Mere Sai 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mhalsapati And His Family Are Missing

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Mere Sai 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai stops Bheema and asks if he will get some sugarcane for him. Bheema happily agrees and says it will take time as sugarcane is available outside city, he will bring it to Dwarkamayi. Sai says okay and walks to Dwarkamayi. A couple greet him and cry that their 12-year-old son Subodh is missing, if Sai can find him. Bheema brings sugarcane. Sai thanks him. Sai says their son can return if he can extract juice from sugarcane. Man says he can as he sells sugarcane juice, where he can get extractor. Sai says extract it from his hands. Man asks how can he. Sai leaves and reaches Khandoba temple where Appa and other disciples discuss where Mhalsapati has gone with his whole family, he was with them till last night. He asks what happened. Appa says Mhalsapati is missing with whole family, he should

have given Khandoba’s pooja responsibility to someone else and gone. Sai says they all will perform Khandoba’s pooja till Mhalsapati returns.

In Dwarkamayi, man crushes sugarcane with his hand punches and extracts juice, he gets tired and says how will he extract remaining cane’s juice. Wife says even she will help as she can do anything for their son. Sai gets busy in pooja in tmeple. Mansays he could extract only 1 can, it will take long time. Wife suggests to trust Sai. At night, Sai returns. Man says he could extract only 3 canes’ juice in whole day. Sai asks if he wants his son back, he has to finish all canes, he is not in a hurry. Man continues hitting canes. Sai lights lamps. Jhipri enters and helps Sai. She sees Man’s condition. Man thinks Sai gave them hard work and just lighting lamps easily. Jhipri leaves. A man enters with burnt hand and pleads for help. Sai gets ash from fire stick, prays, makes its paste and applies it on man burnt hand. He then touches h and and looks at sky. Hand glows. ash and burn disappears. Man rejoices and thanks Sai. Man looks at the whole incident carefully and confronts Sai that it is wrong, that man came just know and got help, but he is working hard since morning, how will he get his son if he extracts juice. Sai says it is hard work, but this is the only way to reunite him with his son, does not he remember same incident happened long ago.

Man reminisces his father pleading to let him meet his grandson Subodh, but man lies son is not at home. Subodh runs and hugs grandfather emotionally, but man sends Subodh in and asks his wife to lock door. Grandfather pleads to let him meet his grandson. Man gives sugarcane and asks to extract juice from his hand. Grandfather returns at night with juice. Man says it is too late now and locks door. Grandfather pleads crying loudly to let him meet his grandson. Out out flashback, man cries loudly in guilt and says even his father is missing and says now he realized why he told if he wants to find out solution for present problem in past deeds. Sai asks what happened. Man says he hates his father as his father was a poor sugarcane juice extractor and never saved a penny, even he had to work as juice extractor his whole life.

Precap: Sai reaches Mhalsapati’s house and sees them mourning.

Update Credit to: MA

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