom-com drama. Hero heroine meet , vansh says check βœ…. Ridhima continues, “they first become enemies” Vansh-βœ…. They than start knowing each other very well and start clearing their misunderstandings, vansh-βœ…. They than fall in love, vansh-βœ…. Hero proposes girl in a very romantic situation, vansh says NOT check❌. But Ridhima see the bright side, we almost cover all the intersting plot twist in our love story, just the proposal is left. Leave it on me, you don’t know me, When VR do something then he do it passionately whether it is war or love. You already saw our fights, now its time to show the other side of Vansh Raichand, then one who made Priya…. Vansh than looks at Ridhima who gets jealous as Vansh took Priya’s name while talking to her. She goes downstairs in anger. Vansh says to himself, Mr. Oversmart VR , what did you just did. You digged your own grave. Love’s important rule “don’t talk about your ex infront of your present gf”. You are s experienced guy then how could you slip. He goes after her and tries to get apology of her but she didn’t respond much. He then grabs her and says while my old bhudau FIL is sleeping upstairs, we can do some fun here downstairs too, right love. Don’t forgot even though i love you, but i am still the same VR, who don’t take No as an answer.

He tries to force kiss her, but she acts to have pain in her stomach. Vansh gets shocked and tries to handle the situation. He asks her what happened, should i call a doctor, or even better i should take you to the hospital myself. He lifts her in his arms and was going outside, suddenly Ridhima laughs and says now where did our so called Mr. VR gone, my one small joke and see your reaction. Vansh gets angry on her for doing such prank, he says pregnancy isn’t a joke understand. Mother’s have to go 9 months of sacrifice and pain to see the first cry of their baby and look at you, you are making fun of yourself. He lefts from their and but even while going, he cares her and says i called the home nurse for taking care of FIL, you should go back to home to. Tonight he is leaving for Dubai trip regarding dome meeting so he will not be here with her for a week, so take care of yourself and ask your manager to come and stay with you in our home for a whole week. He leaves, but Ridhima looks sad as she didn’t knew her one small joke will turn out that bad. She calls her manager for her suggestion to control the situation. Her manager says duffer, which pregnant lady does such a bad joke about her health. Don’t forgot now you have one more responsibility, she says and yes i just remembered today you have a appointment with your doctor regarding your pregnancy. Ridhima says yes, now i know what will change his( Vansh) mood back to lover boy. She goes to hospital for having her ultra sound done. While Vansh rushes to the hospital ehen he gets the call from the hospital regarding their today’s appointment. He comes to the room where doctor is performing Ultrasound. Doctor shows them the small portion and says that’s your baby, mr and mrs Raichand. Vansh and Ridhima gets emotional and gets teary eyes looking at their baby. Doctor then says listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Vansh records the heartbeat and the moment in his mobile. He hugs Ridhima. After some time, they reached their home, lights were off so Ridhima tries to switch-on while Vansh hugs Ridhima and says thank you mrs. Raichand for coming in my life. For making me fall in love once again. For giving me the world most beautiful gift (baby). He says you know what, you might not be my first love but always remember one thing that you are and will be my last love. He kisses her and sees kisses him back.

He then switches on the lights, Ridhima gets surprised to see all the decorations he did for today. Vansh says i told you earlier Vansh Raichand do everything passionately. They enjoy their dinner, then dances together… He then carry her and comes inside their room. He puts her on the bed, kisses her forehead, then chicks, then lips…. And so on. He also kisses her stomach ( as he wanted to kiss their baby too) Ridhima says stop right there only, we sre not alone now, our baby will see all this. Vansh says you are just a few weeks pregnant, baby doesn’t grow that fast so chill and enjoy the moment. He was trying to kiss her again but this time his phone rings. Vansh says this time phone protected you but not always. He picks the call and says i am coming there.

Precap- after a week , Ridhima comes to the airport for picking up Vansh but she hears the news for plane is getting difficulty in proper and safe landing due to bad weather. Ridhima gets tense and touches her stomach.

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