Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 39

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So let’s start.

Ragini was making satwik sleep on her lap. She was lost in her past.



Ragini gets up from bed and saw a lady standing in front of her holding satwik in her hand. She goes and takes him in her arm and kisses him.

Rag: Mera bachha. Nothing happened to u. Thanku god.

She looked at doc standing there.

Rag: doc. Where’s my husband and daughter?

Doc: husband? Daughter?

Rag: yes doc. My husband sanskar and daughter sanskruti. They were also with me. Where r they? I want to meet them.

Doc looks at that lady. Lady goes to Ragini.

Lad: ur name Ragini rite?

Rag nods.

Lad: Ragini. My name is sharda. Daily I go to temple. One day while going I heard a child’s crying. I stopped and saw a small boy crying sitting beside u. Child had little injuries. U were unconscious. I took u to hospital. During treatment u went in coma. Doc said soon u’ll come in sense as u went in coma due to shock. See now after one month u came into sense.

Ragini looks at her: wat? One month? From one month m here? Then my sanskar and sanskruti? Wat happened to them? They don’t know abt me? They dint search me?

Shar: I don’t know anything abt them. Now u became well. U contact ur husband and tell that u r here. May b they’re worried.

Ragini ran towards reception phone and dialed sanskar’s number. It was out of reach. She tried landline. One worker received.

Rag: hello. Sanskar.

Work: sry ma’am. M not sanskar. M worker here.

Rag: give phone to sanskar.

Work: sir is not here ma’am. He’s in London.

Rag: London? Give me his number.

Work: sry ma’am we don’t have any number or address of him. Actually he lost his wife and son in accident one month ago. He was in stress. So he left India with his daughter and told that he’ll come when he wish to and assigned all work to his staff. No one knows abt them. Even we r waiting for them.

Ragini cuts call. She was crying.

Rag: where u r sanskar? M not able to contact u. I want to talk to u. Want to tell that m and satwik both r alive.

Sharda comes to her.

Shar: Ragini beta don’t wry. U both can stay in my home until ur husband b back.

Rag looks at her with tears in her eyes.

Rag: I don’t know u. And u don’t know me. Already U made big favour on me by keeping satwik with u. I can’t give u any more problem.

Shar: u r new in this place. Atleast think of ur child. When ur husband will b back, u can go.

Sharda smiles at her telling her to agree. Ragini agrees.

Daily Ragini use to call on landline to know whether he’s back. But daily get answer as no. Sharda was consoling and giving her strength.

After one month when she called. Worker received.

Rag: hello. Sanskar came?

Work: yes ma’am. He came.

There was no bounds for ragini’s happiness. She was abt say further but shocked to hear his next words.

Work: he came back with his wife and daughter.

Rag: w..i..wi…Fe?

Work: yes. Sir got married in London. Now he came here with his wife. And ma’am is pregnant. Shall I give him phone? Hello.. hello ma’am. U there?

Phone fell from ragini’s hand. Tears started to flow from her eyes. She started to cry badly.

Sharda comes there.

Shar: Ragini beta. Wat happened?

Rag: maa. He got married. He forgot me. He’s going to have another child from his new wife. He moved on maa. how can he? He forgot me so easily? He forgot his son?

Sharda cudnt stop her cry. She saw Ragini badly hurted. She let her cry thinking her pain of these two months will get little less by letting her tears out. Ragini sleeps unknowingly due to crying.

After one hour Ragini woke up and saw sharda beside her. Sharda caresses her hair.

Shar: u call me maa rite? So as ur maa m going to tell something. Ur husband has moved on. For u rite now satwik is everything. U have to move on for ur son. M not telling u to marry. But u have to b strong for ur son. Think of my words. Now take rest.

Ragini looks at satwik who was playing. He looks at her smilingly. She goes and hugs him.

Rag: we r for eachother. I’ll live for u. I can’t fall weak. For my son I’ve to b strong.

FB ends

Ragini comes to present when sharda called her.

Shar: golu already slept. U also sleep. Again u lost in thoughts.

Rag: maa…

Shar: stop. I know wat u r going to say. Maa u gave us shelter, u gave us love, u gave me strength, etc. Ragini pls. M ordering u. My grandson has slept. Don’t disturb his sleep by ur emotional daily dialogue. U also sleep or else u’ll b late for ur work.

Ragini smiles and kisses sharda’s cheek and hugs her.

Rag: sry maa. I promise I’ll not repeat this again.

They both sleep.


@maheshwari mansion

San: nitya. We have opened a new branch in xyz city ( same city where Ragini living) so as it’s starting newly, I’ve to stay there for little later long time.

Nit: how much time?

San: don’t know. May b nearly one year or little more than that. But don’t wry I’ll b coming every weekend.

Nit: but sanskar. Sanskruti is very much attached to u. She can’t live without u. Though m mother for her. But she gives first priority to u.

San: but that work is also important. Wat can I do?

Nit: if u don’t have any problem then we can shift there for one year.

San looks at her.

Nit smiles: don’t wry. U concentrate on ur work there. Abt home, children, school and all I’ll manage. I want all of us to live together.

San: thanku nitya.

Nit: sanskar?

San smiles: ok sry. I take thanku back.

Sanket and sanskruti come from outside after playing.

Nit: hey kiddos. I’ve a good news for u.

Both: wat mumma?

Nit: we r going to new city.

Sans: wow. It means there’ll b lots of new places which have not seen.

Nit: yes my dear.

Sans: then mumma, I’ll start my packing now only. Sanket come and help me. After mine we’ll do ur packing.

Sank: ok di.

Both ran to thier rooms. Sanskar gets happy seeing them happy.

San in mind: Ragini was also getting excited whenever we used to go new place. Sanskruti is my ragini’s shadow in all ways.

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