Imlie 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Nishant Meets His Ex-Girlfriend Pallavi

Imlie 12th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tripathi family returns home from police station. Harish say he used to teach children that people can buy diamonds via money, but peals of dignity can be gained via hard work; all pears shattered today. Imlie says nothing wrong happened and false case on them also got quashed. Harish says its because of her. Rupali thanks her and says she would have collected the CCTV footage with great difficulty. Pankaj says even then she did. Imlie says whatever she did is for her family and thinks Anu is wrong. Radha says Anu’s daughter did a mistake and to cover up, Anu took them to police station while divorce is happening because of Malini’s affair. Adi says Anu is angry on him and vented out her anger on them all, so he is apologetic for whatever happened today. Aparna asks not to say that. He walks away. Aparna says don’t know why this boy is blaming himself. Rupali says tomorrow is Adi’s birthday. Nishant says he may not celebrate it. Imlie says they will not let him give any excuses and will make him laugh. Aparna says he doesn’t remember his birthday. Imlie says they will give him a surprise party, Rupali will take care of decoration and she will order food from college canteen and they will rock the party.

Malini returns home. Dev asks if Imlie was with her. She says no. Dev informs that Imlie took away CCTV footage. Malini says she will call Adi and find out. Anu walks in and asks who dared to let Imlie inside her house and who helped her. Malini asks what happened. Anu says she filed domestic violence case against Tripathis, but Dev’s illegitimate child brought CCTV footage and threatened her to take back the case. Malini shouts how can she do that, Tripahtis consider and respect her like a daughter. Dev says Anu stoops low each time. Anu says she cannot see her daughter’s life being ruined like Dev and cannot see Malini’s divorce. Malini shouts its not Imlie’s mistake and she cannot drag Imlie between her and Adi’s problems. Anu says Imlie is the culprit. Malini says remembers injustice on herself and thinks everyone will suffer like her. She tells Dev that she needs to explain mom clearly and tells Anu that her mistake cannot be an excuse to her bad behavior, its Dev’s mistake and not Imlie’s, Imlie suffered whole life and she shouldn’t increase her troubles. Anu shouts to stop, they didn’t see what Imlie did today, Imlie is very dangerous and she will ruin Imlie’s life.

Imlie takes Sundar and Nishant to her college canteen. Sundar yells for waking him up early morning and bringing him here. Nishant asks Imlie if her canteen didi can complete the order in such a short span. Imlie says her canteen didi is very sweet. Sundar and Imlie’s nok jhok starts. Nishant goes to get order and tells canteen staff that there is Imlie’s order. He gives imlie/tamarind box. Nishant says he means his college student Imlie gave food order. Canteen didi brings order scolding staff for his mistake. Nishant gets shocked hearing his girlfriend Pallavi’s voice. They both stand emotional seeing each other. Sundar and Imlie walk in, and Sundar says he will taste food first. Nisant says no need for that as food must be tasty and asks bill. Pallavi walks away saying if he can clear the account with money. Staff brings bill, and Nishant leaves paying it. Imlie noticing his reaction asks canteen didi’s card and reads her name as Pallavi Thakur.

Malini thinks today is Adi’s birthday, she didn’t prepare cake and wish him after so many years, but she can nothing left now. Lawyer calls her and asks if she is sure she wants divorce. She says yes and says will inform Adi that divorce date will be finalized soon. She emotionally looking at her mangalsutra remembers Adi saying he shouldn’t have waited for 7 years to marry her and she hoping their relationship and love remains same forever. She removes her mangalsutra and wipes her sindhoor remembering Adi applying during marriage.

Adi comes for breakfast and asks Aparna if no one wants to have breakfast. Aparna says they will have breakfast in hall. Adi asks if something is special today. Sundar says he should tell. Adi says he gets headache without tea and walks to hall. Everyone look at him smilingly. Adi asks why are they staring at him. Radha asks him to sit and watch TV. Adi says she never gives TV remote. Pankaj and Harish forcefully make him sit. He asks why they kept a box. Harish says its TV. Rupali gives him remote. Imlie emerges in TV box mimicking as a news reporter and jokes that the great arrogant Adi will smile today, they will have brakfast from outside, etc. She continues her jokergiri and everyone laugh. Finally, everyone wish him happy birthday. Adi thanks and hugs everyone. Rupali says it was Imlie’s idea. Imlie brings cake. He cuts cake and feeds it to everyone and then is about to feed Imlie when door bell rings and Malini walks in. Everyone stop smiling seeing her.

