My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 35.. birthday party going on..


Akash birthday party start…

Everyone are preparing for the party..

Aakash in his room..

He stands before mirror..

He thinks about Shivani..

“I hope my family will like shivani.. yes she is good nice and caring girl who  like why everyone.. I hope she also like my family… Ganpati papa please help me to do everything well…”

Kk and anshi enters the room…

Kk:- what are you doing..

Anshi:-everything ok na..

Ak:-(turns and looks at her) except your marriage everything is fine..

Anshi:-if you never like my marriage..

Kk:-(laugh) no no he just franking you so don’t mind his words.. I think  you should go to the hall..

KK sign Aakash and Akash smiles towards Anshi..

Anshi leaves the place..

Kk:-devil please don’t speak like this before her..if our guessing is wrong then she’ll get hurting..ok..

Akash:-yes but my guess will never become wrong..

Kk:- I’ll see that…

They smiles…

In hall…

Rajan madhavi in sopa and dadi speaks with Arjun and Anamika..

Akash comes with kk and looks for Shivani…

Shivani and radhika enters the hall and Nishi fallow them…

Kk looks at radhika eyes and Shivani looks at aki ..


Nishi looks at aki but he looks at Shivani…

Anshi in full shock and remember shivangi and Anamika hold her..


Ans:- Anamika

Ana:- this is Shivani not our Shivangi…

Rajan and madhavi happily hugs her and welcome…

Dadi and anshi in tears and also welcome them..

Akash feels happy and Shivani also likes them all..

Everyone are comes to the pooja…

Dadi towards shakti..

Da:- you’re correct she is like shivangi I also don’t believe full when you tell about her..

Shakti:-(smiles) yes ma.. everything is recovering it’s self…. She will fill our shivani’s space in our life..

….Shivani and Nishi stands …

Aka:-hi girls..

Shi:-(with cold look) what you want..


Sh:-for what?

Aki:-to coming this special day as special one..


AK:-mmmm(smiles)…se.. dhoor..Plays

Nishi gets irritation..

Kk keeps distance to radhika…

Ra:-(looks at his)

Aki:-hi RG..


Aki:-don’t feel sad I have 03 in 01 project..

R:-(smiles) what’s that?

Aki:- the three love story..

R:-I and kk… You and shivi and next…

Aki:- Varun and anshi


…… hall anshi and Anamika…

An:-I can’t accept this as co incident aki falls for Shivani…

Anam:-first I got panic but when shakti chachu tells about this to dadi..

Arjun and I understand the disniti.

Ans:-(tears) my brother is deserve to have his love back…

Anamika holds anshi hand..

Ana:- Shivani and akash are made for each other.

They smiles..

Nishi hears their last words and in full shock…

Someone hold her shoulder in back…

She turns and gets shock..


Precap:- Varun looks Karan….

Varun:-he is not good..

An:- I don’t want your advice…

Varun and anshi comes as married..

Jhanavi slaps Varun..

Mad:-why you do this varun…

(A/N:- I’m sorry now I’m free so I’ll update weekly three chapters… sorry for this late but it will never happen again my dears…)

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