Vikram Betaal 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Betaal returns Vikram’s kindness using his tears

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Vikram Betaal 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalike coming to Vikram’s room and applies tilak to is toe. The person applying Tilak is not Kalike, but Bharmal. Bharmal comes to her and says I have done your work. Kalike talks about music. Bharmal says I want to fulfill my Maa’s wish and want Vikram to think about him. Kalike dance while Vikram and Padmini are sleeping.

Kalike comes in her avatar and takes the red power which comes out from Vikram. She laughs after getting it and says I have snatched Vikram’s kindness from him, and says what will happen to Betaal now. In the morning, when Vikram and others are praying to God. Kalike as Ridambara thinks she will see how Betaal don’t come infront of her. She asks Senapati Virat sen to apply Tilak to Maharaj . Senapati ji takes plate from her hand and is walking towards Vikram, when Kalike makes Senapati fall on Vikram. Vikram gets angry and calls him foolish. Senapati says he didn’t fall intentionally. Vikram takes his sword and is about to stab Senapati when Padmini stops him holding his hand. She asks what are you doing? Vikram asks her to leave his hand. Betaal witnesses everything and is shocked, thinks what happened to Vikram suddenly. Kalike thinks this is the start. Betaal thinks another Putli came here in his life. Betaal sees Vikram’s toe and thinks his Daya bhao is snatched from him by this red power. He thinks to make Vikram kindness back using his tears and makes it fall on his toe. Vikram comes in his senses and asks what sword is doing in his hand and asks Senapati and others, why they are standing like statues. Pingla says why Vikram is reacting as if he don’t know what happened now. Vikram says Puja thaali fell down and says don’t worry, God don’t get angry on his bhakts. Padmini thinks if Maharaj is unwell. Kalike thinks how his daya bhao returned.

Bhadrakaal tells Kalike that Betaal is a pure soul and asks her to think if his soul can make Vikram fine then what he could do. He asks her to be safe from him. Betaal tells Vikram that he has a doubt on that jogini. Vikram asks for proofs. Betaal says he will bring the proof.

Kalike talks to Bhadrakaal and Maha Maya and tells that Betaal can see only Jogini and not her, and tells that she knows how to handle them. Betaal blows Mayavi air and says putli will get burnt and will come infront of him. He blows air on the Dasis. Dasi comes to Ridambara and says this is your food. Ridambara turns as Kalika. Dasi gets shocked and shouts. Kalike kills her. Betaal thinks whose voice is this? Kalike makes the Dasi into ashes. Bharmal comes there and says can I come inside. He apologizes to her. Maha Maya says I know you have come here for some reasons. Bharmal says yes and tells that he will tell everything straight. He says I want to learn music from you. She says you will be my first shishya in Ujjaini, I will make you hear a special raag. She touches his shoulder and controls him with his powers. She says special raag is raag deep. Bharmal says really? And says don’t call me Aap…She says ok. Betaal looks at Jogini’s room. Kalike says I am blessing you that whenever you sing, you will rule on everyone’s hearts. Bharmal asks really? She asks him to sing today in the court and says when Maharaj gets impressed by you, then give this diya to him. Bharmal says today I am sure that you are a good singer and good human, and have God blessings bestowed on you. he bends down before her and says now I will leave. Betaal says this Mayavi’s jogini will come infront of everyone. He blows air, but Kalike don’t come in her avatar. Kalike senses Betaal’s presence near her. Betaal says my mayavi vayu is not working on her and thinks if her doubt is wrong. Kalike thinks she shall be careful with Betaal.

Precap: A man comes to Vikam and tells that someone has kidnapped his two sons. Padmini comes to Vikram and says she brought Prasad. Vikram sees the boys’ head and asks if she killed them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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