Precap: Adi asks Imlie if she can give this gift on his birthday and tells family that he wants to tell them something about him. Aparnaa asks what he wants to say.

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  1. ROFL ROFL am laughing. T family are weird and that TV scene what a joke, still T can’t find out anything, I cant find any logic, Malini scene are great to watch,finally its time for her to move on,you go girl, malini made me emotional today, still she supports imlie why are you so good women. I wish she stay away from that adithya n imlie, it will give her pain if she remains in their life.she should cut off their relationship for her own good n sanity and live her life

    1. Ya exactly. I also wish Malini just stays away from that creepy duo, and doesn’t try to help them any more. They don’t deserve it. Her own life is more important.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Time waste dragging episode… Everyone will now hate Malini and tripathi’s will do little drama and accept Imlie..πŸ₯±πŸ₯±πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
    Before Aditya-Imlie lies come out, I thinkπŸ€”πŸ€” Nishant will unite with his ex gf..

    1. Bislove(Roshni)

      I’m tired of this show by turning Malini and her mother to devil and untrusted person,and makes imilie and T family best family, what did maker what to prove by making T family hating Malini and make them love imile more,I know when the secret is out they will know why Anu hate imilie with passion, first her mom and now imilie herself,they turned daughter and mother to shameless person by ruined their marriage, and everyone now hating Anu for overprotective of her daughter, rubbish show

  3. Doesn’t tripathi gang has work, other than to worship imlie, only nishanth is left to sing praises, which he will join soon

  4. Now that pallavi is here I think imlie’s full time job begins now,that is to unite her and nishant

  5. Rene Fernandez

    Hope this serial which is getting boring ends with Malini marrying the Lawyer and Adi and Imlie being accepted as a married couple and all ends well and thankfully this serial should now end .

    1. Bislove(Roshni)

      You are right cos nothing Left for the maker that to drag this show,the maker doesn’t know what next to do by turning one mother who is trying to protect her child to devil and the other one goodness,now imilie will be trying to unite Nishant and ex girlfriend together and turn to goodness like sai in that rubbish show GKSPM,I couldn’t even remember the show name,if the maker didn’t correct the mistakes in time the show imilie will be useless like GKSPM to me

  6. Super bahu imlie reporting on new mission!

  7. todays episod is soooooo worst
    1.again they started praising { although they never stop }
    2.i want malin to move on
    3.we want kunal too…. in each and every episode from monday
    4.i think now story revolves around niahant and pallavi
    5.thankgod malini removed her mangalsutr and sindoor
    6.hope she soon get divorce.
    and malini and kunal lovestory starts after malini divorce
    7.monday also adi will not reveal truth bcoz imlie ko mahaan bana nahay…..
    8.i love anu in yesterday episode she told malini it is wrong to have an affair ….and she trusted her daughterπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ epi was worst……

  8. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Enjoyed Gashmeer’s birthday celebrations πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰…. very nice episode.. so wholesome… finally the family smiled again…but I know that witch Anu is plotting again πŸ˜‚ reminds me of Kanak and Hema lol… still tho, I am curious as to what caused Dev to leave his wife and child in the first place πŸ€”…seems that witch was driving him crazy long before Meethi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ … I have a feeling tho, that Anu will try to intervene in Satyakam’s case proceedings to try and hurt Imlie…what a desperate and foolish woman she has become… as per precap, hope marriage truth comes out this week 🀘

  9. Don’t know why everyone keeps praising Imlie, she is so illiterate, she might be book smart but she is stupid especially with all those gimmick scenes she keeps “entertaining” the T family with, that tv scene was so crappy yet Adi was so happy.
    Also how did she become so great that everyone has to have her approval to move on in life? Malini must bring her bf before her, now she will have to investigate Nishant gf before giving approval to him, what bulls*^#. So writers saying that a homewrecker becomes great in family eyes?
    Malini needs to stop playing cupid and want to give Imlie her rights, she don’t have any as she knows exactly what she is doing yet keep hiding and don’t want truth revealed.

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