San:r u doing well?how abt ur project?
Rag:pappa came(teases)
San:smiles.k r u eating well and taking ur medication properly
Rag:mumma too came
Ragsan chuckles
Rag:i promise im doing my project good and eating well and taking medication it clear PAMA?
Rag:chuckles “PA”ppa and ma for ma
San laughs
After few second
Rag:i think sathya bhai is gng to b angry on us?
Rag:dont u know?(smiles)u r snatching his car whenever u cam here
San:hey..he is my frd right..if he didnt do this sort of help to his frd then y he should live in kolkatta?
Rag chuckles..k now where r v going?
San:wait will tell u by saying he starts the car

@shopping mall
San:wat do u want to purchase?
Rag:now only i purchased many kurtas for college
San:k then v will c saree it k?
After 10min
Rag :im looking at all the saree ,on corner of my eyes i noticed u know wat he is doing?just scrolling his phone..when he is that much busy ,not even have time to select for me
San:didnt u select?
Rag:r u busy?i mean if u didnt means u can select for me confused
San:nods ragu ,how is it? By saying he shows red colour saree
Rag:smiles let me gues?ur fav colour is red right

@trail room
Rag:i was uncomfortable when he selected red lehenga for our wedding but now …i itself asking him to select my dress..i dont know y? i feel lik i should b good in his eyes…he should get mesmerized by seeing me apart frm all this my hear flutters in joy when he selected a saree for me ..omg this thought..u wont understand unless u didnt marry but y its all of a confused?

Rag:pats his shoulder as soon as she came frm the am i?
San:nice (smiles)
Rag blushes

Rag:now where r v?
San:will tell u
Rag:looks at him …y r v here?
San:cum by saying he drags her
Rag:(stops him)i dont want to cum (sanskar looks at her)i feel broken by seein them and moreover for our happiness/goodness v r giving them a one day meal which is unfair.i dont know who created this concept
San:(smiles )and holds her hand
Rag looks at him
San:u should nt feel broken by seeing them..instead u should make them happy.yeah ragu its really unfair for treating them well just for a day but imagine they r many people in this world and daily many people will b borning..image if they all celebrate their birthday with this children over her
San:daily they willl get the normal food lik us..atlease being a human being v should do it so my ragu is gonna to celebrate with the pure souls only
rag nods with moist eyes
To herself i told u right..everything he will c in different manner only and by his simple words he changes my thoughts.wat he said is true?being a human being v should atleast help them in this way?

Rag:now where r v?
Rag:(cuts him)will tell i right
San chuckles

@some top of mountain
San:its my favourite place..whenever i came to visit sathya i will surely cum over u lik it?
Rag:its awesome
Both goes when rag is abt to sit san stops her..wait i brought mattress by saying he went towards the car

after few seconds..both were shown sitting together and enjoying a view
Rag:looks at him
San:raises her eyebrow
Rag:u didnt wish me still
Rag:to herself my hear is pounding fastly whenever he gives a smiles..y he should (her thoughts get struck when she feels his hand on her) when she looks at her hand ,her eyes got widens by seeing a diamond ring on her ring finger..she looks at him with widen eyes
san:happy birthday my dear wifey by saying he gently kisses on her on hand
Rag:Looks at him shockingingly
San :do u lik my gift?
Rag:(gets her sense)nods (in mind he made me numb,i dont know whether im alive or dead
Rag:looks at him
San:im sry
San:vo without ur permission i kissed(stammers)
Rag:c now u became a stammering man(jokes to divert the topic)
San smiles blushingly

@night @hostel
San:take care
Both were standing outside of their hostel and looking at eachother
San:dont forgot to take ur medication
Rag:nods smilingly
again both were lost
San:k bye tak care by saying he starts to leave
Rag:Immediately holds his hand
When sanskar turns..she immediately wraps her hand on his waist…thank u
San was shocked by her sudden hug
Rag:breaks the hug and kissed on his cheek and immediately rushes too the hostel not even looking at him once
San hold his cheek and smiles by seeing her disappearing figure

@hostel room
Rag threw herself on the cot and blushes by hiding her face with her hand..omg where i got the guts to do it..

san smiles to himself by touching his cheek

K done
Hope u lik it
Thank u for ur wonderful wrds…sry for not replying to it
With lots of love vinu

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