My wife, Yuvani, part 25

Dadi and Pratima were happy with whatever happened. They knew they did badly with Suhani, but they found it necessary, and now they are happy that they have broken Yuvraj’s biggest and only support. They are aware of the mental stress Yuvraj is going and also knows the need of a support, and now Suhani is broken they know that he will be left alone and will return to them finally. They had a good sleep.

Saurab assured the youngsters that Punkaj is with Suhani, so they too slept with half mind, waiting for the next morning to meet Suhani.

Punkaj was truly upset. Suhani’s miserable face was flashing in front his eyes, he felt like he failed as her Dad. He felt like it was his mistake to get Suhani married to Yuvraj and now all he wanted is to rectify this mistake. He want Suhani to come back to him and for that he was ready to stay away from her, he was ready to take her back forcefully, but he won’t let her suffer.

Lata was crying badly.

Lata: Suhani beta, please come back, you won’t be happy there. Please….

Suhani was completely shattered, nothing was right she felt defeated, she felt like she was alone in the whole world. She was as scared as a small kid who lost in crowd.

She cried and cried and kept crying. She wished if Yuvraj was with her.

As if he heard her, Yuvraj woke up from his sleep, he looked at the time, and it was 3 am. He felt some uneasiness, but was not able to understand it. He felt like he wanted to talk to Suhani, but it was 12.00 at India, so he sighed and tried to sleep again, but was not able to. (Imagine anywhere foreign, with a time difference of 3 hours.)

Next Morning:

Suhani was crying the whole night it was only at morning, slept, out of tiredness. But just as she closed her eyes, the bell rang.

She looked around confusedly, as if she was not able to understand from where the sound came from.

Sau: Suhani, open the door…

Anuj banged the door; Suhani saw some movement on the door and went to it. She kept staring at it as if she doesn’t know how to open it. Then with some confusion she opened it.

Saurag and Menuj looked at her shocked; they couldn’t believe that the person standing in front of them is Suhani. She looked lost, she appeared pale and her eyes were red. Rags immediately hugged her, she didn’t react. Rags led her inside and others followed.

She made Suhani sit on the sofa and went to kitchen, she knew that she hadn’t had anything after yesterday noon.

Rags came with food and sat beside her. She forwarded food to her and Suhani looked at her hand confused.

Rags: have it?

Suh: Kyu??

She asked in confusion, as if she doesn’t know why one should do it. Menka broke down seeing her so. This wasn’t something they expected, they thought she would be in a better condition than the last evening, but now. Only then they realized that Punkaj was not there.

Saurab immediately called him, and Punkaj said everything about his meeting with Suhani. Saurab looked at her painfully; he could imagine what she had gone through. He tells others everything, and they broke down, but Suhani sat there unaffected. It pained them more.

Rags somehow made her have food. They sat around her and tried to make her come out of the trauma, but were unsuccessful.


Suhani was still sitting quite when her phone rang. Anuj looked at the id, it was Yuvraj.

He didn’t know what to do, he somehow picked up the call.

Anuj: hello,

Yuv: Anuj??

Yuvraj was upset hearing him; he badly wanted to talk to Suhani.

Anuj somehow calmed himself.

Anuj: Oh, so Bhai you are irritated hearing my voice, you didn’t even call me after leaving, and now when you hear me, you are sad, fine then, I won’t let you speak to Suhani.

He managed to say it, and prayed that he said it in a teasing sound.

Yuv: Anuj please, I want to talk to her.

Anuj: So much desperation, then for sure, today you are not gonna talk to her and mind you, I am keeping her phone with me. So bye.

He cuts the call. Yuvraj was irritated.

Yuv: this Anuj bhi na, he too choose this time to tease me, damn!! Why do I feel like something is wrong with her, I wish I could at least hear her voice.

He knew that Anuj won’t let him talk to her that day so he went back to practise with half mind.

Anuj: I am sorry Bhaiya, but I can’t let you know anything, because whatever condition Suhani is in today is for you and I won’t let her efforts go waste. I will make sure that you won’t come to know any of these.

He was being more of Suhani’s bil than Yuvraj’s brother.


Rags somehow fed Suhani. They tried to make her sleep and somehow she fell asleep. Girls slept by her side and boys slept on the couch.

Suhani woe up after sometime screaming, she screamed closing her eyes and others too woke up. She was again blabbering. They somehow calmed her, but she was too scared to sleep. Hence all the six of them stay awake that night.

Three days, it took them three days to make Suhani come out of her trauma, they didn’t call Punkaj as they know he is angry and won’t attend their call. These three days, they gave her sleeping pills along with her food and hence she had some peaceful sleep.

