Nimki Mukhiya 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweeti in critical condition

Nimki Mukhiya 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor says what is blood group? Nimki calls annaro and says what is Sweeti’s blood group. Annaro says how dare you call me. Dablo takes the phone and says how is sweeti? Nimki says babbu shot her. What is her blood group? Dablo says it is A-. Where is sweeti? Nimki hangs up. Doctor says we are short on A-. Please arrange someone. Nimki says tune call someone. Abhi says no one in my office is A-. Tune calls Mauha.
Tune calls Mauha.. she says who was shot? is Nimki okay? Tune says Sweeti is shot. Mauha says why would babbu shoot her? Abhi says is your blood group A-? Nimki says please come here if you are. Look into list and tell me who is A-. Mauha says I am A-. Tune says Mauha please hurry up. Rush here. Mauha says I am coming. Is she okay? Tune says she is shot please come fast. Mauha tells Ram. She rushes towards the hospital.

A few people ask who is shot? Nimki says she is Tettar’s daughter. Tettar’s son shot her. Abhi says go from here. Nimki recalls her moments with sweeti. She is in tears. Tune says control yourself Nimki. Everything will be fine. Nimki says how is elena? Tune says dropped her home. she was puking all the time and shivering. Abhi calls Mausi. He says how is Elena? Elena takes the phone and cries. abhi says are you okay? Elena cries. Mausi says she is very scared. she is throwing up. Is everything okay there? Those animals shot Sweeti. How could they.
Nimki says is she okay? tune says you should go home. You should be with Elena. Nimki says he is right. You should go. She is very scared. Abi says okay. He leaves. Nimki says how can a brother shoot his sister? This Babbu, he shot Sweeti. They are animals. They can’t respect any relation.

Everyone is shocked in the haveli. Tettar waits for Babbu to come home. Annaro says please think what to do now. Tettar says what? See my face. That Babbu is so out of his mind. He could bring her here but he shot her. Rekha says will sweeti die now? Annaro says shut up or I will kill you. dablo says why are you worried? You asked him to shoot her. Tetta says so he did? Are you all crazy? Anaro says will he be jailed? i will lose two kids in one day. Rekha says Sweeti was never yours anyway. annaro says you are right. She wasn’t mine if she was this all wasn’t have happened. Dablo says she is n that condition because of you. Rekha says Babbu will be given death sentence too. Tettar says Babbu did right. She went to marry our enemy. Annaro says go and save babbu before he is arrested. Ritu says he is right. Sweeti has been given her lesson.

Babbu comes to a hospital. A man says someone said yous hot your sister. Babbu slaps him. Diamond says if anyone says a word they will be shot.
Nimki is worried for Sweeti. Babu says I wanna see sweeti. Nimki says can’t go in. Babbu puts gun on her. she says this doesn’t scare me. Tune says you can’t go in. Babbu shoots towards Tune. He sits down. Doctor says what is happening here? Babu goes in. Tettar and Rity come outside. Babbu sees Sweeti’s vein. Doctor says please go out.
Babbu says I will kill you. Nothing is more important than out family.
Nimki says to diamond I wont let anything happen to my Sweeti. She goes in She stops Babbu’s gun and says you are a monster. She puts his gun down. They go inside. tune hits diamond. Tettar and Ritu stop him. Babu says I will shoot her. Tettar comes and says stop Babbu. They take him outside. Tettar says are you out of your mind? Nimki is in tears.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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