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Laksh POV

” you’re appointed” i know she was shock and didn’t expect it from me.

i need a PA who is not attracted towards my look and money. When she yelled at Ranjit she passed in all test.

I asked her to wait for few formalities. She sat taking a look all over the cabin. I studied her every expression. Her eyes widened looking at a painting on the wall. I can’t stop myself from smiling. She was dressed in pencil shirt and white crop top perfectly fitting her fine shape.

The way her hand move to tuck hair stand behind her ear. She took my breath away. I have never been so fond of girls, but now i trolling over her. When ever her eyes met mine she use to avert her gaze.

“you can join from tomorrow, be punctual” i said. When all the official formality over.

“okay” she said while nodded her head.

?? ? ? ? ?

I took bath and changed into comfort. Then leela, maid came in and kept coffee on night stand.

I heard my phone ringing. I growled looking at Ranjit mom’s name. She was in living room when i came. I sure she only calls if it is needed. I kept phone in ear after answering the call.

“Laksh! I want you to be ready by 9:00 pm for night date with Mandy in Golden hotel.” she said on other side.

“i said that I’m not ready.” i said in between clenching my teeth.

“Laksh, they have my word” she almost cried.

“Then send your lovely son for it, he would be happy if his mother recommend a night stand” i wanted to see her nose broke face.

“Laksh” she hissed, after a pause “she is interested in you, not into Ranjit. So, be a good boy and get ready.”

blo*dy hell. This woman can’t be a mother at all she could never be. After all she is ready to send to the date with a unknown woman just because she said so.

“what if i say no” i said.

“oh my dearest son her father is a doctor. A neural Sergeant and he can only save your lovely father. What do you think he will do if you didn’t treat his daughter well. Think my child” she is master mind. That’s the reason she is still a queen in Ex-husband house.

I didn’t reply and she understood my dilemma and what i will choose is absolutely my father’s health.” okay be ready by 9″ she teased before phone line went dead.

I felt helpless. My father was my strength but now he became my weakness too. Over love will make you weak.

As i got ready looking at my reflection.

I felt a pang of guilt, like betraying ragini, we are not officially couple but still i fell so. I wanted Ragini to be my first and last date.

I sighing and got into my car and drove to The Golden Restaurant.

I sat in reserved seat. Which was decorated romantically. I wish Ragini as my partner. She will become mine soon.

I saw my phone vibrating its she again

“Hello Laksh, come back she got stuck in work and will not come…..” she didn’t let me speak and kept blabbering. I cut the phone abruptly shutting her up. I got what i need to know My date cancelled. ‘is it a Date you think’

Not in mood to go home so i better go somewhere for some drink and loud music. A bub will be best. So i drove to near by club to have so drink.

I sat in stool at the side of bar and ordered for a shot. I really wanted something to make my dry throat wet. I’m not light headed so i can be steady up to 5 shot. There was tap in my shoulder turning around i was a girl who was look OK in her red costume.

“how about a dance” she asked husky with battling her eyes. Trying level best to look seductive but no. I never had interested in women. After seeing mother how Will i?

I gave her most disgusting look before turning to have my drink. When i saw Ragini dancing like a crazy woman. I can’t believe she was swaying her hip side to side, it can turn on any man. Oh my good she is going to be death of mine. I eyes begged me to keep looking her. I want her in my arms, she is my girl i have rights, after all i will get her if she didn’t want me too.

I went to her, grabbing her waist and tugged her towards me. I looked up, She was not confused or shocked. A little happiness and excitement was there in her eyes . I was little worried about her, how can dance so careless with some strange. She got drunk.

She roamed her arms on my chest feeling it under her hand and playing with my shirt button she got close to me and her body against mine feel perfect.

“what are you doing here?” she sounded like baby.

“This is bub and a public place. So i can come” i said, she was looked at me with her big eyes and pouted . She tracing my chest, jaw, cheek and forehead, i stood watching at her. I know what will she do next. She is under effect of drug and i cannot take advantage of her weakness. No I’ll regret it. I want first kiss to be memorable and in best place, not when she is drunk.

At the same time i can’t reject her. She is mine, but all i need is her happiness. She stood on tip toe and fisted my shirt in her hand grabbing me harshly to down closing her eyes she passed out. I was smiling like idiot.