Fourth day:

Suhani woke up early, at first she did not understand anything, she felt some deep pain in her mind, like her soul is shattered, and then she remembered everything and started to cry. That whole day she was constantly crying, tears were not stopping, even though it pained others, they let her cry, they know she needed it.

Again Yuvraj called, but Anuj didn’t let him talk to Suhani, Yuvraj frustration was increasing day by day. These four days Anuj alone was attending phone and he was playing badly with him. Even though Anuj made it convincing, Yuvraj was feeling that something was not right.

Fifth day:

Everyone was sitting while having their evening tea when Yuvraj called.

Anuj: Bhabhi, will you talk to him?

She just stared him without saying anything. Anuj sighed and attended the call.

San: hello.

Yuvraj closed his eyes hearing Anuj’s voice.

Yuv: (irritated) Anuj, enough now. I haven’t even heard her voice for four freaking days. Now you are testing my patience. If you think that I am desperate, then I am, but I want to talk to her and that’s it. Give her the damn phone.

Anuj passed her the phone.

Suh: Hello,

Yuvraj closed his eyes satisfied; he was hearing her after long four days.

Yuv: Suhani,

She got emotional hearing his voice; she was feeling something positive after hearing his voice.

Yuv: Suhani how, how are you?

Suh: Fine,

She managed to say. He found something weird in her voice.

Yuv: What, what happened to you, your voice?

She closed her eyes; she didn’t want him to know anything.

Yuv: Why are you silent, what happened?

Suhani takes a deep breath.

Suh: (in mind) Come on Suhani, calm down, be Yuvraj’s Suhani, the chatterbox, the kid.

Suh: Vo, vo Yuvraj, I,

Yuv: You, say na, wait, you didn’t do something childish again right?

Suh: (in mind) That’s it Suhani, come on go for it, think of something childish, think…Thank you Yuvraj, you yourself helped me.

Yuv: Again silent, now I am sure, you did something foolish right, just say what it is, mind you, and don’t lie.

Suhani closed her eyes, she crossed her fingers.

Suh: Vo Yuvraj, I,(fast ) Actually I and Menka had a ice cream eating competition in the morning and I had ten ice creams.

She closed her eyes tightly, expecting an explosion in the other side, and it happened. Yuvraj was shocked hearing her, ten, ten ice creams, at once, has she lost it?? How can she be so childish? He was angry and scolded her.

Happy tears were flowing from Suhani’s eyes, she could feel his love and that made her so happy.

Yuv: Give phone to Bhai,

She passed the phone.

Yuv: Bhai,

Sau: Yuvraj I am sorry, I couldn’t stop her,

Yuv: It is not your fault Bhai, she would never listen na, stubborn piece.

Sau: (emotionally) Yup, stubborn piece.

Yuv: How, how is she now?

San: Well, she has throat pain, cold and slight cough, I took her and Menka to hospital, they got medicine, Rags is managing them and you know how good a nurse she is. She is making them have kada too.

Yuv: Kada, good she deserves that kadva kada, and Bhai, please take care of both.

Sau: Yuvraj, they mean something to me too.

Yuvraj smiles.

Sau: You don’t take tension, they are fine.

Yuv: Yeah. Bhai, give her the phone.

Saurab gave Suhani phone.

Yuv: Suhani, please take care of yourself, please take medicine on time, avoid cold food and yeah, you will only go to college, after getting back your voice.

She nodes.

Yuv: Are you listening, say something.

Suh: Oh, ohk, Yuvraj I will. (In mind) Yuvraj please, I can’t take it any longer, please cut the call, pleaaaaaaaaaase.

As if he heard her,

Yuv: Suhani, I, I am being called, will talk to you later, Bye.

Suh: Bye.

He cuts the call.

Yuv: What was that, why did I hang up; why did I lie, I felt like someone from inside was saying me to hang up, God what is this.

He sighed.

Other side Suhani collapsed on the floor.

Suh: (crying) this is not me, I am not like this, I will never hesitate to talk to my Yuvraj and now, I want to be his Suhani, I want too.

She cried. Others smiled seeing her crying, because for the first time in these five days she spoke positively. She wanted to get back and they knew she will. Because she is Suhani Yuvraj Birla.

  1. Glad to see the way youngsters support Suhani.. liked how Yuvraj got up in the middle of the night.. The phone call scene was so sweetly written.. this dadi doesn’t know that by breaking Suhani, she is breaking Yuvraj as well.. waiting to know how will Suhani turn stronger once again..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear, hope you will like what follows

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