COLLEGE – A Memorable Journey (Part – 1)

ASI College is filled with people. There are screaming, shouting and laughter everywhere. Under a big banyan tree, are 4 people. They are Shiv, Deeksha, Rohit and Maya. They are laughing and enjoying a drink.

Rohit: So Shiv? How was your audition in Delhi?

Shiv: Not good yaar…It was cancelled…
Maya: Oh darn….
Shiv: Why are you feeling too much? Even I am not worried…
Maya: I am not feeling for you….Where the heck is Arav?
Deeksha: Ya, where is he?
Shiv: So no one is worried about my audition getting cancelled…
Rohit: I am!
Shiv: Thank you mate……
Rohit: Not for you! No audition, no competition, no hot ushers…
Maya just stares at him. What? You worrying about Arav, I worrying about other stuff!
Arav: No need to worry!
Shiv: There you are..Where have you been?
Arav: Traffic
Riya: Thats why.. you should have came with me…Arjun’s dad made it special for us
Its Madhav’s gang
Deeksha: Ohhhh Godddd!!!
Sruthi: Already fed up? 1st day and…
Deeksha: Ohhh ya ya! Shut it off!!
Rohit: Deeku… (he tries to calm her down)
Madhav: Why are you stopping her Mr Advicer??
Arav: What do you guys want?
Riya: Not them! Me! I want you, Mr Handsome!
Arav: Stupid!
Arav leaves and Riya just looks on….
Shiv: Thats final!
Deeksha leaves and Maya looks at Riya.
Maya: You won’t be Mrs Arav…
Arav’s gang leaves leaving Riya fuming.
Varun: Take it easy Riya…
Riya: I can’t…Until Arav is mine!
She looks on..
In the canteen–
Arav: Why can’t she understand?
Maya: Cos she’s crazy
Shiv: Crazy for you…
Arav: Shut Up!
Deeksha: I am gonna buy snacks, you guys coming?
Shiv, Maya and Deeksha go
Rohit: Are you playing pranks on Riya?
Arav: No! What the hell?
Rohit: She is beautiful, rich,…
Arav: She is not my type!
Rohit: Then who?
Girl: Excuse me?
Arav turns and freezes… The girl turns out to be Mithra
Mithra: Hello?? Hello..??
Rohit: Erm.. Sorry…My friend is lost..
Mithra: In what?
Rohit: Thoughts! We were discussing about…erm…
Arav just stares at Mithra
Rohit whispers: Arav…Arav..
Arav: Huh? Life! Discussing about life…
Mithra: Ahhh…Ok?
Arav: What you want?
Mithra: Can I sit here?
Arav smiles: Ur most welcomed here…Please..
Mithra: Btw I am Mithra..
Arav: I know!
Rohit and Mithra looks at him
Arav: I mean, I know someone who looks like you and her name is Mithra too…
Rohit and Mithra just stare at him
Rohit: Btw I am Rohit! And this is my friend Ar…
Arav: Arav..I am Arav..
He lends out his hand and they have a handshake…
The others come there
Maya: New member?
Mithra: Member?
Rohit: Actually we are a gang…Wanna be in it?
Mithra: Erm..Sure…I am new here and have no friends
Arav: V are ur friends from now on!
Deeksha: Arav..?
Arav: Huh?
Deeksha: Gita…
Arav angrily stands up….
Deeksha: Wait..wait…
Arav: She sent you?
Gita: Hmm
Shiv: So what now?
Gita hands Arav a letter…
He reads it and gets shocked…He runs to the college central building…

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