I took her purse and carried her bridle style to my car. I knew everything about her. So i took her to the flat and laid her down. Sparing a glance at her room she keep it neat and clean. I looked for any other things like secret diary or bucket list. But i got nothing. Keeping alarm for 7. I went out of her room.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I came back to home. Rajini was using living room for his drinking. My father never used to drink in living room but this baster do.

“Having fun with her huh? Your new PA” i fisted my hand to keep me from hitting him.

“you know she said no to me” i smirked at him yes because she is my girl.

“so don’t think of making her your bed partner, because she is mine” i said, no way she is mine. Even if her wants her I’m not ready to give her.

“what if she loves me” he asked. Making me want to kill him.

“Ranjit you’re drunk so go and sleep” i said.

“what will you do. If i use her for a night stand. Oh! You will give her life by marring her. You know how she smells i have always been so closer to her more than you. You when i kissed…….” i lunged to him smacking him and hitting on his face with my fist.

Dragging him down and giving kicks on rib cage. I wish he had some broken ribs. I heard hia mother yelling at as she ran down the stairs toward us. Few maids and butler. Separated me from him. I glared at him and said “stay away from her, SHE IS MINE” i roared.

Leaving his mother yelling i went to my room. Ouch my hands are paining. I took bath did he really kiss her. I wanted to be the one to kiss her. I know she is not like others to like Ranjit. But still i will asks her. I was unable to sleep till mid night.

I got up sweat ditched and its second time same dream but only different ia i was able to see my angel face, Ragini. But this time, Ranjit turned to be monster and took her away from me to far. I was too pissed off. It’s better if i share it with cabir again and i have to say him about Ragini too.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I was on office, waiting for her. And most important project has to be finished with in an month but still there is various problem so i was going through it. But no solution to the problem.

I hear her voice asking for permission to enter. I have conjoined her cabin with mine she can only enter from my cabin. She came in when i said yes. She was dressed in white and black pencil dress looking s*xy as hell

“sir” she said in low voice. Is she is fear of me or not comfortable with me.

I saw her. My eyes met her, she looked like feared cat. I keep reading her thoughts. Definitely she is afraid of me as the way she frozen on the spot not moving an inch. Like the line will hunts for the deer. I want to make her comfy but when i remember Ranjit saying about kissing her. My blood boiled.

With huff i stood from chair, i walk toward her, with a blind stood in front her. slowly my hand caressing her cheek, it was so soft and smooth. I wish to run my lips on it , i had desire for her but unlike ranjit. I cupped her cheeks in my hands. It was too perfect.
She closed her eyes taking deep breath. She is nervous and scared of me as well.
Laksh remember first kiss should never happen like this. Throwing away Through of memorable kiss. I was ready to kiss her. She is ready for it. My lips was about to touch her. Putting hand my chest she pushed me back. With us both gasping for oxygen. She went out of cabin. Leaving me standing in the miss which i was about to create.

I went to Washroom washed my face and got dressed properly. I need to go slower. Eventually s*xual tension are get higher day by day. I will try to be in control. I was out of control today but this will never happen. Where is this cabir i want him badly.

After taking her time for composing herself she came in without making noise.

“How is your hangover, you seems to be tired” i asked normally still my eyes on paper

“Hmm, I’m fine and thank you for concern. Can you just tell me what I should do now” she asked with no expression.

“Yes please come here Ms. Ragini” i teased her. Whatever has happened before she will at least maintain some distance. I know it.

I continued with my work but not really i was having my second eye on her. A web cam behind me on my study shelf i was starting at my lap screen seeing her looking at me.

“Sir “she whispered. Taking my eye away from screen.

“Oh I called you here right they why you’re standing there, come this side “i said, while mention her to come near me.

“Sir I’m more comfortable from here, please assign me some work” she begged me to assign her some work

I watched her for a second she looked pale and tired; she kept staring at me narrowing her eyes. I opened side drawer and took some tablet. With another hand i fetched water glass.

“Take and have this, you’ll feel better ” i said forwarding tablet, paused for second” you’re still not out of hangover and dark circle and red eyes are evident. So take this” i gave me one hard glare to her seeing her gulping audibly. Still she was not ready to take tablet

“Now, take this after taking I will assign you some work” i roared .she did what I said her to do.

She began to fell weak and sleep. About fall on ground without balance without wasting time I scooped in my arms; she was not ready to give up and to sleep. She fought again sleeping. And sleep took over she slept silent in my arms. I marked her lay on my couch and cover a duvet over her.

I kissed her forehead and mummer “sleep well babe”.

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